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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Imagine a gaming company has many computer systems but no formal methodology to make changes to these systems. As the IT Manager, the CIO has asked you to draft a change management methodology proposal.

Prepare a 4- to 6-page change management methodology proposal that details the steps that must be taken when a change is recommended for any system. Include the following:

IT governance committee you would put in place to review and prioritize changes based on business needs and objectives and the severity of the change
A mock-up of the form the stakeholder fills out to request a system change (a stakeholder would be an end-user, manager, or IT staff member)
The process used to evaluate system changes and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), including any effect on budgeting and resources, such as time or people, or the severity of the change
The decision-making process used to determine whether internal staff or contractors should be used to complete a system change; include IT sourcing and contracting recommended practices
The importance of configuration management requirements and their impact on business processes or services
The methods you would use for handling conflict and other problems, such as failure to meet SLAs as they arise during a project
The process you would use to evaluate the success of the system change

Follow APA formatting requirements

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Write a 4-page paper describing the steps to complete a risk assessment and identify which tools (or types of tools) could be used. Include options for how an organization can treat risk.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

A completely secure environment is an unusable environment for the users. How can security work in an atmosphere that mandates usability over safeguards? Why is it important to use publicly known algorithms instead of proprietary algorithms that are unknown? Review some common websites to find areas that should use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Document why they should be encrypted and not transmitted in plain text. Define your values as they relate to cryptography. Is the use of cryptography always ethical? When would the use of cryptography not be ethical?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

As you are aware, autonomous operations nowadays are becoming a part of our everyday life. This subject is debated vigorously among industry, government and academic representatives. Currently, there is a vast number of opinions; ranging from enthusiastic – those that want to see autonomous/ unmanned systems (UAVs, unmanned cars and unmanned sea vessels) deployed at the earliest opportunity, to very cautious and even concerned. However, despite the different views on the latest technological advancements, we cannot ignore the need to better understand developmental aspects of such autonomous operations, including relevant cybersecurity requirements.

Essay is to discuss and debate the technological and regulatory developments necessary to make autonomous/unmanned cars a reality.

Essay arguments construction. 
A structure for your Essay should include a title, a short abstract (~100 words), and the body of your paper. It should be one page in length (~500 words ). A reference list is essential but not included in the word limit. The body of your essay should be logically divided into three sections: introduction, main part and conclusion. 

Each of the sections should answer the following questions using citations to references and to support your arguments:
▪ Introduction: What is the problem you are addressing? Discuss the significance of the topic (i.e., the value of your research topic to the audience).
▪ Main part: How have others addressed this problem? Support your arguments using the relevant literature.
▪ Conclusion: How do you propose to address the problem? What approach do you suggest and why?

To complete this assignment component you will:
• reflect on the knowledge you have gained during the Forum 1 discussion;
• demonstrate use of the Internet as a source of current information;
• write an essay

Note: Use in-text Harvard style referencing

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Write a one page response for the following questions: 

Why did F-Secure choose to pursue competitive advantage by establishing a SaaS model focused on the ISP segment? 


1. How attractive is/was IT Security Software industry (in 2000)? (use the 5 Forces model analysis you did for your homework this week)

2. How did F-Secure compete in that industry? How did other firms compete? How well positioned was F-Secure as compared to other firms?

3. How did F-Secure’s move in 2000 change their position and how did that give them a competitive advantage? How did this move serve to either take advantage of a given force or buffer/insulate them from a given force?

Use this link to read about the Forces:

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Describe the key elements of an enterprise network

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

What are the differences between variables/methods that are modified by the keywords public, private, static, or having no modifier? How do variables representing objects and variables representing primitive types differ?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Please keep format as Part 1 & Part 2

** Part 1
Respond to the following question. 

What are the differences of multidimensional arrays and arrays of objects? How would you create an identical copy of a multidimensional array of objects?

** Part 2
Respond to the following question. 

Describe a project where inheritance would enable code reuse. Why would a child override one or more of the methods of the parent class? Is there a way to call the parent’s methods once overridden?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Part 5.1
Post your response to the following question. 

Explain the similarities and differences of the concepts of polymorphism and method overriding. How would you define the relation between classes and interfaces?

Part 5.2
Post your response to the following question. 

The best way to handle exceptions may not involve either catching the exceptions or propagating them. How would you handle exceptions otherwise?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

To analyze a key IT-related organizational ethical privacy issue subject to relevant laws, regulations, and policies

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

You will need to write a 4 page, APA style research paper covering the following:
• Penetration testing methodology overview
• Host discovery
• External host enumeration
• Exploit research
o This section must also include payload generation
o This section must also detail the difference between reverse/bind shells
• Script modification
• Exploitation
• Internal host enumeration
• Privilege Escalation
o In the event you do not land on the host as a high privilege account
You cannot use screenshots in this research paper, but you can provide example commands
and provide insight on what actions those commands are performing. For each topic you
should detail a high-level overview of the importance of that phase, and how it contributes
to the overall penetration test. You should also detail one or two tools per topic that
contribute to that activity.
The paper must be in proper APA format, to include the following at the end of the 5 pages:

• References

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Term Paper: Legacy to Cloud Computing Migration Project

This assignment consists of three (3) sections: a written paper, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and a Gantt Chart. You must submit each section as a separate file for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for.

