Survival of the Fittest

            London developed the philosophy of survival of the fittest based on Herbert Spencer’s concept of survival for the fittest.  This generally means that a creature is best suited to a surrounding have better chances of surviving than creatures that are less suited. London philosophy, therefore, holds that only the strong creatures that have the ability to adapt to their surrounding were capable of surviving. London, therefore, suggested that learning fails in playing a greater role in species survival.  This is because luck does not favor survival and a main change of the environment would result in a change than before thus living longer and reproducing even more. The process of surviving as illustrated by London in his stories is amoral and ruthless and there are no creatures that can be referred to as beneficent.

            In the call of the wild by London the survival for the fittest philosophy is well illustrated in that as soon as the buck was kidnapped he is able to learn that a fresh law that applies in life which is contrary to the law of fellowship and love which he knew before (London, 1903).  According to London, the fresh law that he must learn to live with is the law of fang and cub which is a phrase that best describes his philosophy of survival for the fittest (London, 1903).  The law of cub refers to that individual who has greater force access as a dog’s master.  The stronger creatures are able to acquire the win to control and those that are weaker ones are therefore bound to submit and serve is, therefore, effective at conquering or getting killed.  Buck is able to understand all this at a speedy pace after he receives a beating and then adopts it.  The key element of survival according to London is the adaptation. Buck is able to adapt to London’s law of fang which is able to adapt to the world of the dog.  He is able to realize that there is no fair play and once you are unable to survive there is no more of you.  This drives him to resolve the concept of never going down (London, 1903).

            In order to survive buck is able to prove that he is the strongest of the dogs by demonstrating sing his courage and his ability to be the most resourceful.  Since buck proves to be the strongest that is required to survive according to London’s philosophy he is able to survive the ruthless existence struggle (London, 1903).  In the novel, the survival for the fittest law applies in the world of humans in that the first owners of buck are men that are shrewd and have thus adapted to the surroundings demands.  The men are matched for the existing challenges that they are bound to encounter. Contrarily Mercedes, Hal, and Charles who arrived from the south to the north are unable to adapt t the demands of the environment since they are from a civilized location and they are unable to survive as they perish because of their in capabilities. London as a determinist believed that existence is conditioned entirely by the surrounding and the environment.  This is evident in the call for the world because when buck lives a life that is comfortable in the ranch that makes him a domestic dog.  The deeper instincts are hidden because of his surrounding which fails to expose them out. He is able to acquire change when the environment that he lives in is changed and he becomes unrecognizable from the pet that he was prior.  Based on London’s philosophy, although the environment played a huge part in shaping him heredity was also an influence.  Buck is able to adapt well as he inherited fiercer instincts from the ancestors on knowing what needs to be done in order to survive (London, 1903).

            In the call of the wild, the experience of buck follows the principle of survival for the fittest based on the theory by Darwin (London, 1903).  Buck is molded by the occurrence of changes in the environment thriving as he posses the required gifts from the genetics of intelligence and strength in order to adapt to the mutable circumstances. He is a sample of an understanding of the theory of survival of the fittest.  Although buck was raised in the ease of domestic in the estate he is able to learn easy things that are required in enduring the brutal environment of sledding dogs. This can be explained by the law of fang and club in that when he learns of the ways that he would utilize in stealing food from the Canadian masters his theft marked his capability to fit in the environment and survive in the hostile capability of adjusting to various situations.  The call of the wild is a reflection of London’s admiration of survival abilities.  Buck proves to be a fit animal that poses fit mental and physical abilities which is superior to the abilities of other dogs (London, 1903).

            Similarly, in the white fang, London demonstrates how wild animals that are from the south and there must, therefore, learn in all means to cope will all kinds of primitive situations in order to survive.  Through an environment change and adequate attention they are changed and become civilized animals of the south location (London, 1906).  The only cub that proves to be the strongest and most resourceful is the white fang because of the survival of the fittest theory with the elimination concept of the weak creatures.  The capability of creatures to fresh and distinct surrounding constitutes the important which relates to the idea of London that there must be a struggle for survival in the hostile environment because that is the dominant concept of survival.  Naturalism was well incorporated in London’s thoughts which involve the techniques and the modes of viewing life from a different perspective.  Through the white fang, London comfortably depicts his sights in the north with scientific objectivity. This is because white fang is capable of capturing the pure essence of the frozen north with all the life issues.  Naturalism by London holds that a man that is controlled by basic essential is not capable of doing a greater thing to secure his stronger destiny (London, 1906).  Therefore, the environment and hereditary instincts are useful in controlling the ability of a creature to secure life. White fang is exposed to the cruel environment nature along with his own mother he is, therefore, able to learn how to fight hunger in several ways in order to survive. Additionally, he is able to learn that in order to survive learning to fight is essential and this is influenced by his desire to overcome cruelty and emerge at the top. Kiche is able to survive as he utilizes his strength and determination to survive in luring the sled dogs from the site and consuming them. This thus made her fit to survive because when the necessity to survive rose she is capable of attacking humans (London, 1906).

            “The Call Of The Wild’’ can be described as an alteration narrative in which an aged buck which is a educated and honest is necessitated to alter to the callous realities of the environment of life in the frosty north a placed where survival  is almost impossible (London, 1903).  The moral of the place is to kill or to be killed because that is the only morality in Klondike among the dogs. The buck realizes that he must survive from the instant that he leaves the boat as he is able to watch the occurrence of violent death of his own friend by the name curly.  There is a need to survive in the wilderness since it is a cruel place because it is the world that is not characterized by care and only the strong ones are left to survive.  This depicts the philosophy of London which explains the fierce competition in the world with the availability of scarce resources which is only able to cater for the stronger individuals (London, 1903). Survival of the fittest philosophy by London is a phrase that best describes the experience of Buck perfectly.  In the old and warmer existence he is required to sacrifice his own life out of the consideration of morals. However, he is perfectly able to abandon such factors of consideration in order to secure his own life and survive. Buck can be referred as a savage creature who is a hardly a moral person. Based on the statements by London there lacks to be a higher destiny for any individual in the world because the only way to survive is to struggle in order to win in the mastery battle. In order to survive buck learns various lessons when he entered the wilderness because he is required to learn various things in order to survive and learn them plus.  The novel thus suggests that the success of the buck is frozen in North which requires learning the ways of the wilderness.  Buck is able to recover his primitive instinct in which the ancestors of the wild held the same (London, 1903).

