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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Explain the injustice of socio economics (rich vs. poor) in the novel and its cause, and connect it to the historical facts used to create the setting for the novel. Is the author objective in assessing the situation? What examples does the author provide to show a difference in status between poor and rich families? How are children affected by this discrimination? Is this type of injustice still prevalent today? If so, show the connections. If not, explain how the injustice was eradicated. Use the outline below to help you layout your essay. Introduction Paragraph-use this paragraph to introduce and explain the how injustice is a problem and connect it to the historical content. Remember to end with you thesis statement.. Example thesis: In the novel, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines, the author uses the injustice of the death penalty to demonstrate how pigs fly. {NOT REALLY} Body paragraph--provide examples (evidence from the text) and commentary (your explanation) of examples to show how the author shows the differences. Body paragraph--talk about the lasting effects on children. Body paragraph--Is this injustice prevalent now or not? Show connections through real world examples. Conclusion--Wrap up your paper.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Literary criticism is a way that scholars approach a text to help determine its implied, rather than overt, meaning. Looking at a text through a particular critical lens opens specific analytical avenues for a reader that would otherwise remain obscured. 

For this essay, you’ll be applying one of two critical lenses to Beowulf and explaining how examining the text through that lens helps you to understand the overall meaning of the text. 

First, you’ll look at the information about each school of criticism before you decide which you’d like to apply to the text. You’ll then find textual evidence from Beowulf and explain how it is given meaning when looked at through this particular lens. 
Visit Purdue’s OWL Literary Criticism page or click on the hyperlink below: 

Post-colonial Criticism (Links to an external site.)

New Historicism, Cultural Studies

You must: 

Type in MLA format.
Type at least two pages.
Include quotations from the text (EMBEDDED!). 
Include the “So What?”
Do not use contractions (e.g. doesn’t, don’t, can’t, etc.). Always write it out. 
Do not use personal pronouns (I think, I believe, we, etc.) or metadiscourse (In this essay I will…)

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Select any one work, or piece of music, written/performed in any style or genre, of your own choosing, from a culture other than your own. Write a personalized reflection about this work, identifying what you heard and using appropriate musical terminology from the readings associated with Module 7 and from other vocabulary used in the previous six modules

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

For this essay, you will be required to use THREE (3) additional scholarly sources.

Topic: For this assignment, you will write an essay in which you analyze the rhetorical modes of Eugene Deb’s “Canton, Ohio – Anti War Speech.”  It will be your job to utilize the concepts we have covered in class (ethos, pathos, logos, objectivity, subjectivity, tone, diction, etc.) to uncover the sub-textual motives of the speech.  Be creative and logical as you offer a variety of exploratory discussions/analysis to help your reader understand the rhetorical modes utilized in the text, their intended effect, and their overall effectiveness.

Rhetorical Analysis examines how a text is deliberately constructed or composed to create a persuasive argument (considering elements like rhetorical appeals, strategies of development, and presentation).  Be sure to choose a text that will lend itself well to such an analysis.

Write a persuasive analysis of the text with a strong thesis statement, considering not only WHAT that text is arguing but also HOW it is making that argument. Specifically, you need to develop a persuasive claim as to how the primary text is designed to make a particular argument in relation to its:

• Rhetorical situation and/or
• Context, and/or 
• Use of rhetorical appeals (such as pathos, logos, ethos), and/or 
• Use of one or more strategies of development such as narration, definition, comparison/contrast, division-classification, description, example. 

The goal is not to talk about as many elements as possible but instead to focus on those elements that you feel most contribute to the creation of the text’s overall argument.

Remember that while you will need to delve into information, examples, and evidence that helps to support your analysis of rhetorical modes, you will need to keep the focus of the paper related to the objective of the piece you are analyzing.  Remember to use the basic elements of writing that we have covered so far to develop your essay (introduction, thesis, topic sentences, transition sentences, examples, conclusion, etc.)