Imagine that you have been hired as a project manager to oversee the migration of a legacy system to a cloud computing based platform within a government agency. The resources within the organization are limited in number, knowledge, and availability. This project will require outsourcing of skilled resources and expertise to move forward with the initiative. The organization is characterized by working in silos and having redundant functional resources available within many of its divisions. 

To complete this assignment, you will be required to research similar cloud migration projects and understand the resources and challenges that an information systems project of this magnitude requires. Using the concepts presented throughout the course, you will develop a project plan that will meet the project goals and requirements.

Section 1: Written Paper
Required Format (MS Word File)

Write a ten to twelve (5) page paper in which you:
Use the Internet to research similar cloud migration projects that have been successful. Of the researched projects, recommend measurable organization values for a project of this type and include expected benefits in terms of money, percentage, or potential optimizations.
Write a two to three (2-3) paragraph executive summary which defines the phases and their activities that the project will require. Develop the executive summary for a senior management audience.
Perform a stakeholder analysis for the researched project in which you:
Include all major stakeholders that the project will require.
Describe each stakeholder’s title, role within the project, and objectives each should meet for the project.
Provide details if this organization is more of a functional organization or project based. 
Suggest at least three (3) risks that should be monitored based on the selected organization type.
Produce a procurement management plan for the activities that will be required within the project in which you: 
List the activities that will be outsourced, the skills / labor / material required, and the contract type.
Analyze the monitoring requirements and potential pitfalls for each selected contract type.
Provide a scope change control method that could be used within the project management process in which you:
Describe the review and approval process that will ensure scope control.
Suggest at least three (3) scenarios that could resemble scope creep.
Perform a risk impact analysis in which you:
List at least ten (10) risks that could take place within this project.
Provide the probability for each risk (%), level of impact, and a probability impact score.
Prioritize your list based on the probability impact score and develop a risk response plan for the top five (5) risks.
Include the risk, the trigger, response, and resources required for response.
Based on the Gantt Chart created in Section 3:
Explain the basis for your assumptions and constraints
Explain the basis for your estimates on tasks, skills, material, and equipment costs for each activity.
Identify the resources you used to arrive at your assumptions, constraints, and estimates.
Note: This criterion references criterion 3biii in Section 3: Gantt Chart. You will need to complete Section 3: Gantt Chart prior to completing this criterion for the written paper.

Section 1 of the assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.
Section 2: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Required Format (MS Project File)

Use MS Project or an Open Source alternative, such as Open Project to:
Develop a hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with defined activities and estimated budgets per activity in which you:
Group each activity under each major phase.
Identify a control account index number for each activity. 
Include at least twenty to twenty-five (20-25) work packages in the WBS that show the various efforts required to complete the project.
Section 3: Gantt Chart
Require Format (MS Project File)

Use MS Project to develop a Gantt chart in which you:
Group all activities (tasks) by phase, duration estimates of each activity, start and end dates, major milestones (with black diamond), resources required per activity (in terms of personnel, labor and material), activity precedence relationships, and costs per activity. 
Use at least (ten to fifteen) 10-15 resources in your Gantt chart.
For each activity:
Ensure that control account index numbers match the WBS in Section 2.
Provide resources required in terms of labor and material, estimates of duration, and risks that each activity may have. Note: To document risks, you will need to create a new column and label column titled “Risk”.
Base cost estimates on research you perform on the Internet for similar tasks, skills, material, equipment, etc. Note: Be sure to explain the basis and research sources for costs in your written paper.
Note: This criterion references criterion 1g in Section 1: Written Paper. You will need to complete Section 3: Gantt Chart prior to completing the criterion for the written paper.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Initiate, specify, and prioritize information technology projects, and determine various aspects of feasibility of these projects.
Describe the foundations of project management, including its definition, scope, and the need for project management in the modern organization.
Explain and apply the phases of the project management life cycle.
Develop processes that initiate technology projects, including project selection and defining project scope.
Analyze and develop project schedules with appropriate techniques and software tools.
Prepare strategies to manage project resources to include human resources, capital equipment, and time.
Identify project risk, and the techniques for ensuring project risk is managed and controlled in a technology setting.
Summarize the project procurement process including external acquisition and outsourcing.
Design project execution activities including change control and communicating project status.
Summarize methods to control technology projects through information tracking and cost and change control techniques.
Develop a complete information systems project plan using project management software tools.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in information systems.
Write clearly and concisely about Information Technology Project Management topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Assume that you have been hired by a small travel agency to help them prepare a contingency planning document. You start the business impact analysis. The agency has a small LAN with 4 computers and Internet access. Prepare a list of threat categories (should include one disaster) and the associated business impact for each. Please, don't write a full contingency plan.

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