            White fang utilizes the theme of naturalism. According to London naturalism describes those that viewed life in a strict way from an approach of a science.  The case translates to a man view as well as that of creatures that are heredity victims and the environment (London, 1906).  The theme of environmentalism is signaled in white fang as London describes animism with desolation sinister. According to London’s idea of survival-natural selection refers that only those that are the brightest and most malleable rudiments of a species are therefore required to survive.  London’s philosophy and his idea of surviving are embodied by the character white fang.  From the commencement, he is characterized as the strongest wolf cub and he is the only one of the existing litter who survives the scarcity.  The white fang is demonstrated as a strong and an intelligent dog which thus makes him the most feared dog in the camp of India.  When he was defending Scott judge white fang takes bullets that were intended for Scott but he is able to survive in a miraculously way. The character is demonstrated as one with the strongest ability to survive (London, 1906).  This, therefore, shows the strength with one should hold in order to survive one must really the capability of getting out of struggles with scars but with the ability to survive.  According to London, those that have the ability to survive must, therefore, be able to adapt to different changes that may occur in the environment that they are in.  One must, therefore, be ready to take risks and have the required capability of coming out as a stronger person. Life for the strong individuals cannot be lost because it is which that is utilized to show their capability.  The world is not a fair place and it is therefore characterized by scarcity and therefore in order to dominate and take the best of resources one must be a survivor (London, 1906). One of the elements of the white fang book that might be overlooked is the ability of the character to adapt to fresh situations and establish ways to survive.  White fang is able to learn how to fight the other dog and by this he learns to obey the new masters because he cannot afford to lose his own life.  He understands that in order to survive and eradicate the posting challenges of his existence he must learn to fight the evil that lies under the beauty guidance and he is able to love and acquire tame from Scott Weedon (London, 1906).

            The theme of the environment is well incorporated with the ability of those that are strong to survive. London incorporates social and biological determinism in showing that those that are fit have the ability to survive over those that lacks the fitness. He, therefore, demonstrates the fit ones as those individuals who hold the capability of social and biological fitness (London, 1906).  London insists that despite the fact that beauty smith was illustrated as a monstrosity this blame must be lying elsewhere. He is therefore not responsible for the unfitness because the weakness is held by the environment that he lives in.  Additionally, Jim hall is illustrated as one who is a victim of the surrounding because he cannot be held responsible for the actions. The struggle of white fang is well portrayed by the given description which describes him as a three forth consume and one-fourth dog.  This, therefore, leads to the struggles that are of him which exist between the civilized impulses that he has and the wild ones.  London, therefore, establishes facts of the existence cycle of a wolf in the early life of white fang (London, 1906).

            From the story of my life, London still holds on his philosophy of survival for those individuals that are fit.  The story is based on two gold prospectors who are the unnamed individual and bill who are involved in a struggle to survive Canada tundra a place which is completely frozen (London, 2010).  The two are forced to cross tundra in the search for food since al that while they had been suffering from starvation and elements exposure. This was exposing them to dangers of life because the lack of food would have thus resulted in death.  They, therefore, chose to opt for a different way in order to survive and they opted to move in search of meals.   Bill is characterized by the survival will and when the unnamed individual sprains his ankle he, therefore, abandons him and proceeds via the wilderness thus his will to survive leads him to greater tests.  Although the bill had the will to survive he lacks the capability and he is able to go through different situations but he is unable to come out alive.  He is later killed by the elements in which he is exposed to in the wilderness and his motivation was his ask of gold.  The man whose ankle had sprained is able to survive despite the possessing struggles that he faced with his sprained ankle.  According to the philosophy by London of struggling to survive one must be willing to and hold on to the fitness to the very end. The story is an exploration of the will of an individual to survive. The survival moments are therefore associated with fear hunger and anguish that is endured by London’s protagonists (London, 2010).

            In white fang humans who are dominated by their halves that are primitive are criminals and degenerates. London focuses more directly on the struggle of human thus making suggestion that they must struggle in order to acquire the scarce things (London, 1906).  In the call of the wild Buck can be interpreted as an oppressed subject from the perspective of London’s philosophy. Buck is oppressed to his cruel masters who utilize their corrupt powers to make his life undesirable.  Under the brutal conditions of buck’s life, he is necessitated to do everything that is in his power in order to survive.  In his struggle to become fit to live he becomes a thief and a brute while individually struggling to fend.  The socialistic of buck is encouraged by Thornton’s benevolent with the equitable treatment.  According to London, one must be able to survive the social challenges as well as the surrounding.  Without the guidance of Thornton buck is left to rely on his own instincts in order to survive. Therefore, under the corrupt power, London’s philosophy of survival for the fittest applies as things must, therefore, be made right in order to survive (London, 1906).  Under the harsh conditions in the society and in the environment the evolutionally, the primitive brute residue of the hundred generations is able to take control of the requirements. Based on the philosophy by London with a system which is characterized by less oppression cooperation can comfortably flourish. The civilized half is capable of containing the brute and being nurtured (London, 1906).

