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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Some students have an identity number an interests or a talent that defines them in an essential way. If you are one of these students, then tell us about yourself

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Why do you wish to study this program? What influenced your decision to apply to this program?

Are there factors that you believe are important/pertinent to the consideration of your application, especially in our review of your academic performance at the secondary and/or post-secondary level? If yes, please explain.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Your typed admissions essay should be 800 -1000 words and address the following:

1) How have your academic work, professional work, and/or life experiences prepared you for graduate school?

2)What are your personal, professional, and/or career goals five and ten years after you earn your Center for Graduate Studies degree?

3)How will earning this degree help you achieve these goals?

4)What do you view as your greatest strengths and greatest challenges as you begin the graduate journey? How will you utilize your strengths to overcome these challenges?

Any sources used to support your essay, must be cited according to APA 7th Edition Guidelines

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

How I intend to use the skills I′ve learned to benefit others and society

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

One page, include your beliefs and attitudes about nursing, being a nurse, and your approach to caring for others. Also include your attitudes about working in healthcare facilities, working part of a team, or even how you feel about people in general

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

"Your personal statement is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee at New York University. Your statement should describe your motivation for pursuing a career in Speech-Language Pathology, as well as your goals, interests, and career plans. We are also interested to learn which personal characteristics you believe will make you a successful graduate student at New York University.

The Personal Statement should be 11 point font or greater, 2 pages maximum, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins."
I will be providing my background information, resume, and input.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

You have been given the chance to spend a day with a famous person of your choosing. This person may be a character from a book, a movie, television or some other source. Why did you choose the person you did? Why is meeting with this person important to you?

Write a narrative about the time you spent with the famous person you have chosen.

As you write, remember your story will be scored based on how well you:

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it's important to you.

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Personal Essay on American Literature and Culture

Ever since I have been in a position to understand American literature and culture, this has been possible due to the proficiency in the English language. English has been my first language since kindergarten, making it possible for me to read American literature, write and tell stories about the American culture of various types and different periods.

My interests in American literature and culture had developed, which during my undergraduate level had become part and parcel and as an extra-curricular activity. I attended the National Archives of India and museums twice a week for the entire degree period. Upon visit, the major concern was to explore archives on the old times' literature works which explores about the American cultural practices and development in the historical past and the progress into the current world, becoming supper power. During these visits, I had volunteered to sort out the materials of literature based on the issues they address as well as their times of publication. As a volunteer, I worked here for two years, in the second and third year, from where my passion for American literature and culture fully developed.

It was last year when I gained my undergraduate certificate in Indian college, and I feel that I need to further my education. This is why I am applying for this postgraduate program to follow the passion that has developed in me since the first day is stepped foot in the national museum. Indeed I found culture and literature the most interesting aspects in the academic field that undoubtedly can be of a significant contribution to the general wellbeing of current states.

In the bid to follow my interest outside the schools, I attended English exhibitions and literature production, art and musical performances, and a subject whose focus was to learn various cultural practices and genres. After graduation, I have attended various music concerts and, lately, an art master’s class at the University of Delhi, where my confidence fully developed, getting a total conviction that this is the course that I need to pursue my postgraduate program. This came after I had an opportunity to discuss with other postgraduate students about the same course as well as literature-related professors. I, therefore, look forward to starting to study at your place starting from the next intake.

In addition, to the voluntary work in the archives, of late, I have been engaged in studying the culture of African American community and other minority groups, carrying out research to examine their language, feeding modes, and the reason for their clothing design. All these jobs have to a great extent, helped me become responsible and developing a sense of teamwork and collaboration, and much more become innovative.

I have decided to leave this job and instead pursue a postgraduate course on literature and culture based on the American perspective. I would appreciate much getting this chance as it will offer me a golden opportunity to explore meeting new people, thus exploring new cultures and literature. Also, it would be a chance to discover relevant works that have been kept in the background for a long period, and they are essential in the country's development. By the end of this program, I will have gained proficiency in matters revolving around the culture and literature of the past and present America.


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Application for the Position of Substance Dependency Counsellor

Gauging against a substance dependency counselor’s duties, the central role not only entails supporting an addict but also involving their relatives. Offering information on substance abuse shapes the delivery and recuperation mechanisms and also incorporates the role of loved ones. With 6 years of experience, I have come across various rehabilitative techniques and services which have been able to provide sufficient recovery to addicts stationed at various medical facilities. During this 6 year phase, I took part in intakes and ensued medical evaluations to determine the aims of the medication and strategies in line with set mental health department principles. I monitored and recorded patient progression, provided the much-needed motivation and reaction to the patients to bring to light maladaptive behaviors.  As a substance dependency counselor, I would be more than willing to support, form bonds with patients, offer resources such as time, converse and guide them as they recovered from their addiction.

