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In essay format, compare and contrast the Pantheon, Rome, and the Parthenon, Athens. Consider the cultural, religious, and political meanings of these structures as well as the artistic and architectural styles of each artwork. Utilize a formal analysis guideline in your comparative essay.


This will require the use of academic sources, books and articles (AT LEAST THREE).  Your paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12 points, and should be double spaced. The first page of the paper should include your name, the title of the paper, and the title of the course. Your paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12 points, and should be double spaced. Citations (EDNOTES) should be done in the Chicago Manual of Style.

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Assignment Description:
Throughout the course of this semester, we have been studying different musical periods, some of which last for almost 100 years, and some of which last 1,000 years. Because of time constraints, we have only been able to focus on a few representative composers from each period. The following research-based essay is designed to show you how challenging it is to select only a few musicians to represent an entire genre or era. Based on your own research, which must move beyond our class discussions and readings, you will create an essay that accomplishes the following task:

You work for a major textbook publishing company in the Music Appreciation Department. Your company wants to add a new chapter titled “Popular Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries” to its Music Appreciation textbook. You must select five (5) artists or groups to include as representative musicians. Keep in mind that these are the only five musicians who will be included, so you must make a strong case for what makes them essential to telling the story of how popular music has developed over nearly the last 100 years. For each artist or group, include 1-2 paragraphs that draw on the knowledge you have developed this semester to explain why they should be included.

Research and Formatting Requirements: 
For this assignment, you must use at least two sources (beyond our textbook The Enjoyment of Music) to justify your argument. At least one of your sources must be a book or ebook. Conduct research to find at least two reliable, academic resources. Reliable, academic resources are published by a reputable journal or press. Internet sources that do not go through a rigorous publication process, or which are designed to entertain rather than inform, will not be acceptable for this assignment. That means you may not cite Wikipedia, the A&E website, the History Channel website, or

Be sure to cite all the sources you consult properly using MLA format. 

The papers must be 4-5 pages (that means 4 complete pages not including the Work Cited page). All final papers must be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins. Papers that do not meet these requirements will have significant points deducted.

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In our last module on Art of Late Antiquity, we transitioned from a pagan Roman Empire to an officially Christian Roman Empire through the efforts of Constantine, who officially gives Christians the freedom to practice. Theodosius is the emperor who bans pagan religions and legitimizes Christianity as the only religion of Rome in 391. We also remember Constantine moves the capitol of the empire from Rome to Byzantium, or modern day Istanbul. Those that follow Constantine consider themselves to be the true, new Romans, and Constantine establishes the "New Rome" in what is to become known as Constantinople.

Discussion Topic for Byzantine Art

Discuss the thematic connection you can make between Byzantine art (mosaics, relief carving, or architecture) and art from a previous module we've already discussed. Pick two pieces, specifically. Post the two images in the discussion so we can see them.

1. What thematic connection can you make?(100words)

2. How do the 2 images you picked support a thematic connection? Explain.(100words)

3. Briefly Respond to peer's thought below.(20words)
    Peer's thought: In the module content it mentions how the apex height of Hagia Sophia's dome is 40 feet taller than that of the Pantheon, which got me interested to see if their are any similarities between the dome of the Pantheon and the dome of the Hagia Sophia. After doing some research to refresh my memory on the Pantheon, I realized that the domes of both structures serve a very similar purpose. Both domes are made to push the boundaries of the construction of dome to represent the connection between the heavens and the earth.

First with the Pantheon, it was constructed to be able to fit a perfect sphere in the center of the building with the height and diameter being exactly equal. No one knows who the main architect for the Pantheon was, but they must have had a complex understanding of mathematics and geometry like the architects of the Hagia Sophia, Anthemius and Isidorus. The Pantheon also pushes the boundaries of traditional dome construction by having a hole right in it's center. The hole not only works to show the genius of Roman architecture, but it also connects to the main theme of the building, the humans' connection to the gods. The oculus (hole in the center of the dome) represents the watchful of eye of Zeus, reminding the viewer that the Gods are invested in the lives of the earthly Roman citizens. The oculus also further reinforces this connection between the humans and the gods by working as sort of sundial, with the oculus casting a perfect circular light the moves across the floor of the Pantheon showing a "reflection of the movement of the heavens" (Zucker 6:59-7:02). The Pantheon seeks to create a heavenly an awe inspiring experience for it's visitors, which is the same intent of Justinian's Hagia Sophia.