            In conclusion, based on London’s philosophy of survival Creatures that are well equipped with the fitness of overcoming life problems that are displayed by the socialism and biological factors are more likely to survive. This is the creatures that possess the strength of overcoming olds have more survival chances than those that do not.  Those that are less fit to overcome challenges have no chances for survival. The world is a cruel place which is characterized with unfairness and therefore, the creatures are required to struggle in order to acquire part of the scarce resources that the environment offers.  The capability to be strong and resourceful is what makes the creatures fit to survive.  The environment plays a greater part in the transformation that enables one to adapt to changes by hereditary factor is most influential based on London’s philosophy of survival for the fittest.





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2883 Words  10 Pages

This quiz covers Chapter 5 in the textbook and the document "Rules of Inference," which is posted on BB. Each question is worth 2 points for a total of 20 points (10 x 2).

Part 1: For each of the following arguments, provide the conclusion. Be sure to type out the full and accurate conclusion as a [one] grammatically correct sentence. (Words and phrases in parentheses are not technically part of the argument.) When adding the conclusion, your goal is to create a valid deductive argument.

  1. Whenever I am down in the dumps, having a Bud with a few of my buds gets me back on top of things. I am down in the dumps (taking this imbecilic exam).

conclusion => To get on top of things I just need to have a bud with a few of my buds.


  1. Anyone who has made his bed and now lies in it is a person who is stuck with the horrendous results of his impatient behavior. Anyone who gets married in Las Vegas (by Elvis) to a stranger he has known for three hours is a person who has made his bed and now lies in it.

conclusion => Getting married to a stranger you have known for three hours in Las Vegas, is an impatient behavior and you will get stuck with the horrendous results of your actions.


  1. The last time I took my vacation in Peru I swam in the Pacific Ocean. The last time I took my vacation in Peru I gained ten pounds.

conclusion => During my last vacation in Peru I swam in the Pacific Ocean and also gained ten pounds.


  1. It is not true that I will eat both a slice of pie and a slice of layer cake for desert tonight. (I just decided under pressure from my wife that) I will eat a slice of pie for desert tonight.

conclusion =>Both a slice of pie and a slice of layer cake was available for desert tonight but under my wife’s influence I will have to eat a slice of pie.


  1. Whenever I take a philosophy course, I end up getting pneumonia half way through the course. This term (I just noticed!) I am taking either a philosophy course or a marketing course. (But I also know that) whenever I take a marketing course, I come down with the flu half way through the course.

conclusion => This term I will either have pneumonia or flu depending on the course I will take.


Part 2. For each of the valid argument forms listed below, provide an example of the form entirely in English. Of course, your example should be a valid deductive argument.

  1. Double Negation (either version; one but not both, please).

She does not cook good food. Hence she is not a chef, because she would cook good food, if she was a chef.


  1. Modus Tollens

He would know the legal procedures if he was a lawyer. He is not a lawyer since he does not know the legal procedures.


  1. Disjunctive argument (= disjunctive syllogism)

For the assignment, you have to do question one or question two. But because you no knowledge to do question two, you have no choice but to do question one.



  1. Modus Ponens

I will attend the concert, thus, I have a chance to meet my favorite artist, since one has a chance to meet him if you attend the concert.



  1. Chain

Your business will prosper in time, if you have good managerial skills, seeing as you had to have taken a business course, if you are to learn good managerial skills, and if you took the business course, your business will prosper.



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How Groundhog Day illustrates Fromm's theory of Productivity and Destructivity

Fromm's theory of Productivity and Destructivity gives a distinctive comparison between the evil and the good actions. The good ones are productive in nature and it is characterized by love among other virtues. Groundhog Day is a film that illustrates the Fromm’s theory by using two characters Phi and Rita. Phi is an evil man whose traits deeply illustrate the destructive nature of the humans. He is disrespectful, sarcastic, full of negligence, and also irresponsible among other negative traits.

Rita on the other hand is an honorable woman who possesses the productive characteristics of humans. She is strong and courageous; she is not easily deceived and she also has a positive. Rita’s love is genuine unlike that of Phi which is deceptive. Rita is marked as generous and kind to strangers who are in need.

Phi is totally destructive and this destructive nature leads him to imprisonment and later commits suicide Rita’s character is perfect and undefiled hence being productive to the society. The two contrasting characters have clearly illustrated the Fromm's theory of Productivity and Destructivity in an amazing way.

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Whole Life Concept Proposal

This memorandum provides my proposal for my future whole life model project report. To put a balance between my learning and working ethics is one of the greater concerns. The new company where am attached have high expectations from me as I am fresh from college thus I have to gain practical experience on network engineering skills. I will be fully involved in a number of tasks that involve scheming, implementing and sustaining the control systems in the petrol chemical firm.

 Success is measured by how well we utilize our time and thus I have decided to manage every single opportunity. Since one of my goals is to ultimately have my own cyber security plant I have to have a knowhow on how to use Cisco’s skills on cyber security. In attaining all the skills needed in this line of engineering and actually establishing my own cyber firm that’s how I will know that I have succeeded.

Individual study is important for me but I am more effective while working in a group. I therefore purpose on attending another one internship program in the same company so as to be able to work with the team of engineers who are experts in all these cyber security skills, programming and database management knowledge.

Personally, I believe that for me to be effective in a group I have to do more of personal study and research at an individual level. Therefore  have gone further to search on the highly prioritized skills in any computer engineering and that’s where I have found out that programming, network protocol basics and database management skills are so important. Then it’s when I can engage in a group so that I can be able to contribute and also be able to grasp any of new ideas as well as those points I might have missed during my personal study.

My knowledge of the amount of writing has changed significantly and has even changed my perception from the misconception that engineering is mainly involved with math. I have experienced that there is so much of writing in the engineering lessons as well as any engineering career. I have thus learnt a lot on writing some technical reports instructions and memos so as to communicate significant information and in using both the hardware and the software.

