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EDUDORM is giving a golden opportunity to academic writers from Native English speaking countries.

Our company is dedicated to provide high quality services at all times and hence we are obliged to recruit only serious and professional writers.

The following is a guide on what we require from our writers and the benefits they enjoy simply by working with us.


Basic requirements for joining EDUDORM as a writer

 As a freelance writer at EDUDORM, you must adhere to our CONFIDENTIAL POLICY at all times. There is no exception on this policy. Failure to adhere will lead to permanent termination of your contact with us.

 As a freelance writer at EDUDORM you must be able to write extremely well in English (That is why we only accept Native English Speakers writers). This group of writers comes from United States, United Kingdom and Australia. However, if you command a high level of English in writing and you come from a different geographical location other the ones listed above, EDUDORM is giving you an opportunity to apply.

 As a freelance writer at EDUDORM you must have a great passion for research and writing. We do not recruit writers who only want to work for money but those have strong will to commit most of their time in research and writing.

 As a freelance writer at EDUDORM you must be able to structure information and express your ideas in a logical and understandable manner.

 As a freelance writer at EDUDORM, you must provide PLAGIARISM FREE papers at all times. There is no exception to this policy of which failure to adhere leads to permanent termination of our contract with you.

 As a freelance writer at EDUDORM, you must be able to meet deadlines at all times. Freelance writing to some extent is a challenging environment especially when it comes to meeting deadlines. In order to work with us, you must be able to arrange your working schedule accordingly in order to upload all papers on time.

 As a freelance writer at EDUDORM, you must have working and reliable phone. This means that our support team will always be able to contact you at any time of need.


Benefits that Writers gains by joining EDUDORM

❖ Great Pay

We value our writers to the extent that we give them the opportunity to negotiate price with the client. Our company only benefits from the commission it charges for servicing the system. This commission is charged automatically after the client places his/her order. Serious and hardworking writers at EDUDORM always benefit from great pay that they charge our clients.

❖ 24/7 Support from our staff

 EDUDORM support team is always available 24/7 to assist you as writer in any way necessary. In case you have a question regarding a certain order or client, our support will always be there to help. Just send a message using the “send a message to support team” tab and you will receive our response within seconds.

❖ We guarantee privacy of our writers

We do not in any way expose your confidential details such as, official name, government identification number or phone among others to any third parties. All personal information that you share with us is only used for providing effective services to you are our writer.

❖ Work on many orders as you can 

EDUDORM gives writers the opportunity to work as many orders as they can, provided they adhere with the instructions of each order, meet the set time-frame and deliver ONLY HIGH QUALITY PAPERS.

❖ Flexibility

As a writer at EDUDORM, you are your own manager. This means that you are always flexible enough to set your time frame depending on the workload that you have. As far as you will communicate with the client, support team and upload the paper on time, no one will interfere with your working schedule.

❖ On time payment

We pay all our writers using various different convenient payment methods. Payment is released twice a month. Payment is normally done at between date 1-5 and 5-20 of every month. Please learn more about payment methods once you log-in to your account.

❖ Professional Growth

Having an opportunity to work with us will definitely give you the chance to explore a wide range of professional knowledge in your interested discipline. This means that if you have the desire to join PhD program in future (For those with Master Degrees), you will have gained a lot of knowledge hence making it easy to complete your PhD. For those working part-time, EDUDORM offers you the opportunity to benefit from research work while you are getting paid and in the same time boosting your professional growth.


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