The Hagia Sophia also takes a new look at the construction of a dome, but it does so in a very different way by trying to put the dome on a square base. Instead of making the building a perfectly round structure to match the roundness of the dome, the Hagia Sophia adapts a cube shape to support a massive dome shape by using triangular cuts of a dome shape, pendentives, to cap off four large supporting structures, called piers, at the corners of the cube(Module 8, Pg. 5). The Hagia Sophia is also a feat of dome architecture by perforating the perimeter of the dome with 40 windows. This idea of putting a hole in a major part of the dome is similar to the Pantheon's oculus not only in style, but in it's symbolical theme. The windows make the dome feel like it is suspended by the heavens, as described by Paul the Silentary, but it also "creates a rhythm that almost sets the dome in motion" (Zucker 5:26-5:31). Like the Pantheon, the Hagia Sophia seeks to represent the movement of the heavens on earth, and connect the power of God (one in the case of the Hagia Sophia) to the humans below him. While it might not be as literal as the oculus in the Pantheon, the ring of windows reflects the Pantheon's idea of an other worldly being taking some part in the construction of the building. While the two religions these buildings honor are very different, the theme of the interaction between the heavens and earth is persistent through both.

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Bohemian Rhapsody for Symphony Orchestra and Solo Viola: Watch on YouTube 

1.    The title of the event, location, type of performing ensemble(s).
2.    A review of what you saw and heard in the recorded performance. 
a.    It is appropriate to include your observations and opinions.  
b.    Include terminology such as forms, styles, textures, time periods, etc. that we use during the course when discussing your observations.  
c.    You may also include how the music made you feel.
d.    You may discuss what you liked/disliked about the performance.
e.    You may discuss what made it a good/not good performance.
f.    You may include your thoughts about the works themselves-maybe compared to another time you have heard them, if applicable.
g.    Any other information you deem relevant.
3.    If you discuss a particular composer or background information about a particular piece or performing group, you must indicate the source of outside information.

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Paper Instructions:

Your assignment is to watch one Star Wars movie and write a short reaction to the music. While I think this assignment is easier if you watch one of the original three movies (Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, or Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi), you may complete this assignment with any of the currently available Star Wars videos (including Episode I: A Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Episode III: Return of the Sith, or Episode VII: The Force Awakens).
After you have watched the opera, please write a short reflection upon your experience. Reflections should be well written, approximately 400-700 words long. Please answer the following questions. (Note: there are no right or wrong answers, but full credit will be received only for well written and thoughtful responses).
Did paying particular attention to the music enhance your enjoyment of the movie? Why or why not?
Describe at least two (2) different leitmotif themes used by John Williams in the movie. What does each leitmotif represent? How does the theme change throughout the movie?
What was your favorite musical moment in the movie?
Do you think the movie would be as successful without the music? Why or why not?

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Paper Instructions:

Art History: Art of the United States of America

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

- Pick a US film from the period 1960-present.
- You may write a comparative paper if you so wish, but please do not write about more than 3 films.
- You must use at least 4-5 sources you have found during research. All 5 sources may be secondary, but if you want to include primary sources, limit these to 2, with the other 3 being scholarly, secondary sources rather than popular sources (check with your TA if you are unsure which is which).
- The choice of film is yours, you may use a film from the syllabus, or from off the syllabus, but you must have access to the film (so you can watch it repeatedly in order to write your paper). If a film is unavailable through Kanopy, you will not be able to order it. Also check Swank for availability or other streaming services you have access to.
- Write a research based paper in which you critically analyze and discuss the film through a historical framework. When thinking about which kind of framework or focus you want to take, consider some of these potential avenues:
1. How concepts of authorship or film style were affected by the political environment in which the film was made e.g. under fascism, post-colonialism…
- Or how the film industry was affected by other changesg. conglomeration, the emergence of independent production companies and distributors, the rise of home viewing technologies.
- How the film represents a social issue – e.g. sexuality, gender, race relations, war, crime, youth and counterculture
- How the film fits into a particular genre or cycle of films – e.g. counterculture/psychedelic films, Blaxploitation, action films, “smart” films, chick flicks, New Queer Cinema.

- Try to identify a question you want to answer through writing the paper. You can make this question the title of your paper. Answering this question will result in your thesis.
- Show your research in your writing – include information from primary sources you have used, and cite/quote what other film scholars have written about your chosen topic. However, remember to keep the thesis original and your own.
- Use your chosen film to support your argument and discuss your topic. There should be a good balance between presenting your research, and analyzing the film/s.