Since am working along with both chemical and mechanical engineers who are my seniors I need to have the best communication skills needed so that I can be able to address their issues and be able to run the control system effectively.

I am so glad to be part of this company as it has enabled me to learn more on how to manage my time, how to use writing skills in this profession and how to work effectively in a group.




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Name _______________________


The exam covers Chapter 6 of the textbook and the two documents on ambiguity that are posted on BB.



EXAMPLES. Before answering the exam questions, read through this "Examples" Section. It shows you what you have to do on the exam.


Directions: Each sentence or passage below is ambiguous: it has two distinct meanings. Type on the answer sheet two complete sentences that express these distinct meanings (= a and b) of the original sentence. (This process is disambiguation.) Make sure the sentences you use as your answers are sufficiently distinct from each other and do not repeat the ambiguity exhibited by the original sentence.


EX1: "Go quickly and tell his family that he and his friend are risen from the dead and they must hide."


  1. Tell his family that they (his family) must hide from those "risen from the dead" (he & his friend).
  2. Tell his family that "he and his friend," the ones who have risen, are the ones who must hide.


EX2: "The children told the police that their teacher had committed horrible acts. That was unfair."


  1. It was unfair that the teacher did those horrible things.
  2. It was unfair that the children told the police that the teacher did the acts (they were lying).



NOW the exam. Each question is worth four points. So, each disambiguating sentence is worth 2 points.


Directions: Each sentence or passage below is ambiguous: it has two distinct meanings. Type on the answer sheet two complete sentences that express these distinct meanings (= a and b) of the original sentence. (This process is disambiguation.) Make sure the sentences you use as your answers are sufficiently distinct from each other and do not repeat the ambiguity exhibited by the original sentence.

(The sources of the sentences are totally irrelevant.)



  1. [Saul Bellow] "As we walked, I held his old skinny arm by the elbow, where the ulna and the radius bones intimately meet each other, promising to keep in touch."


  1. I promised that I would keep in touch as we were walking.


  1. I promised that I would not let go of his old skinny arm by the elbow.



  1. [House] "The doctor asked her how often she picked her nose during her appointment."


  1. The doctor wanted to know how many times she picked her nose during the period of her appointment.


  1. The doctor asked her during her appointment the number of times she picked her nose generally.


  1. [The New Yorker] "Narcolepsy may be more prevalent in college students than thought."


  1. Most people don’t know that Narcolepsy is more prevalent in college students.


  1. Compared to thoughts, Narcolepsy is more prevalent amongst college students.



  1. [A parody of The Wizard of Oz] "Only bad witches go to hell."


  1. All bad witches go to hell but the good ones do not.


  1. Hell is a place for bad witches, no other people can go to hell.



  1. [Noam Chomsky] "I love ambiguity more than most linguists."


  1. Most linguistics don’t love ambiguity.


  1. I (Noam Chomsky) prefer ambiguity to linguistics.





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Philosophy T progress and its future

            Propositions are made, thoughts get organized and plans are put in place but the greatest achievement for an entrepreneur is starting a business. However, the main task remains on maintaining the business and setting potential that will propel the business for its future welfare (Mellor & Coulton, 2009). This is a general rule for all the businesses and therefore Philosophy T-shirts clothing initiative is not exceptional. It is normal for new small businesses to face challenges that come about due to the stiff competition, lack of finances, management problems and much more. Unlike most small businesses, Philosophy T had prefigured most of these challenges which might have been a threat to its success. Narrowing down the focus into the local New Zealand market, Philosophy T has made it. The business has done very well beyond our expectations. The speculation that new businesses can rarely survive was disapproved by the way Philosophy T was able to lay its foundation. The business having been laid down by fresh and innovative minds is worth recognition in the New Zealand market.

New Zealand market has been globally known for being one of the most diverse and competitive clothing market in the country (Tabuchi, 2016). This gives a clue of how stiff the competition Philosophy T-shirts business faces in the clothing market. However, this issue of competition has been taken care of by the quality and unique brands of t-shirts that have been designed using philosophical quotes. Rarely can you find such unique t-shirts in the New Zealand market and so customers have found pleasure in buying our products. In this era, people have appreciated uniqueness in dressing (Mellor & Coulton, 2009). I really salute the class for having been so creative to use the hybrid focus-differentiation strategy. This strategy has really boosted the Philosophy T to be in the front line with its competitors. The strategy has given the business a competitive advantage by making the products affordable.

Most newly established clothing businesses have a challenge of balancing quality and growth of their business. At some point businesspersons are subjected to self sacrifice in maintaining the business. This is because quality clothes require higher capital which might lack in most small businesses. However this is not the case with the Philosophy T because our up keep is not entirely dependent on the income we earn from selling the t-shirts. We are also not customer dependent for our survival since this is a collective project initiative. Theoretically, it is very simple to implement plans that have been put in place by businesses. However it has proven hard for most partnerships, co-operations and big companies to implement what has been planned (Mellor & Coulton, 2009). Though Philosophy T has had a taste of this challenge, it was able to handle it beforehand by organizing a strong technical and management team of members with diverse skills. For instance, the implementation of the online selling and marketing is collectively handled by the marketers and the web designers. It is very atypical to find a business with such kind of diverse human resource and therefore Philosophy T is advantaged. In addition, no funds are required to pay the human workforce and so we have the potential of investing 100% of all the income that is collected.

Business is learning (Mellor & Coulton, 2009). A new challenge has to be met each day and how to solve it is what makes the difference. Philosophy T has an extra agenda behind the selling of the t-shirts which is learning. Both internal and external challenges that are facing Philosophy T can be best learnt by the students. This means that Philosophy T has everything it takes for a business to succeed and the progress so far has proven that.

