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Ethics and roles of the APN


 Ethics and roles of the APN

 First, it is important to note that many factors affect the Nurse Practitioner role sustainability. These factors include limited public/patient awareness, absence of legitimizing regulation, lack of government funding, lack of identified funding models, among other factors (Curry, 2005).  Focusing on the discussion, health practitioners needs to increase public awareness in the community and public settings. The practice of increasing public awareness is important in that, in the process of increasing awareness, the nurse practitioner identities the population needs,  the gaps in health care services,  and focus on how to integrate the NP role to improve the care (Curry, 2005).  Note that patients or rather the public are confused about the nurse practitioner role, and therefore it is important to let the public become aware of the unique contribution of safe nurse practitioners.  I understand that care and treatment require total involvement of the public and patients. Note that today, the healthcare needs are changing and therefore the healthcare professionals need to develop new ways of offering care (Curry, 2005).  In other words, nurse practitioners need to move across organizational boundaries to demonstrate competence and skills and prepare the public for the care.  Raising patients/public awareness is a path to promote social partnership and ultimately, this will enable the nurses to work with confidence, develop partnership working initiative, and promote people's health and wellbeing (Curry, 2005).  As a nurse practitioner, I would increase patient/public awareness using the following strategies or methods;

  • Nurse practitioner's political power- this means that I would establish a relationship with legislators, and communities so that I get the support to visit local hospitals, residential communities, and other health organizations to increase visibility.
  • Newsletter- I will use this strategy to spread awareness of information and target the people with specific interests in nurse practitioner roles. I believe that those interested in promoting the well-being of the community will work together with NP to identity preventive measures in urban and rural communities.  Thus, it is important to raise awareness of NP roles and focus on a specific group of people to encourage and motivate the group to help in educating the public.
  • Brochure distribution- I would use this strategy to educate the patients. A brochure is an informational paper and in this paper, I would include summary information about the nurse practitioner roles and responsibilities, competencies, practice standards, qualifications and skills, and more.
  • Local media coverage- I would raise public/patients awareness about the roles and responsibilities of NP through television, radio, newspapers, and other forms of mass media (Curry, 2005). I understand that many people use the news media to understand the world. Thus, I would make the NP role visible to the public eyes through the news media.  This method will improve public awareness and the politicians, community leaders, and other opinion leaders will offer their opinion toward promoting public wellbeing.
  • Community presence- I would interact with the public to establish a trusting relationships. Through interaction, I would educate them, introduce them to the concept of the practice, the meaning of doctorate in nursing, among other things. This will promote open communication, and more importantly, the public with limited knowledge will develop a favorable perception. Finally, as a graduate, I would let the public know the meaning of different terms including nursing, physician, doctor, and more.  This will promote trust and credibility and promote visibility as well as the profession's recognition.








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