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Paper Instructions:

Create a new 8.5 x 11 inch portrait page in InDesign and divide it into four equal sized boxes. See example here.

Using three examples from the Typography assignment (University, Educational Center, Spa) and a fourth original example, you will create 3-color palettes. You are encouraged to use the color scheme-web resource (under Color Resources). Your color palettes must include a dominant or primary color, a secondary color and an accent color (not to be confused with the color categories: primary, secondary, tertiary). Consider how your selections reflect the example and appeal to their target audience.

For each example, you must write within a text box over your palette:

The names of the colors selected, explaining why they are appropriate for the given example;
The relationships between the colors (monochromatic, complementary, analogous, etc.);
The most notable properties of the colors selected (hue, saturation, luminance, shade and/or tint).

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Describe the creative life and music of Haydn. Mention important works. What were Haydn’s contributions to the development of the symphony?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Write an essay in which you compare and contrast two different styles of jazz (e.g. Bebop and Free Jazz). To receive credit, you must demonstrate thoughtful and critical thinking, use vocabulary learned in chapter 1, and refer to the recordings used in the module and in the text. Completed essays should be between 500 and 700 words long. Extra research and listening will be required in order to write an essay of appropriate length and quality.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

  1. Lee was a recent graduate of the NYU filmmaking program when he made Do the Right Thing.  As you watch this film, pay attention to the techniques he uses to help create a brutally hot summer day in Brooklyn.  Analyze the following filmmaking tools and techniques employed by Lee.  The questions are to help you consider each element of filmmaking.  We haven’t done a lot of that, but this is a great film to watch keeping the craft of making a movie-making in mind.  

    Write a one paragraph analysis of each of the tools of filmmaking.  The questions provided are to help you think about it as you watch, you don’t have to answer each question in succession in your paragraph.  Some paragraphs might have more information than others – more than anything, pay attention and take notes.  If you have time, watch it twice, so you can catch more details.  

    Your paragraphs should include complete sentences, well-written, grammatically correct, names of characters spelled correctly and flow well.  Read it out loud to yourself so that you can hear if it sounds right – if it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to me either.  

    o    Direction:  How does Lee choose to tell the story?  Questions to help you analyze:  was the storytelling complex or straightforward?  Is there a certain amount of suspense or tension – how did he create that?  Did you like how Lee chose to tell the story?  Did he pace it well?  Was it too fast or too slow?  

    o    Acting and Characters:  Did the characters display complex personalities or were they stereotypes?  Who were the protagonists?  Who were the antagonists?  Or, is it even clear who the “good guys” and “bad guys” are?  Do you like how the characters are portrayed?

    o    Score:  Does the music support the plot?  Was it too distracting?  Was it too subtle?  Does it work well with the script?  How does Fight the Power by Public Enemy set the tone for the entire film?

    o    Cinematography:  Were the camera shots and angles used in a unique way to tell the story?  How does the lighting and location affect the mood and tone?  How does the camera move – or does he use a lot of still shots, in one location?  How does the “mise-en-scene” affect the mood and tone?  What effects are used in filming?
    **Mise-en-scene – literally means what we see in the frame of the scene.  So, pay attention to what is in the frame and what you see, and how it affects each shot.  

    o    Dialogue:  Were the conversations believable?  Did the dialogue flow naturally or did it feel staged?  Do the words match the tone of the movie and personality of the characters?

    10 points each/50 points total

    2.    Photographs of Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X smiling and shaking hands figure prominently in the film.  Lee closes the film with opposing quotes from both leaders, each expressing differing views regarding power, violence and access to an elusive American Dream.  

    Answer the following questions:

    o    How does the film explore the themes expressed by MLK, Jr and Malcolm X?  
    o    How are the ideological differences expressed by the characters in the film?  
    o    Which characters most resemble MLK, Jr?  
    o    Which most represent the ideas of Malcolm X?      
    o    Are any of the characters representative of both MLK, Jr and Malcolm X?

    **Explain your answer using specific scenes and quotes from the film.  (You need to take this seriously, some of you are answering the questions without including scenes from the films.)

    50 points (This is a question that will take some time to analyze and write.  50 points means you should have a detailed, well-developed answer for each question.)
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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Architecture is often a metaphor for culture- What are the messages that the Athenians were trying to convey through

1] the frieze 2] metatheses 3] pediments Using the Acropolis temple[s] complex

Pick ONE work from each architectural element and discuss the message - This can be any work and any temple, you can mix and match

for example a work from the temple of Nike and the Parthenon

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