Ideally, no business operates in a vacuum. All businesses are prone to internal as well as external forces. Despite Philosophy T having made a remarkable progress, we cannot escape from the fact that we are facing few internal and external challenges. Some of them include lack of skills and technical expertise to make the t-shirts, less satisfying customer services and a limited variety of t-shirts from which customers can choose from. Other challenges are within the management, the human resource availability among other challenges. I would like to address the top three challenges that are facing the Philosophy T. First the business has not sold enough number of t-shirts as the planning strategy had targeted. From the recent sales data, only 25 out of 120 t-shirts have been sold. This is less than a quarter of the printed t-shirts that is sold so far. This is indeed a threat to the progress of the business and so urgent measures are required to snatch the business from drowning. Selling a small number of t-shirts has resulted from other internal and external factors and therefore unravelling this challenge shall automatically create a platform from which other challenges can be solved. The other major threat to the success of Philosophy T is the lack of marketing plan of the t-shirts on the social media. Finding customers in the New Zealand market is cumbersome. In addition, the focus target in our market is our friends, family members, and the social society at large. Failing to utilize the social network to its full capacity has brought down the business performance. This reluctance has come about due to internal challenges such as limited payment options and the resigning of the IT person. How can such a business run suitably without an IT person, a well developed website for the business and without online marketing in the social media? The Philosophy T has a heavy task indeed.

The other key problem is lack of autonomy. The business is under the influence of so many forces such as the school management and the government. Philosophy T is subjected to meeting the requirements of the New Zealand market as well as the requirements of the university. First, the PayPal mode of payment which is the most popular and efficient mode has been constrained by the university. This has been a hindrance to the rapid growth of the business because other modes of payments are not known by most customers (Tabuchi, 2016). Philosophy T is also limited to operate within the scheduled time by the university. The timeframe for the project was extended causing the selling of the t-shirts to fluctuate. Externally, Philosophy T has to adhere to the rules and regulations of the state of New Zealand. Right from the registration of the business, paying of the taxes and the entire operations must be with respect to the New Zealand business rules. 

 As the management consultant of this class, I would like to discuss solutions concerning the challenges that are facing the Philosophy T. My approach of solving problems is rather creative and innovative in nature. My thoughts are in line with Edward DeBono who suggests that creativity is the best problem solver (Carmeli, Gelbard & Reiter-Palmon, 2013). This tool of creative problem solving demands one to one to think “outside the box.” By exercising new strategies, the normal routines and the existing problem solving templates are also eliminated. For this reason, my view on solving most of these problems will be based on continuous innovation and creativity. This however demands use of infinite efforts in upholding the creativity strategy.

In the case of increasing the number of t-shirts sold, different sectors should be screened. First, we should know that people habitually buy the profits of the products rather than the product itself. The comments and suggestions made by the clients should therefore become the reference point from which the business is operated. From the feedback reports of the last sales, customers spotted out that they would prefer variety of choice from which they can choose from. The class should therefore maximize that chance by making every kind of t-shirt with different quotes and pictures available in the market. The strategy that is going on about printing a t-shirt for specific orders should be upheld and be financially supported. On the same knot, the students should undergo a proper negotiations training that will equip them with qualities like patience in dealing with customers, preparedness and proper treatment of the customers (Tam P, 2005). This will help the business to develop a mutual business relationship. The number of t-shirts sold can also be boosted by bring the prices relatively down to cater for the price sensitive customers. The current price of $30 per t-shirt is reasonable although it is high enough to allow bargaining allowance for the customers.

Online marketing is one of the strongholds of a business and therefore it should not be neglected. Monumental plans should be done and implemented with an immediate effect. The students should not feel weighed down by the cost of marketing the t-shirts because nothing comes at ease (Mina, 2009). The social media is a potential market for t-shirts considering the target is majorly the young generation. Once accounts and pages are established, the other work of making follow-up and maintenance can be done. The best way that I would recommend this class to embrace is by keeping touch with the existing customers (Kumar, Bezawada, Rishika, Janakiraman & Kannan, 2016). This can be done by offering them discounts once they make their second and third purchase. The customers can also get rewards for directing their friends in to the market and such will bring more customers. Online marketing through the social media is not easy and so proper planning should be done under a systematic approach. The issue of mode of payment can be addressed through the social media and all the modes can be useful despite them being unfamiliar (Kumar, Bezawada, Rishika, Janakiraman & Kannan, 2016).

Philosophy T limited boundaries and lack of autonomy can have a remedy. The staff should plan all the activities such that they don’t coincide and interrupt any of the school programs. The class can as well make a maximum utilization of the few resources that have been provided by the school management. The business has also been dependent on the IT expert whereby his absence has become a tragedy to the progress of the business. This kind of dependence can be minimized by training the some of the students the technical skills so that they can have a reliable base on program and design. They can as well hire a professional IT expert who can handle the sector more appropriately.

The other external limits regarding the legislation and conduct of the business are under the influence of the government of New Zealand.  To some extent, the regulations are in favour of the business while others are not. For instance the competition rules under the regulatory environment restrict unfair competition. The Commerce Act 1986 has promoted healthy competition in the New Zealand market by prohibiting unfair competition (Thornton, 2011). The Sale of Goods Act 1908 provides a list of rights and obligations that safeguard people’s goods and services. These regulations have favoured young businesses like Philosophy T from exploitation from the larger businesses. The staff members of this business should then make maximum utilization of these opportunities as they also work on implementing their duty towards the state of New Zealand (Thornton, 2011).


Philosophy T has fought a good battle in coming up with a very brilliant idea of the philosophical t-shirts. The initiative has significantly implemented the business cycle of business that is setting a strategy, executing it and finally realizing success. The few limitations are just a stepping stone that keep the class on toes so that they can notice their progress. In conjunction with making a positive progress, the business is viable and it has all the capacity to move to another level. The class should personalize the business and do their best to ensure that the recommendations that have been discussed are followed to the later for success to be realized. I would once again emphasis on the use of creative problem solving tool such that new and unique ideas can be drawn. The business should also free itself from being dependent on the school by building a fir ground from which the business is run.  


