 My certifications are an indication of my professional experience. I am very much prepared and able to manage huge task loads for a short period. My communication and listening skills are perfect as they allow me to note down vital facts about the patient and also keep the loved ones and other staff members informed on the progress being made by a patient. One primary role is to provide solutions and lead the patients to recovery. In the past, patients and their respectful close ones have thanked for a job well done. However. I am confident and compassionate that my result-oriented performance will not be swept aside due to the positive results I have posted in the past, my genuine goal is to bring solutions to an addict's life.

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Frankenstein Application Essay

Women play a passive role in Mary Shelly’s novel. Factors that contribute to feminism in the novel are, being the fact that the female characters’ existence in the novel only mirrors the male characters. The female characters rely so much on men for support. Women characters in this novel are seen to be greatly victimized by the male characters. Mary Shelly shows how women in society are viewed as possessions that should be protected by men rather than be independent human beings.

The female characters are equally submissive, Victor’s mother takes care of the household and brings up her children. She cannot make a serious decision in her household, she decides to adopt a girl but in the real sense she is not the one who makes the decision. The girl can only stay with the family only if the husband gives permission (Shelly 17). Female characters are given the role of being wives. Victor states that he saw Elizabeth as his own “to protect, to love and cherish” (Shelly 18). The wife's role implies that a woman should be submissive and passive. Hence, Elizabeth waits for Victor to fall in love with her and marry her. In the role of being a wife, the Creature’s female companion is outstanding. The man creates a woman and by this, the man seems to have all the rights to kill the wife. The Creature’s companion is destroyed by Victor the moment he comprehends that it can be dangerous. Justine’s case also reveals how the woman character is treated where she was executed for a crime that she did not commit. Justine who is the Nanny was executed even when Victor knew who the real criminal was and could have saved her. This entirely shows that a female’s life is in the hands of the man.

Women were perceived to be a man’s possession. Even when she is grieving after the death of Caroline, she is supposed to be there for Victor and take care of his needs (Hillerström 6). Victor illustrates Elizabeth as if she is a child and compares her to animals. The role of Elizabeth is to show how women are perceived by men and society as a whole. The death of Elizabeth on her wedding day reveals Shelly’s perception about marriage and relationships and refers to it as a literal death wish. However, through Safie and Felix, Shelly describes the perfect relationship between partners. Despite Safie and Felix not being legitimately married, they show passion and loyalty that generates the yearning for a partner in the monster. Shelly considers Safie to be a perfect woman. Safie is portrayed to be self-governed, and strong-minded and not a single trait she had were validated by men, not even her partner. Safie rebels her father’s commands not to travel but then heads to Germany alone to meet DeLacy's family and Felix (Mellor 87). She disregards the norms of her culture and prioritizes her interests and not those of other people, something that was never heard of. Despite Safie being the ideal woman, she later disappears into non-existence and her story becomes a fairy tale. This shows that even though women like Safie are ideal, women like her are just an imagination.

Shelley’s mother Mary Wollstonecraft who was feminist had died of complications that arose from her birth. Shelly’s own attempts motherhood resulted in several miscarriages and deaths of her children. After the death of her children, Shelly interpreted motherhood as a thing to be feared and in her mind motherhood could not thrive either for its children or its mothers. Mothers in “Frankenstein” are noticeable by their absence and they are quite short-lived. Elizabeth’s mother dies early on and she is taken by the Frankenstein family. Victor’s mother dies of fever while nursing Elizabeth who is Victor’s wife to be but on their honeymoon, Elizabeth is killed by the monster. Justine the nanny becomes a member of Frankenstein’s family when her mother dies and becomes a very affectionate mother to the youngest child Edward. When Justine is executed, the boy is left motherless (Linsey 89). The most dramatic instance of being motherless is the monster itself which is a human creature that has been created by man alone. Mary Shelly reminds us that the mastermind of motherhood does not entirely lie in biological reproduction but in the capacity to love. For human beings to develop and thrive, they need love.

Women characters in the novel play a very passive role and have no substance compared to the male character. They are submissive and cannot make any decision despite taking care of the household. It is clear from the novel that the life of a woman is in the hands of a man from the execution of Justine. Women are perceived as men’s possession. The ideal woman who is self-governed, brave and determined represented by Safie becomes non-existent shortly after she is introduced creating a notion that the ideal woman only exists in the imagination. The women in Frankenstein are short-lived and Shelly thinks of motherhood as something to be feared after the death of her children.








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 Statement of purpose

University of Florida Graduate School

The core skills and knowledge I hope to acquire by completing a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management and how I plan to apply these after I graduate, throughout graduate school?

It is with great professional enthusiasm that I approach the University of Florida with the goal of pursuing a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management. Growing up I was always passionate about the study of computers and I have always had a strong desire to advance my skills in computer related fields. It is my belief that the complexity of today’s tech industry calls for a diverse skill set. This degree program will be essential in helping me develop critical thinking skills that are very much needed to succeed within the computer and information systems industry.  This course will also open a doorway for various career opportunities within the related industry.

