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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All our esteemed clients and writers are advised to consider the following terms and conditions when choosing whether to use the EDUDORM services. By using all services provided by EDUDORM, you are agreeing with these terms. Our terms of service may keep changing from time to time and therefore you are always advised to visit this page/form regularly. We are obliged to add additional terms of services when we feel necessary to do and those additional terms becomes automatically part of your agreement with us anytime you choose to use our services. Always keep visiting our terms of services in order to get updated. Kindly read all the terms of Service very carefully.

  1. Agreement of EDUDORM and You (the customer)

You are always required to follow all the policies that are made available to you within the Services. If in any case you disagree with our terms of Service, please DO NOT use any of the services we offer to our esteemed clients and writers. In case you encounter any link that directs you to another website while you are using our website, you are subjected to follow all the terms of service of that website and if necessary its privacy policy.

Always bear in mind that the term; website, company, our and we refers to EDUDORM. These are the most common terms that we normally use so that the clients and writers can understand and differentiate our stand from others. While providing services to our clients, we normally use the term order, which refers to written instructions provided online by the customers and which is then transformed in to a product. In this case, product refers to the completed written paper by our writers. The product may be written from scratch, edited, formatted or proofread just as per client’s instructions. Client (you) refer to all people who use our website to make an order. Writer is person who works on the order that the client makes.

Using any of our services is your personal choice and therefore you are always obliged to comply with all our policies. This means you should not misuse our services. For example, you should not try to access our website in any other means apart from using your valid email address and password and this can only be done at our website interface.

Our website acts as an agent where qualified writers offer writing services to willing clients. All writing services offered by our writers are either written from scratch or the client requests for proofreading, formatting or editing services. In case the service you buy from us is not writing from scratch order, we are not in any way responsible if your paper appears plagiarized. Our role is to offer an avenue where clients meet writers so that they can be assisted in writing and research services.

The customer is not allowed in any circumstances to communicate with the writer using various channels other than our website system.

The agreement between the customer and company commences once we have confirmed there is a high qualified writer ready to work for your order and it will terminate once you have approved or cancelled the order. However, even after the termination of the agreement, the company will still uphold its obligation in relation to client’s data protection, plagiarism, refunds and copyright policy.

Products and services offered by this company are acquired from freelance writers who submit at their own will for financial gain and transfer all rights and ownership to the company and/or its affiliates and partners.

  1. Your EDUDORM Account

In order to benefit from the services that we offer, you are required to open a personal account in our website. Once you fill the order details, your account is opened automatically and you can access it anytime you wish using your personal email address and password.

  1. Services/Product offered by EDUDORM

Our company offers writing services that ranges from writing from scratch, proofreading, editing, or formatting services. All this services are provided with the sole aim of assisting clients to accomplish their academic obligations. On this stage, it is necessary to stress on the point that our services are aimed at assisting clients on how to provide quality academic work on their own. Therefore, clients are not supposed to submit papers they purchase from our company as their own. All clients are entitled to reference our papers accordingly when they cite information in their work. We do not guarantee clients’ grade as an outcome of using our services and we are not responsible if the client uses the product that we offer in the wrong way. Clients should not claim for any refund if they fail to meet their academic expectations after using our products. We advice our clients to use the research guidance contained in our products in the right way so that to achieve the targeted benefits.

We own the rights of all our products from the time the agreement with the client commences. The clients should not use our product in any other purpose than personal use. This means that the client is not allowed to publish, transmit, modify or display any of our products.  If by any chance the client cancels delivered order and requests for refund, we own the right of that order. In such a case, the company has a right to use the paper for blog, advertising or any other purpose we feel necessary. In order to protect our writers from dishonesty clients who may decide to cancel a delivered order and later use it, we have provided the limits in which we offer refunds. Kindly read our money back policy for more information. 

  1. Refund Policy

Our refund policy is explained in detail in the money back policy, which we explain instances where we refund money to our esteemed customers. We believe that clients have the right to receive services that meet their satisfaction so that they can appreciate every cent they spend with us. On the same time we believe our customers are always obliged to consider the effort and time our writer employ in order to deliver high quality papers. Therefore, we condemn acts of dishonesty where some customers may use our work and then later demand for refund. That is the reason we have explained in details in our money back policy instances where refund is permitted. Always make sure you are well informed of our money back policy when deciding to work with us.

