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About Us is an online academic writing service that provides guidance on how to write top-notch papers. Our services include writing custom papers from scratch as per clients' instructions, proofreading, editing and formatting.

We write essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, thesis, articles, coursework, capstone projects, business plan, book reviews and all other types of academic writings.

If your traffic from either website, blog or social media sites is educational related, you stand a high chance of earning high income through our partnership program.


Our offers

1. High Commission Rates

You will always get 50% for the client’s first order 

2. Convenient Payment

We pay our affiliates in every two weeks when they request their payment.

3. Promotional Materials

We will provide banners and landing pages to assist in your promotion.


Our Partners

To our potential affiliates, we are looking forward to work with those who have traffic related to studies or education. Our target audience is students in high school, college and universities from English-Speaking countries such as US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Affiliates who can also attract customers in need of our services from Middle-East and other regions worldwide are also welcome in our affiliate program.


Why Work With Us

  • We value our affiliates hence we offer high payments. When you work with us, you will get 50% for the payment of the first order from a client originating from your affiliate link
  • We provide all our affiliates with personalized support
  • We have a good reputation because we provide quality work to our clients and therefore your success as an affiliate will be very high
  • We assist with promo materials like banners and landing pages
  • We have a transparent referral program where we pay for every successful referral
  • We pay all our affiliates in every two weeks.
  • We improve our site on daily basis and offer priority in developing our affiliate program to great heights


Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions provides the legal basis of your relation with us ( and our Affiliate Program. By signing-up to our affiliate program you express your will to work with us and hence you are legally bound under the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

A. Working Rules

What is expected from our partners

  1. Our partners are expected to attract traffic from their websites, blogs and social media sites without violating the working rules as explained in this agreement.
  2. Our partners can employ both online and offline strategies to attract traffic
  3. Our partners are allowed to use email marketing strategies and the promotional materials we provide to them
  4. Apart from the promotional materials that we provide, our partners are allowed to use their own materials provided they align with our terms.
  5. Our partners can also attract traffic from contextual advertising networks.

What is not expected from our partners

  1. Our partners are not allowed to use any illegal means such as spanning and malware with the aim of attracting traffic.
  2. Our partners should not use promotional materials that can be deemed as harmful to our website (
  3. Our partners should not use false or confusing promotional information with the aim of deceiving customers
  4. Our partners should not use the promotional materials that we provide for any other purpose apart from attracting our potential customers.



  1. We possess the right to terminate the affiliate program with specific partner if we detect breach of the above mentioned terms. We will provide detailed reasons for the termination in case we reach to that point.
  2. We can also terminate the affiliate program at partner’s request.
  3. Termination of our affiliate program means that the concerned partner is no longer allowed to use our promotional materials.



  1. We will not be liable to cases but not limited to situations where partners misuse our affiliate program, fail to achieve their desired target or incur any unwanted losses by using the affiliate program
  2. We are not liable for expenses and any other form of fees that our partners incur while using our affiliate program
  3. We are not liable to any form of illegal, unethical or wrongful use of the affiliate program
  4. We are not liable for technical and other kind of problems that our partners may face on their online platforms where they attract traffic.
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