I plan to advance my skills in programing/scripting languages such as Java, JavaScript, HTML, and Linux. I have taken courses in computer programming, leadership, user experience design, and database management at Florida State University and passed all those classes with an A.  These courses have been of great help and have taught me how to problem solve and provide a logical solution to problems. I learned how to track problems to the source and solve them by providing creative solutions. I use my knowledge to innovate and introduce new ideas to the computer industry. In the 21st century, a master’s degree in Information Systems opens a variety of doors in the field of technology. By entering the graduate school’s program, I plan to further specialize my studies which is one of the reasons that attracts me to pursue a graduate degree.

As a business information system graduate, I will be in a position to plan and coordinate computer related activities within organizations as well as apply innovative techniques to enhance the efficiency of operations within an organization. This degree will also allow me to develop and implement various computer systems to meet and exceed organization’s technological goals.  The University’s degree program is saturated with diverse coursework that will help me gain understanding of the business environment. By doing so, I will be better equipped to bridge the gap between the information technology and business departments within an organization.

Additional background about me

At FSU, I was inducted as a member of the Garnet and Gold Scholars Society. My engagement areas were: 200+ hours of service, poster presentation at the annual Research symposium, and leadership development. I was also a member of Southern Illinois University’s Honors program. Being a member in the honors program has advanced my leadership skills as well as my academic performance. I am passionate about how computers work and always try to keep myself updated with the most recent technologies. My hobbies include reading tech magazines, working on computer projects, and going to the gym.

 I got ACE certified and plan to combine my science knowledge with computer science in order to develop fitness related software. I also held a job at Southern Illinois University as a New Student Orientation Leader. That position enabled me to develop critical leadership abilities. During the trainings, I visited the research facilities at different departments and learned about various types of researches taking place on campus. I currently have more than 200 hours of volunteer work which includes works done through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program at Florida State University, service hours done through Council for Exceptional Children, Saluki Startup Leader, and the Students Today Leaders Forever organization. All these experiences have taught me how to lead, think critically, and adapt to new situations which can further help me with excelling in graduate school.

Most of my life I have been obsesses with computers and I am constantly looking for new opportunities to further my understanding of computers, I believe the University program is tailored to meet my learning needs. Information Systems and Operations Management is a fundamental element for development of a better future and as an Information Systems graduate my goal is to be part of that future.

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 Developmental Psychology Personal Statement

The field of psychology, unlike in most of the individuals whom I have interacted with, it was not among my interest in childhood. I loved repairing and making my own toy cars to the extent that my parents thought I would be an engineer. Today, I can associate my passion with the people I grew around and my interest in understanding how people just change. Apart from that, underrepresentation of the minority communities in the field, together with challenges they go through, made me believe that the changes that human beings undergo might be normal, but some individuals require assistance to help them manage it.

Therefore, one of the main things motivating me to pursue the programs is to have a better understanding of the normative development process. This will enable me to have the necessary knowledge from which I can help those from minority communities to promote their well-being. Besides, a developmental psychologist works with an individual of all ages, which will then give an opportunity to fulfill my interest in knowing people change.

Furthermore, the fact that developmental psychology focuses on not only the physical changes but also the issues to do with emotional, social, and cognitive offers another chance for me to understand the process more comprehensively. Together with the love I have to make the best out of individual, my greatest aim will be achieved by dealing with concerns of moral reasoning, personalities, challenges in learning and development, among others.

In the United States, the issue of disciplining children is common and most prevalent in some of the parenting styles employed in different homes. For example, corporal punishments are mainly practiced in the authoritarian parenting style. This has been found to have significant effects on mental health, academic performance, and other detrimental effects, including the formation of relationships. This is something I have been totally against, and I believe through the program, I will be able to have the necessary knowledge and skills that I can apply and advise parents on this bad practice.

Besides, a better understanding of why and how individuals change will enable me to help individuals from the minority communities and others to live up to their potential, which is among my aims of bringing a change to the population. Proper recognition of potential problems that are posed by challenges in the normal development will contribute to my interest in understanding human beings and issues such as low self-esteem, frustrations, depression, and poor performance in schools. Therefore, getting into the program will be a big opportunity for me.

In conclusion, developmental psychology is a field that I developed interest because of the people who were around me and my interest in understanding how and why human beings change. Besides, some of the challenges that are experienced by individuals in minority communities concerning the development process are what made me think that it might not be normal for everyone. Thus, I plan to help them in dealing with some of the problems they experience related to development. Furthermore, a good understanding of the normative developmental processes gives a psychiatrist a chance to explain to individuals affected by the situation some about the issue, which will then promote better management. This is among the reasons I am motivated to pursue the program because it will help me make a change.

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