  1. Working Relationship

Customers are always required to give the company detailed instructions of their order. All these instructions should be accurate in order to enable writers provide high quality papers. In case the client gives wrong information and the writer completes the order, the client is responsible for any cost that may be required to re-do the order. Therefore, it is always important for the customer to make sure only detailed, correct and accurate instructions are provided.

The company has the right not to accept working on an order if there is no writer ready at the moment. In such a case, the client has the right to receive full refund as explained in the money back guarantee policy. The company also has the right to stop working on the order if the client adds new information that was not there in the initial instructions

The customer is obliged to fully cooperate with both the writer and the support team once the agreement commences in order to make sure that all information necessary in completing the order is available. The company has provided effective communication channel where the client is supposed to communicate with both the writer and the support team if further clarification of the order is required.

The client has the right to receive the order within his preferred time frame. However, the company is not responsible for client’s delay in providing accurate and necessary information to enable concerned writer complete the order on time. The company is not responsible for any inconveniences that may be caused by client’s failure to fully cooperate.

You agree to receive promotional emails related to our website. 

  1. Order Process

Order process refers to the stages involved in working with the client from the time the agreement commences to the time the order is delivered. Our clients are entitled to fully understand the order process so that to avoid facing unnecessary difficulties while seeking our services. The following are the four main stages that we normally use in providing our services to customers.

Step 1: Make an order

This step involves submitting your paper instructions and all other files necessary to successfully complete your order. In order to save time and avoid unnecessary revisions, we kindly request all our esteemed clients to ensure they submit enough and correct instructions.

Step 2: Communicate with the Writer and/or Support Team

In order to ensure that everything is going well, EDUDORM always advocates for effective communication between the client and writer or support team. Our system offers an opportunity for the client to speak directly to the writer anytime.

Step 3: Progressive delivery

This step entails receiving your paper on parts and you will only release/approve payment once you are satisfied with the paper. In case you the uploaded part is yet to meet your expectations, you will have the chance to contact writer via the messaging option. Therefore, the progressive delivery feature is of significant advantage to the client in the fact that any amendments that might be done at the early stages of writing are done on time. With progressive deliver EDUDORM hence guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Step 4: Download your completed paper

After approving the final part in the progressive delivery step, you can now download your paper either in word format. Please note that you can only download a word format paper once you have approved payment for whole complete order.

  1. Deliver Policy

The client is supposed to check whether the order has been sent within the indicated deadline. In case the deadline has already passed and you fail to find the order you are required to contact the concerned writer and/or the support team immediately.

The company will not be responsible for any inconveniences and loss caused by the failure of client to check and download the already sent order. We will not be responsible for clients failure to locate the order because of reasons beyond our control such as forgot password, spam filters, lack of power, lack of computer machine, lack of Internet access and general neglect among many others.

We will not be responsible if the client provided wrong email address when filling-up the order details and hence fail to receive the already completed order.

  1. Plagiarism Free Policy

The company provides plagiarism free papers, which are written from scratch. The company accepts plagiarism levels that are below 10% but not more than that. The client is not supposed to claim for any revision or refund in relation to plagiarism if the service offered is not writing from scratch. This means that if the customer requested for formatting, proofreading or editing service, the company is not responsible for any plagiarized materials in the client’s work.  The client has the right to claim for a revision in case the plagiarism level of a paper written from scratch is more than 10%.

As explained under the policy number 2, the company has the right to use any completed order that the client fails to pay and is offered a refund. In such a case, the company may decide to use the paper for blog or any other online purpose of which will make the paper appear plagiarized if the client attempts to use it. The company is not responsible for such unauthorized behavior that the client may try to conduct.

Under section 2, we have explained in the best terms possible that the sole purpose of our papers is to assist our esteemed clients to write high quality papers on their own. This means that our clients are supposed to use the papers that we provide as sample papers where they benefit from the professional idea of how to write high quality papers on their own. Therefore, the client is NOT ALLOWED to put his/her name in the paper delivered. The client is NOT ALLOWED to copy paste information provided in our papers as his/her own. Our company condemns with all the terms possible any attempt by a client who might decide to violate copyright law. We will NEVER allow any of our esteemed customers to engage in plagiarism practice or engage in academic cheating. We are only interested to work with hardworking students who are ready to use our products for research purposes only. Clients who decide to quote the work provided by our writers are supposed to reference this WEBSITE accordingly. The company will not be responsible if the client decides to use any of our services in the wrong way. We are not responsible for any disciplinary or legal action that the client may face if he/she decides to use our services and products inappropriately. We will always support all the necessary disciplinary measures to be taken. With respect to the above information, when using this website, the client therefore agrees that he/she will use our services and products in the appropriate manner and will refrain from any form of plagiarism and academic dishonesty. 