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Antigone:  the 2004 revised edition of the 1896 translation by Lewis Campbell  
Lysistrata:  directed by Anonymous, Macmillan Films, 2015 
, Twelfth Night:  Folger edition of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night 

Did one of the plays end too quickly for you? Do you have more burning questions? Do you feel it is unresolved? Write a letter to the author explaining which drama you think should have a “part 2” and explain in detail what should be added to the drama. Use this as an opportunity to invest yourself in the drama that interested you the most. To prevent from providing a simple rambling and unrevised answer to this prompt, you must provide thoughtful and analytical reasoning with your justification of a “part 2” to the story. Specifically describe why some characters need more time on stage, prove an explanation for why the plot needs further development, and explain your reasoning for audience satisfaction based on the drama presented before them. 
This essay should be 1000 words in length and include sufficient information regarding the characters and plot. Imagine this as your pitch or argument to the drama’s author as to why there should be more to the story.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Initially, president Johnson was not in favor of becoming directly involved in the Vietnamese civil war. What did president Johnson believe were his options in Vietnam? Which option did he choose and why?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry


For this assignment, you will craft an essay that analyzes and evaluates two articles that discuss the same topic from different perspectives. 

Your essay will examine the rhetorical context (author, audience, topic, purpose) as well as the strategies used to convey its message (diction, tone, style, supporting evidence, and rhetorical appeals: logos, ethos, and pathos).

Your ultimate task is to analyze how well the author reaches his or her intended audience by explaining and showing examples of the specific aspects above.  

You have two options for how you approach this essay. 

Choose a topic for which you can find two different articles that discuss opposing viewpoints of the topic: one article that discusses the “pro” side, the other discussing the “con” side. Evaluate which article is most effective by comparing how they use various rhetorical strategies.

Choose a topic and find two different genres of articles that discuss the same topic (news article, newspaper or magazine article, academic scholarly article, etc.) Determine what the reading audience would expect from each article you choose and compare how well the articles meet readers’ expectations using evidence of rhetorical strategies for support.

Please note, your task is not to argue which side you personally agree with; your task is to examine the effectiveness of each article based upon how it was written to an audience. Also, your task is not to summarize the articles, but to analyze them.

Assignment Guidelines

1. Your essay must follow a formal essay structure, to include an introduction with a detailed thesis, focused body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

2. Your essay must be two to three (2-3) pages in MLA format with an additional Works Cited page to document your two sources. 

Within your paper, you should smoothly integrate quotes and references to the articles with proper in-text citations. These citations must correspond to the Works Cited page. 

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

is there to much pressure on girls to have the perfect body? how much pressure do boys face to have the perfect body?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Read “The Case for Reparations,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Review Jacobs’ “from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,” as well as, Douglass’ “from Fourth of July Oration.” 

"The Case for Reparations" pgs. 307-339

"from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" pgs. 26-35

"from Fourth of July Oration" pgs. 19-24

Write an essay answering one of the following prompts:

What was the economics of slavery as expressed by Jacobs and Douglass; how do these ideas compare with the ideas shared by Ta-Nehisi Coates in “The Case for Reparations?” Using the economics of slavery, argue a case that either supports or withholds support for reparations.
Using the three texts, describe and explain how slavery is the basis of America democracy and wealth? Include in your discussion how this system functions for Black and white Americans, then argue your support or non-support of reparations. Use the three texts to support your discussion and argument.
Guidelines and Suggestions:

