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EDUDORM is the right place to be when looking for persuasive essays. We provide custom persuasive essays at reasonable and affordable prices. Just click here and get your persuasive essay done by professional and experienced writers. Persuasive essays basically entails convincing/persuading the reader about your believe in a particular issue. In order to write a high quality persuasive essay, it requires special skills that most of the students lack. If you are among those stuck in preparing a high quality persuasive essay, just relax because we will do it for you. Your persuasive essay will be presented specifically for you, meaning that it will be unique and free from plagiarism. For those looking for editing and proofreading services on your persuasive essays, we will also do it for you. All these services are targeted to assist you in achieving the highest grades possible and hence shape your future life in the right direction.

Urgent Essay Needed

If you are looking for an urgent persuasive essay, you are now at the right place here at EDUDORM. Our professional and experienced writers are always ready to provide the perfect persuasive essay within your urgent and demanding time frame. Even if you need your persuasive essay within a time frame of 3hrs or even 1hr, there will be a writer ready to work for you. All urgent essays are thoroughly scrutinized by the support team before being uploaded to the customer in order to make sure that everything is done according to the provided instructions. Our writers have already provided thousands of urgent essays to needy students at affordable and minimum prices in the market. All customers who have benefited from our urgent essays have given us a very high rating in terms of reliability, trustworthiness and high quality products.

Five Paragraph Persuasive Essay Format

Most urgent persuasive essays normally use the format of a five-paragraph essay. This type of an essay has a three parts, which include the introduction (1 paragraph), body (3 paragraphs) and Conclusion (1 paragraph). The first paragraph of a persuasive essay requires the writer to capture the interests of the ready and most importantly, to set the tone of the essay. The introduction paragraph also comprises a preview of general ideas, topic ideas and thesis statement. All these information helps the reader to know the focus of the essay. Thesis statement of a persuasive essay notifies the reader of what the essay will prove. Thesis statement is normally the final sentence in the introduction. Therefore, after reading the essay, the reader always looks forward to know what the essay is all about including the three main points to be discussed in detail in the three body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs of a persuasive essay ought to start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence of each paragraph ought to be unique and specify the contents of the paragraph. Each of the three paragraphs should have concrete evidence to support the writer’s ideas. In order for the essay to receive high marks, it is a must of the writer to provide enough evidence supporting each of the three body paragraphs. The writer should also oppose or refute each point that might tend to build a strong opposing case. This simply means that once a reader tries to make an opposing argument, the essay should have some sentences refuting such opposing arguments. Always remember that the main purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader on what you believe in. Readability is another main issue that the writer ought to consider. This means there must be smooth transitions connecting each paragraph with the other. Such connection creates a strong momentum of the essay where the reader manages to understand each and every point clearly.

The conclusion part of a persuasive essay ought to reiterate thesis statement. This simply means that the writer is supposed to write thesis statement in conclusion paragraph similarly to the inclusion one. However, it is important to note that the thesis statement ought to be similar but not identical. The writer should also summarize all the three topic sentences as presented in the three body paragraphs. The writer should always note that a perfect conclusion should not only summarize the entire essay but it supposed to take a little liberty in the interpretation of the topic. It is always advisable to note that new information is not recommended in the conclusion paragraph. The last sentence of the conclusion paragraph should be a call of action or a strong emotional appeal. A persuasive essay always needs to create strong attachment with the reader. If you want your lecturer to cry tears of joy, click the order button below.


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