Carmeli, A., Gelbard, R., & Reiter-Palmon, R. (2013). Leadership, Creative Problem-Solving Capacity, and Creative Performance: The Importance of Knowledge Sharing. Human Resource Management, 52(1), 95-121. doi:10.1002/hrm.21514

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Tabuchi H., (2016) Products and Competition Stretch Market for ‘Athleisure’ Clothing

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2200 Words  8 Pages


            Jerome Cohen who is an English professor as well as the director of both the Medieval and Early modern education in the university of George Washington. In the ‘monster Culture of the seven theses he describes how the monster is born representing the personification of a time, the feeling and the locality. He also explains that the monsters always return and Godzilla is a similar personification that represents a definite cultural moment that is, the nuclear devastation of the Second World War two in Japan and how it remains significant and returns in dozens of films due to the ongoing threat of nuclear disaster through warfare, terrorism and nuclear accidents.

             Godzilla continues to be relevant due to the nuclear war threat. The coming up of the Godzilla was initiated by the continuing second world war two which lead Japan to lose a lot of properties as well as death and demoralization that occurred as a result of their failure to use the atomic weapons during the war (Brothers & Peter 51). This inspired the Toho studio where the producer Tomoyuki Tanaka initiated a singular Japanese film that represented the exceptional production of a film in the Japanese state history. Godzilla film therefore basically dealt with the psychological come back of the people as they were struggling to rebuild their towns, way of life and recovering their lives which were in jeopardy by the radioactive fight. This film is in fact plotted against the bombing as the film clearly outlines the greater negative consequences that did befall Japan (Brothers & Peter 51). Though the film producer is a calm and decent man who expresses the bad effects of the American nuclear attacks but his way has greatly communicated to many though the Americans are yet to accept the film as in accepting it would clearly show that they are guilty of their acts. However the Americans believe that they use nuclear to take away evil while Japan greatly opposes their idea.

Godzilla therefore as used in the past to help the Japanese to reform back their lives from the nuclear effects is the same way it is used today to even at wider perspective discourage on the use of these nuclear weapons (Brothers & Peter 51). This film is an effective re-formation of the Japanese armed forces and national familiarity throughout the absolute months of the Second World War. This is represented in the Godzilla as Honda is insisted that “the monster’s roar sounds like an air-raid siren while its footsteps should sound like exploding bombs” (Brothers & Peter 51). This means that the release of the nuclear is a silent event however the product of the nuclear is total destruction so big that it cannot be ignored.

            Threat of nuclear remains in the various states and that’s why the Godzilla is still relevant even up to date. In Russia for instanced the relation between the Russians and the United States are still as bad as it was in the cold conflict there earlier. Today they are using nuclear threats on their neighbors especially the United States and they have gone a step further into inventing new nuclear weapons (Perry 23). China on the other hand has also created more of nuclear weapons as they are experiencing growth in the military confrontations. Northern Korea as well is involved in creating a missiles and nuclear arsenals to engage in extreme war. Pakistan and India in their recent wars they have been utilizing nuclear weapons in their wars. Godzilla is relevant due to the possibility of nuclear terrorism. Islamic States of Iraq and Syria has stated up terror groups of terrorism with an improved use of terror attacks. Any access to the nuclear weapons by the ISIS would result to an aggravated terror as well as nuclear attacks (Perry 254).




            The Godzilla is relevant due to the continuing likelihood of nuclear accidents. However one of the cause of the Fukushima accident cannot be directly be blamed on the humans but rather on other factors such as the earthquake that resulted in the occurrence of the tsunami (Perrow, Charles 48). The ignorance that the Fukushima people posed when regulatory measures were imposed on them might have attributed to the loss but the core reason of the Fukushima accident was as a result of the climate change that caused the tsunami.















Brothers, Peter H. "Japan's Nuclear Nightmare: How The Bomb Became A Beast Called Godzilla." Cineaste 36.3 (2011): 36-40. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 May 2016.

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Perry, William. "The Road Less Traveled." Peace Review 25.2 (2013): 247-256. Academic          Search Premier. Web. 23 May 2016.


828 Words  3 Pages


  1. ______slippery slope

The problem isn’t really with legalizing marijuana itself for recreational use.The problem is that once marijuna is legalized, heroin will be legalized, and then crack cocaine will be legalized, and then all sorts of chocolate-covered pills will be legalized. As a result, no one will go to school or to the office, and not even Trump will be able to regain the majesty of the United States.


  1. ______ Ad-hominem

The idea of God is pretty dumb, even today. After all, don't forget the important fact that the idea of God arose first among illiterate primitive humans who were afraid of the wind. Sheesh!


  1. ______ Ad-hominem

Trump is the one who fools around with the ladies. Trump is the one with too much money. Trump is the one who has an unbelievably un-kissable mouth and fake hair. Yugh! He would never be a good president, let alone a dog catcher.


  1. ______Ad-populum

Mary's mother told Mary that Fords are the best cars. I wanted to know why Mary believed her mother. Mary said that her mother is an impeccably truthful person, and she knew that fact about her mother because her mother told her the truth about Fords.


  1. ______Appeal to tradition

My grandfather walked to school. My father walked to school. I walked to school. So you must walk to school, too, my lazy son!


  1. ______Accident

Right after I picked my nose, I heard a car crash outside on the street. And right after I spit on the floor, an airplane up north flew into some trees. Further, right after I cleaned out my ears with my little fingers, some guy on my block died. Obviously, I should stop doing all these disgusting things.


  1. ______Composition

Ferrara steals a lot of bases. Garvis steals a lot of bases. Hernandez steals a lot of bases. So, you can see why I say that the Phillies is the team that has the most stolen bases of any team.



