1. Explain why the building and location of an Islamic mosque are specific to its functions  

                Various requirements are addressed when building and making location for a mosque. Some of these requirements include that the mosques ought to have various elaborate areas like the domes, minarets and the prayer halls where various holy and recommended functions take place. The build and location of the mosque tends to be specific to their function in the fact that they represent sense of identity and place in the Muslim society. This makes the mosque to be the most important building in all the Muslim society around the world.

Abortion: The Campaigners and Society

                Is abortion really a right and a pro-choice? Tracing back the legalization of abortion back in 1973, the topic has been a controversy where the advocators take it on the scientific perspective and the contenders view it on a religious side of view. Standing on the opposing side of abortion, I support Herstein’s remarks that decriminalizing is giving a “legal right to do a legal wrong” (Herstein, 1). Additionally, it is also true that none of us (human beings) is pro-abortion (black, 1), which means that every consequent outcomes of abortion will be equally and similarly endured by each and every person who does it.

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