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College and university students are required to write personal statement especially when getting admission to their learning institutions. At Edudorm, we are considered as the best essay writing service offering personal statement writing help to all students. Get help from the No.1 personal statement writing service.
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Write My Personal Statement


Personal Statement Writing Help

A personal statement is an important piece of writing for every college and university student.

The reason one is supposed to write a personal statement is to showcase their personality, experience, achievements, and future ambitions.

When universities request personal statement writing from students during the school application process, it is an opportunity for them to know why they need to give you the chance to study a particular course.

This is because there are many students all over the globe who apply for learning opportunities, but the chances are always minimal.

This means that most learning institutions have certain strategies they use to accept students to join their colleges and universities. Asking for personal statement writing from students is one of these strategies that learning institutions use to select those they feel are the best.

Therefore, personal statement writing for university or personal statement writing for a job interview is important, and Edudorm assignment writers are well versed in providing students with the best guidance when it comes to writing the statements.

We have a team of professional personal statement writers who are always ready to help students craft award winning essays that will get them accepted into the learning institution of their choice.

Personal Statement Writing Help Service Online

Edudorm assignment writing and editing service offers custom personal statement writing help where we will tailor your statement according to your personal preferences.

The following are some of the benefits you will get once you let our assignment helpers write your personal statement:

  • Original Content

    Edudorm assignment writers have a lot of experience when it comes to personal statement writing and hence expect only the best quality. Your personal statement will be 100% plagiarism-free, which will help you score better in your university application letter.
  • Updated Content

    One of the key elements that many students fail to consider when writing a personal statement, whether for a school application or for a job opportunity, is the inclusion of current and updated information. It is advisable that when one is applying for a course, it is important to link the course with current affairs so that one can show why the course is interesting and explain how it has inspired your career of choice. 
  • Well-Flowing Content

    When writing a personal statement, it is important to make sure there is no repetition and all the content provided flows smoothly. More so, your personal statement should not have grammatical or punctuation errors.

How to Write a Personal Statement for University?

Personal statement writing should always be taken seriously because it demonstrates a potential student’s eagerness and ambition to get enrolled in a particular learning institution. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a well-written and organized personal statement so that you can capture the attention of your preferred college or university.

Your personal statement should be free of any grammatical, punctuation, or stylistic errors, and most importantly, it should be original and plagiarism-free.

In order to write an eye-catching personal statement, one needs to at least consider some of the following personal statement writing tips:

  1. Introduction

    When writing an introduction for a personal statement, the most important information to include is a reflection of your own personality. That is, you should include your personal experiences that you feel are most important to you and can draw attention to the reader. 
  2. Body paragraphs

    The personal statement writing format requires one to include the relevant skills, interests, and experiences in the body paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion

    One needs to make a strong summary of the most relevant details that can improve your chances of getting the opportunity you are seeking. Most importantly, it is advisable to have a strong concluding sentence.

500-Word Personal Statement

In most cases, personal statement writing formats require the content to be between 250 and 500 words. To be able to put as much necessary information on the personal statement as possible, our personal statement writers propose a 500-word count as the ideal content range for this type of writing.

In your content, you should be able to elaborate on your intentions and main interests in choosing why you want to join a particular learning institution.

You should also provide information detailing your experience, talents, and strengths.

You should also elaborate on your main goals and what you intend to achieve within a specific timeframe.

All this information helps to present the advantages you will bring to the learning institution that you are applying to join.

On the 500-word personal statement, our experts give the following content a priority:

  1. Letting the reader know why you are the best candidate for the position
  2. The inspiration behind your course choice and career goals
  3. The level of personal and professional experience that you have
  4. Other personal interests apart from education, such as co-curricular activities and hobbies. 

Personal Statement Examples -

With many experienced assignment writers at, we offer a wide range of different types of personal statement writing.

We write personal statements from scratch, but we also offer proofreading and editing services for the personal statements that you send to us.

For personal statement proofreading and editing services, we make sure that we improve your statement in areas such as:

  1. Spelling and grammar
  2. Relevancy
  3. Specificity
  4. Passive voice
  5. Clear phrasing
  6. Simple, easy-to-understand language

Always be sure that when our writers get in touch with your personal statement, you will get the best and most perfect paper ever.

The following are some of the personal statement examples that we can write for you:

  1. Personal Statement for College
  2. Personal Statement for University
  3. Personal Statement Writing for Jobs
  4. Music Personal Statement
  5. Communication Personal Statement
  6. Cooking Personal Statement
  7. Personal Leadership Statement
  8. Business Personal Statement
  9. Marketing Personal Statement
  10. Management Personal Statement
  11. Medical School Personal Statement
  12. UCAS personal statement
  13. Law School Personal Statement Writing
  14. Dental School Personal Statement
  15. Residency Personal Statement

Which is the No.1 Personal Statement Writing Help Website?

For the past 10 years, thousands of students all over the globe have voted as the No. 1 personal statement writing help website.

This is because Edudorm writers provide only high-quality personal statement writing assignment papers that are original and error-free.

If you are looking forward to improving your grades on personal statement writing, make sure that you seek assignment writing help from

Our professional writing and editing team will provide a personalized approach when drafting your personal statement so that any information they write will be about you and the goals you intend to achieve.

Edudorm assignment writers will also make sure that they follow all the instructions outlined by the learning institution you are applying to in order to make sure you stand a chance of being selected among the many applicants.

Which is the Best Assignment Writing Service for Personal Statement Writing Help?

For the past couple of years, the best assignment writing service for personal statement writing help has always been This is the most trusted personal statement writing website for thousands of students all over the globe.

The following are some of the many reasons why thousands of students in different learning institutions trust Edudorm for their personal statement writing help:

  1. On-time delivery

    Our personal statement writing experts work day and night to complete your orders on time. We are well-versed in the fact that students require their assignments before the deadlines; therefore, we always provide assignments before the due date so that they have enough time to review them before submission.
  2. Highly qualified and skilled experts

    We have a team of personal statement writing experts, and each of them is well qualified with either a PhD or a Master’s degree. They have been working for the last several years in the same field.
  3. High-quality assignment

    Our first preference is to offer our clients the best-quality personal statement writing papers. So while one is dealing with us, don't worry about the quality of your assignment.
  4. Sample assignments are available.

    Before ordering on our website, you can take a look at the sample work written by our personal statement writing experts. First, you can check the quality of the work, if you are satisfied with the quality, then you can order your personal statement writing assignment with us.
  5. 100% satisfaction guarantee

    We always provide our customers with 100% satisfaction on all their assignments. We promise you that we will always provide you with the best services.
  6. Error-free assignments

    Plagiarism is banned at Edudorm writing and editing service. We don't support any kind of plagiarism. We provide you with a completely correct and error-free solution for your personal statement writing, exactly according to your requirements.
  7. 24/7 services

    Our support team works on different shifts, day and night. So feel free to contact us anytime, as our experts are available to provide personal statement writing help 24/7.
  8. Reasonable prices

    At Edudorm assignment writing service, we offer personal statement writing help at affordable prices. We are aware of the situation of many students; they get little money, and they have to manage all their educational expenses with that money. So we designed our services to be so cheap that anyone can take advantage of our personal statement writing services.

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