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Reflection is a very significant approach which is consequently used by nurses in order to be able to effectively analyze, interpret and respond the patients’ problems. Nurses are therefore required to be able to use different reflection strategies, in order to be able to effectively understand how to deal with the problems, which patients face (Christine, Tanner, 2006). In addition, reflection is also very significant in nursing studies, since it really helps in equipping the student with the knowledge of how to use experience in order to solve a given problem (Bulman & Schutz, 2013). The following are the reflection strategies, prioritizing people, practicing effectively, preserving safety and promoting trust and professionalism.

Prioritizing people was one of the very best strategies which I used while I was an intern at the state hospital (Jasper et al, 2013). I would use this strategy in order to receive direct feedbacks from patients’ thus enabling me to be able to fulfil their needs (Christine, Tanner, 2006). In addition, each and every day, I would talk to different patients’ whereby I would closely interpret their conditions, and also analyze their behavior hence providing them with what they were in need of. Most of my fellow interns also used this strategy, and they were therefore able to provide the best services to the patients’.

            I used to practice effectively together with my colleagues, hence being able to identify my areas of weakness, thus looking for the best way of dealing with the problem (Bulman & Schutz, 2013). Preserving safety was also another approach which we as the interns consequently used in order to reflect on the feedbacks which we received from the patients’. We would therefore come up with possible ways of solving the given problems (Christine, Tanner, 2006). Finally, I promoted trust and professionalism, thus allowing the patients’ to be able to feel free hence giving us the best feedback. This therefore enabled us to be able to solve the issues which patients’ were facing.


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