  1. ______ Apples and oranges

   The Phillies as a team, compared with other teams, has the most strike-outs by their pitchers against the batters of other teams. It follows that each of the Phillies pitchers has more strike-outs than any other pitcher on any team.




  1. ______Accident

Since Drexel University was founded by Wall Street financier and banker Anthony Drexel, we should be very suspicious of the LeBow graduates of that university.


  1. _____Begging the question

Johnny will surely flunk out of school. He smokes cigarettes. He listens to gansta rap. He drinks milk. He's terrible at shooting buckets. So, what else would you expect?



432 Words  1 Pages


            American exceptionalism is special as well as different but not as unique as people regard it. Globally, United States stands to be the most energetic and powerful state where they are viewed as the major negotiators and there is no issue that involves global peace or strength can be resolved without the US intervention (Nalbandov et al 2016).  This basically does not happen just like that but is as a result of the exceptional nature of this nation which has now been built over time. Different nations usually have different desires on the various types of exceptionalism which they require in order to stand out among other nations and as well to feel special (Murray 2013). Everyone in this world would want to feel special thus resulting to a variety of exceptionalism that involves the civic values, family philosophy religion or the clan based exceptionalism (Wiker 2010). The term can have quite a variety of exceptionalism that involves different systems. America differed in their geographical location and nature, their political system, their outstanding philosophy and also in their special traits. Exceptional traits is therefore used to refer to the civic culture of the Americans which resulted to them being different and yet special from other nations. Traits can also be categorized into impartiality, religiosity, industriousness, humanitarian and volunteerism (Nalbandov et al 2016). Most people have travelled across countries into the United States with an aim of witnessing their uniqueness (Ignatieff, 2005). In this case this paper will discuss on the trait on industriousness in the American exceptionalism system.



            Industriousness refers to the hard work nature of personnel so as to achieve a high production. In the American exceptionalism concept, industriousness refers to the American efforts and hard work which were just more different from other nations thus making them more successful. Challenges and problems can be solved while risks and failure are stepping stones to a greater achievement. Americans views themselves as the ones in control of their lives hence ends up working extremely hard and smart so as to be able to survive (Murray 2013). While the government enhances this by ensuring that all their citizens has the availability of opportunities that would enhance any citizen who has the resourcefulness to achieve his/ her goals. The earlier Americans believed in the guidance that they received from the great providence as they moved out of Europe into the New England. They had a lot of exceptional expectation on how they wanted their New England to look like, made them to be more industrious so as to be able to acquire the kind of an exceptional nation that they wanted (Bulkeley 2008). Rise in the Americans wages is as a result of their industriousness, advanced working habits and productivity thus resulting to the direct correlation. For instance increase in wages resulted to the increase in the laborers efforts or industriousness (Murray 2013). Most importantly the Americans have enabled them to uphold a higher level of creativity and dignity thus resulting to the Americans being more industrious, risk takers and more dreamers. This has thus made America to stand out in terms of the economy, productivity, invention, industriousness and innovation terms thus attracting more job opportunities, entrepreneurial activities and business start-ups in America.

            The culture of the Americans in the earlier times resulted to the emergence of the industrious trait into the American system as it has enhanced the fulfillment of the culture of the Americans.

 They have a diverse nature of their citizens who are governed by principles and democratic system (Markovits & Hellerman, 2001). Basically, the Americans culture is of the Western nature which is unique and has the conventional and open-minded elements, risk takers as well as free expressers (Glickstein et al 193). The cultural connection of an individual generally depends on the socio-economic class, political, occupation, ethnicity and religion. The Americans have therefore worked extremely hard since the colonial era so as to maintain their cultural values. They highly value the idea that working hard is not in vain but rather it pays off very well. This is significant to either an individual and to all the citizens in the United States. The colonial era culture really discouraged laziness hence they viewed as sin that was punished by low wages, hunger due lack of finances to buy food, low public esteem due to personal failure (Bulkeley 2008).

            However any individual who was industrious did not regret at all as the hard work paid off so well. This was evident as the American farms never encouraged idlers, neither there were no roads, rails nor ships at those times and this made the going tougher but yet the people remained industrious and became tougher. Those times they took pride in their achievements using their own hands and after the Second World War they continued with the same spirit of working hard. This therefore led to development which resulted into the building of highways, accumulation of net worth, bearing of children, building of better houses and satisfaction of a person. A lot of corporations and industries erupted in the United States producing various goods and services generating an economy that operated 24 hours per day (Lipset, 1996). This same kind of hard work is still exceptional even in the present times as it has even advanced to a better view of hard work. For instance in the present times the Americans believe in initiating rewards before putting on all ones efforts into the business.

            They also believe that the concept of working hard is not only limited to only those who are having the white collar jobs or the most knowledgeable but it also applicable to the children who are in school and workers in union (Bulkeley 2008). The American system has thus subjected to a token of appreciation for the children who has worked hard. Parents- children relationship has also enhanced the building of a stronger industrious foundation ion the American system as the parents has been working extremely hard to ensure that their children get what they need and to be able to survive through the hard times (Gingrich, et al 2011). This therefore enabled the entire nation of America to have the urge to work hard as nothing comes on a silver platter. Ultimately this led to America to stand out among other nations as a result of their industrious nature that made their economic state to be also outstanding.

            Industrious trait has been of great significance to the Americans in making the nation an exception in terms of difference and special traits. Industriousness has resulted into independence of the entire state as well as the individual citizen. Most of the Americans have a strong conviction that they are self-defined and made therefore they have to work personally work hard in order to be able to achieve the best. Industriousness has also resulted to inventiveness as the people are active hence they are able to be creative. Americans have been able to invent over the years as it started long ago in the American history (De Vries 2011). Throughout the process of working hard the Americans have been able to come up with new technologies, new markets, new methods, new materials that has ended up making the United State a unique nation and far much developed than other countries.