5 – 7 pages, not including Works Cited page
Use your source a minimum of 5 times throughout your essay.
Use “The Case for Reparations” as your primary source, and the other two texts as a secondary source
You can add another secondary source if it is pertinent and supportive to your paper
Use 3rd person
Use present tense
Use different sentence lengths and sentence types
Avoid sentence construction errors (fragments, comma splices, run-ons)
Make sure your essay is thesis driven
Thesis at the end of your Introduction
Topic Sentence for each body paragraph
One topic/issue/idea per body paragraph
Use the quote sandwich: Introduce the quote, provide the quote, analyze the quote
No announcements: This essay will address, I will explain, in conclusion, etc.
No “I” statements.
Use transitions throughout
Use “signal phrases” to introduce your quotes
MLA Format:
1” margins on all sides
12 pt. Font
Times New Roman
Works Cited page
Page numbers upper right corner
Heading (Do not include your name in your heading)
Title (centered)
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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Consider something you purchased recently that you were unhappy with. Informally analyze your experience leading up to the purchase. What category does the item fall into? What, if any, criteria did you consider (formally or informally) before purchasing the item? What criteria would you recommend for someone making a similar purchase?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Below is how the essay is required to be

Throughout the semester, we’ll examine different parts of the writing process so that you can develop different writing skills. The best writing strategies are portable and you will be able to express yourself in writing no matter what course you are taking or who the professor it.
In these first exercises, our focus is on “audience” (i.e. to whom we are writing) and on the importance of asking and anticipating “questions” – both you and your reader need to dialogue through a series of questions. Your paper should ideally take the shape of the kinds of questions you ask of the text you are reading.
An essay that does not deal with questions will be descriptive rather than interpretative. An essay can be regarded as persuasive writing that tries to impress the reader of your writing with some “element of wonder” you wish to share with them. Above all, the reader should learn something from your essay.
Reader as Audience
A successfully structured essay will attend to the reader’s logic. A good writer, in other words, writes by being mindful of what readers of their work need to know and the sequence in which the reader needs to receive information or analysis from you. Because of this, there is no set formula for a strong essay. Rather, you should think of an essay as uniquely, and liberatingly, determined by the things you want to say. You should also think of your writing as anticipation – what does my reader need to know in order to understand my thoughts and interpretations?; what might my reader be asking of my claims?; how can I engage my reader and keep them interested?; and so on.
Required elements of an essay:
1. introduction of the text, including any kind of historical/biographical information.
Introduction also of your critical viewpoint and how you will be using it to shape
your interpretation of the text.
2. body paragraphs that contain analysis of different points in your analysis and of
different sections of the text, some body paragraphs may even offer a counter-
3. conclusion that does not simply end the paper but offers the reader a portal (or open
door) into thinking further about some “element of wonder” that you discerned from the text.
Mapping your essay
From the college level onwards, your writing should never aim at purely summary, description, or observation. It is in essence a series of questions that have guided you and a series of questions you know the reader will need answered.
Kinds of Questions to Ask:
1. What? – What specific issues or qualities of the text am I bring to the attention of
the reader? What should they know about the text (its form, its theme, its topics, its
2. How? – How does the text itself substantiate what I am trying to teach the reader?
How can I move from one point to the next without confusing my reader? How can
Phukan 1
I help the reader see connections between points? How can I help my reader see the
“bigger picture” in your interpretation of the text?
3. Why? – This is the most important question you ask yourself: why should anyone
continue reading my work? Why would it benefit them?
Basic format for college essay
Left-aligned, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1-inch page margins
Left-hand side of your paper: your name, professor name, class name, date Unique, captivating title for your paper (centered)
Right-hand side of your paper, last name and page number1
Owl Purdue Writing Lab online resource for APA, Chicago, and MLA style guides
Format for titles:
Books Books
Essays “Teach yourself Italian” Poems ‘Poems”
Chapters “Chapter titles”
General Points about Quotes
I. Do not begin your use of quotes by saying, on page 33 Jhumpa says this or that, etc. Quotes should be included into your own sentences and cannot speak for themselves. Do not leave them “floating” by themselves as individual sentences.
II. Quotes are meaningless to the reader unless they “service” your claims and interpretations. It is also your job to have them make sense, not the reader’s. How and why does the quote connect with or support ideas you are trying to make in your paper.
III. Overly long quotes and too much dependence on block quoting weakens the overall strength of what you are trying to say. Don’t let the text you are interpreting “take over” in your paper. (That would be a book review type of paper.)
IV. Think of quotes as accessories and adornments and be creative in your use of them.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

No need for intro paragraph. Go straight into the response. 