  1. Use of our Products

By using this website you agree that you will use any products you purchase from us for your own personal use only and not for any other purposes. You are not allowed to re-sell or engage in any commercial activity for the purpose of benefiting illegally from our products.

You agree that you will use our products in the appropriate manner where all our products pose as examples of how you should work on your own.

  1. Revision Policy

You have the right to get free revision if the order provided does not meet your satisfaction. However, revision is only provided under the following circumstances;

The writer did not follow the instructions. Request for revisions in relation to instructions will only be accepted if the writer fails to follow the initial instructions. Revisions in situations where the client adds new information into the already completed order WILL NOT be accepted.

Revision will only be provided for order in progress. Once the client has approved the full payment, no revision will be accepted and NO refunds can be made.

The client is supposed to give clear instructions for the revision.

Revisions per order will only be provided within a limit number of times that the support teams deem to be okay. This policy is put in place to make sure that dishonest customers are not given the chance to take advantage of the writer or misuse our professional services. 

After receiving the final part of your order, you are required to request revision within a maximum of two weeks. Request for revisions in a later date will not be acceptable.

Revision will be provided for free but in case the support team decides that your initial instructions were met, they can advise you to place a new order for editing.

Revision will be provided to all customers in need while satisfying the conditions listed above.

  1. Using our Services/Products on behalf of other Persons

If you are using services and products provided by EDUDORM on behalf of any other individual (s), that individual (s) accepts all the terms and conditions in this agreement. That individual (s) agree that he/she/they will hold no harm to our business and indemnify our company and its employees from any claim, suit or action arising from the use of our services or violation of these terms.

  1. Data Protection

We do not disclose customer’s information to third parties and we are always obliged to follow our privacy policy.

By using this website, the customers agrees on the fact that the information he/she provides at the time of placing a new order will be used only for the purpose of services that we provide and may be stored on our security database. The customer places an order on our website with the understanding that we will not disclose any details to third parties.

By using this service, the customer agrees that we will not disclose any personal information unless instructed by lawful authorities of which we must first notify the customer. Such an incident may occur when a customer engages in unlawful practices, for example, fraudulent transactions, which may require pursue by the relevant legal frameworks.


Warranty Disclaimer

We make no representations or warranties that all the services provided by this company will be 100% error free. The company will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from using this website as result of interruption or errors on the website. All clients are advised to read and understand all our terms and conditions when deciding to use this website. Clients may also seek professional advice, opinion or information in order to understand the services provided by this website. If you disagree with any of the provided terms and conditions, you are advised not to use this website. All clients are supposed to have attained the legal adult age in order to use services provided by this website.

Modifying and Terminating our Services

Our company is aimed to keep growing from time to time of which may contribute in constantly modifying our services. The company has the right to add or remove some of the services it offers to its clients without notifying the customers if there is a need to do so. Moreover, the company has the right to stop providing its services at any time without prior notice to its customers. If by any chance the company is not able to upload/deliver the order on time as promised because of technical hitches that are beyond our control, we will not be responsible for any inconveniences caused.  We are always honesty in service delivery and we will do everything possible to meet all our clients’ needs on time. However, our clients should understand well that our services are offered online with the use of technology and some uncontrollable failures may occur and we are not responsible for any inconveniences caused as a result of such failures.

Limitation of Liability

By using this website, you agree that you will not cause any harm whatsoever to the company employees and representatives, advertising, promotion, third party providers or source of information and data.

By using this website, you agree that you will not cause damage or claim to the company and its affiliates, when you fail to receive the final product because of reasons beyond our control such as product delay, disrupt or corrupted files.

By using this service, you agree that you will not cause any harm or claim to the company if you receive a product with quality below your expectation due to errors beyond our control.

By using this website, you agree that you will not cause any harm or claim if you receive a product with printing or typographical errors.




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