                       The personal ambition of the Americans has enabled them to be able to attain personal ambition in America. The constitution of America has allowed so many opportunities whereas the capitalist system has rewarded the individual objective of the Americans (Gingrich, et al 2011). This has the driving power that inwardly motivates the citizens into achieving their personal dreams. This has driven them into taking more risks, working extra smart and hard while it restricts them to only moral standard of achieving their personal goals without exploiting other people (Gingrich, et al 2011). The personal ambition in America is just but wonderful and special especially when integrated with industriousness and ethical character.

            Risk taking has been the order of the day since time immemorial in America as they have been courageous enough to invest all their energy, assets and even finances with an aim of attaining their objectives. They have promised themselves into sacrificing everything for the sake of seeing a job well done (De Vries 2011). Most of the Americans have taken quite huge risks in order to see the idea that they are having being successful as well as the invention and any well-known business. The Americans has also remained committed into their entrepreneur ideas as they are dedicated into achieving their goals which involves setting up business enterprises which attracts better roads, hospitals and other facilities. The earlier Americans referred to themselves as the captains of industry who showed great dedication to their work as well as the inventors who are dedicated into inventing far better advanced goods.

            Currently, the Americans are still exceptional but not as the earlier times since almost every other nation have already adopted some of the industrious nature of the United States while others have come up with even better industriousness measures (De Vries 2011). However we cannot depict the fact that the Americans are way far ahead globally in terms of industrial development than any other nation but not in amusing way as the one that was there before.

In some years to come there is a high possibility that other nations may overpower the Americans who have become less vigorous than before. Good living standards have been witnessed in the United States due to the industrious nature that existed in the earlier days which has been transforming through the different generations. We can all attest that surely United States is a nation incomparable to others but if continuous reluctance will occur then the situation might change with time.















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Wiker, Benjamin. 2010. 10 books every conservative must read, plus four not to miss and one      imposter. Washington, DC: Regnery Pub.

1840 Words  6 Pages

Female philosophy


Females are faced with fundamental and general problems concerning their knowledge, value, mind reason and existence. It involves rational questioning, critical discussions and their presentations to big ideas. Generally, the female gender has been considered to be the weaker sex. This has resulted in various problems that are evident. There are few prominent females in top most position and powerful positions worldwide. It has created the notion that for any female to be successful there must have been a helping hand. This has resulted to favors being made to them including advances so that they can get what they aspire. This has led to a high number of females feeling inferior and incapable of achieving what they want. In this paper, I will argue that Young Successfully defends her argument about the feminine bodily comportment because it is clearly that women are not working for their full potential therefore, we should change some of the behaviors such as how women represented in the movies or the language used with baby girls in order for women to work for their full potential.

All along when growing up it is evident to say the tone used in address a girl child is different to that used to a male one. Girls are considered sensitive and hence the need to approach them in a cautious manner. A woman’s body undergoes hormonal and physiological changes. This is when the body is subjected to puberty menstruation and pregnancy. (Young, 143). Due to this they experience mood swing and little or less work is what they can be able to do. This creates the impression that woman’s physiological and anatomy is the least to determine the unfree status.

There are differences that exist in the development of the female. This may cause some slow bodily movement which may hinder full utilization of the female potential. It may be true but given the same chance, there is a possibility of realizing their full potential. Will can be achieved if the sexual being of the female is not put in a test but rather their capability. (Young, 143)


In sports females are deemed to be more reluctant than their male counterparts. This is not true if it is argued on the basis where women have become successful in sports. In a game preparation, it is shown that that the girl do not articulate with force or speed while the male counterparts show aggressiveness, force, and speed (Young, 141). Considering the females who have made it successful in sports it is slightly true since the records held by men are barely broken by females.

It is true to say that men are more masculine which is evident in the vigor that they portray in the games. Female energy may not match its male counterpart energy bit this does not mean that females do not do their best when it comes to that. It is culturally accepted that females cannot match male’s performance. However when appealing to such difference it should not be based on nominalism. There is a remarkable difference between the two but this should not form any ground for female underestimation (Young, 142).

It is debatable to say that women are perceived as if they do not utilize their full potential as it is expected. This is evident because they are judged by their feminine body. For instant in acting industries, there are roles only assigned to the opposite gender since they are supposed to be masculine and only the males can deliver the act. This is because the female body tends to be partially immobile hence they cannot be assigned to such roles (Young, 153). This role requires vigor and energy in order to perform them. This makes it difficult to give them such roles. The only option left is to give them more feminine roles to act. Due to this action movies have been dominated by the males.


It is a failure to judge female capability by their physical looks. This is because a group of them are left out to compete for favors other than their own capability. This results in such areas being overlooked as male dominated industries hence reducing competition. This clearly shows that the female gender is not been given the chance to explore their talents and capabilities due to the fact they are seen to be so. This results to the demoralization of the females hence they tend to put less effort in whatever they since they are subjected to physical judgment. This is because they develop timidity with age with the notion that they should not get dirt, hurt and they should always act like a girl (Young, 154)



It is true to say that socially the female gender is considered inferior. This is because they are subjected to roles that are lighter and less energy is needed to perform them. This is mental and can be changed if the girl child is given an equal chance as the male counterpart. Female physic should not be used to judge the capability of any female.











Young, Iris M.  "Throwing Like A Girl" And Other Essays In Feminist Philosophy And Social Theory.

866 Words  3 Pages

Topics and Questions We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Logically reduce and empirically verify a statement to show whether it is true or false and analyze the language of a metaphysical statement to show that it is meaningless.

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how Greek gods gained respect and authorities

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
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The Republic of Plato and explain Book One to Ten, and Explain what is each individual book is about. And last, use one paragraph to explain the meaning to the modern world.

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