The Tempest is a play the action of which is driven by rebellion and revolution.  Prospero is stranded on the island as a result of a plot between Antonio and Alonso to displace him in favor of his brother (I.ii.145 ff.).  On the island, Sebastian and Antonio plot of kill Alonso (II.i.332-6), and to make Sebastian the king of Naples, displacing his proper heir, Sebastian's sister Claribel.  Caliban recruits Stephano and Trinculo to kill Prospero and rule the island, with Stephano taking Miranda as his bride (III.ii.116-9).  Clearly, allegiance, duty, and the failure of both are themes in the play.

However, even though he was wrongly displaced by his "perfidious" brother, Prospero makes it clear that he lost his rule partly because of his own faults as a ruler, paying too much attention to his books, and too little to his government (I.ii.90-95).  So, while subjects owe allegiance to their ruler, it seems clear that rulers also owe a duty to their subjects (which Antonio violates not only be displacing his brother, but by selling out to the King of Naples, I.ii.133-7).

By what means does Prospero become qualified to resume his role as Duke of Milan?  In other words, describe how Prospero must reform in order to be qualified to resume rule.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Purpose: The purpose of this short essay is to provide you an opportunity to analyze a local environmental justice organization's (Beyond Toxics) report of air pollution and health in West Eugene's Industrial Corridor. This essay will require the use of sociological concepts in general and content about the meaning of environmental justice and the causes of environmental inequality in particular. It will help you develop and sharpen your skills of analysis, assessment, and succinct writing, which are useful for classroom success and a variety of professional work settings.

Task: First, read Beyond Toxics's report, Environmental Justice in West Eugene: Families, Health, and Air Pollution. Then, in a logically organized and thoughtful response of 3-4 pages, approximately 750-1000 words, answer the two parts of the prompt below. Read the prompt carefully and respond to each part of the prompt.


In the first part of your response, explain how the report details an environmental justice issue in West Eugene. Use these guiding questions to write this part of your response:

How is this an example of environmental injustice?  What are the causes of this instance of environmental inequality? How is Beyond Toxics and Centro Latino Americano trying achieve environmental justice?
Briefly explain the case of environmental justice occurring in West Eugene's Industrial Corridor, as outlined in the report.
Analyze the case of West Eugene using 2 of 3 explanations of environmental inequality (the figures on pages 13-29 will be useful here, cite them if they are helpful)
Explain how Beyond Toxics and Centro Latino Americano are trying to achieve distributive, procedural, and recognition justice for residents in West Eugene (the project outcomes and environmental justice section will be useful, pages 6-10 and page 33).
In the second part of your response, explain the differences between contested illnesses and environmental justice. Use this guiding question to write this part of your response:

How is the Industrial Corridor in West Eugene an instance of environmental justice and not contested illness? To justify your answer, please detail the different emphases of environmental justice and contested illnesses.
How does the report align with the focus of environmental justice and not contested illnesses?
List of sources to draw from to support your responses, apply course concepts, and analyze the report by Beyond Toxics:

Cole and Foster 2001Preview the document
Mohai, Pellow, and Roberts 2009Preview the document
Pellow 2000Preview the document
Bullard 2014.pdf
Bullard et al. 2007 Toxic Wastes and Race at 20 (Chpt. 4).pdf
Cable, Shriver, and Mix 2008.pdf
Please cite at least 2 of the above articles. Citations for the Reference list are provided on their respective lecture video pages.

Criteria for Success: You will be successful if you answer all parts of the prompt in a clear, organized, and concise way, with accurately referenced and applied evidence from course texts. Please proofread your paper for spelling and grammar.

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