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Sharon Regional School of Nursing

As a registered nurse at Sharon Regional School of Nursing, the mission in terms of primary health network focuses on building and supporting programs related to the primary health network sector, which in turn improves health services and facilities in order to help, mentor students interested in pursuing medical related courses.

Time and time again, the role of nursing seems insignificant, especially when it comes to advancing policies and building up the entire medical world. However, with advance in time and awareness of the critical duties performed within nursing regarding primary health networks, major stakeholders integrated it in most medical schools for setting the agenda. Therefore, nursing facilitates health care, wellness and tends to mitigate or reduce injuries and sickness. In summary, nursing plays a major part in ensuring primary health care takes shape and cater to the medical needs of  an entire community with little effort and resources.

In my opinion, nursing is an intriguing career with the ability to meet the primary requirements of a patient and at the same time fulfill my life. As a medical assistant, I work under various medical circumstances that keep on changing based on present external factors. For example, an emergency situation requires certain set of skills and expertise to diffuse a situation and save the life a patient. Thus, I end up working under altering settings that require quick witty responses for positive results. Despite of the challenges faced on a daily basis, I enjoy learning and give my best in every situation presented in front of me.

 It seems to me that the time and effort invested in treating a patient and making them well, is worth the risk. In my life as a medical assistant, teamwork goes hand in hand with learning and acquiring new skills, deeper insight of the methodologies utilize while treating a patient relies on the cohesion brought about through teamwork. No man is an island and delegation of duties results in the healing process of a patient. Simply put,  as a medical assistant, I coordinate with other caregivers for positive outcomes and accurate data. In summary, nursing duties requires teamwork, deeper understanding of the underlying factors causing the illness and precise execution of the medical procedure.

 In most cases, nursing centers on shortening the recovery process through caregiving and guiding a patient based on his or her medical condition. Nevertheless, from my personal point of view, caring for patients while solving their medical problems drives my passion for nursing. Personally, I never shy away from challenging tasks; I set new goals and crush all of them within a short period of time. Therefore, nursing naturally suites my character as few careers offer an ever changing environment filled with challenging circumstances for growth and acquisition of information. In fact, this particular program will be the tip of the iceberg as I strategize to pursue a nursing license, granting me the permission to practice nursing within the school as I prepare for a career later in life along the same line.

 I admit, nursing is not for faint-hearted people, due to the intensity of the tasks associated with the medical career. Contrary to public opinion, nursing school requires commitment and sacrifice. There is no room for trial and error or any other gimmick. Hence, it is a serious place. In the past two years, I lost my eldest daughter in a car accident, diagnosed with cancer and one of my toddler daughters suffers from a myriad of medical issues. Therefore, nursing challenges do not scare the living day lights out of me. More so, nursing tests my ability to interpret information and finally make sound decisions. The fact that nursing touches on spiritual. Emotional and physical aspects of a human being forces an individual to shape up and perform tasks based on the structured system set in place by experts.


A nursing student goes above and beyond good grades. They have to execute their skills not only on paper but also in medical facilities and demonstrate their ability to cure a patient from any illness under their jurisdiction. Hence, a nurse is a doer and his or her expertise depends on the outcome, if the results are dismal or poor, then a nurse fails to meet the expectations or qualifications required to become a nurse.

 Nursing includes channeling a society’s resources in catering to the medical needs of a society. Inclusion of members of the community in the medical sector gives them a chance to participate in shaping and customizing their efforts. This approach gives me insight into customized treatment and ways through which I can horn my skills and make them better. In summary, nursing school shapes all aspects of a person, from the social element, physical to the emotional. A nurse cannot meet the medical needs of other people without clearing his or her own problems. Being empathizing with a patient in certain circumstances can help in the recovery process of the patient.






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