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Should Abortion Be Permitted?

Should Abortion Be Permitted?

Annotated bibliography

Westlund, A. C. (2004). A Defense of Abortion. Journal of Moral Philosophy, 1(3), 378–382.

 The article reviews the work of David Boonin on ‘A defense of Abortion' in raising an argument for abortion. Beckwith (2006) asserts that according to Boonin, abortion is an act that is morally permitted. The first moral reasoning is that the fetus does not have value-making properties. Second, the fetus is not a moral agent and it does not have brain activity.  By reviewing Boonin's arguments for abortion, the author concludes that it is morally right to terminate a pregnancy since the fetus lack certain functions.

Hardwig, J. (2015). Men and Abortion Decisions. Hastings Center Report, 45(2), 41–45.

The article explores the issue of abortion and the author assert that women have the right to have or not to have the baby. The author includes the bioethics views in her works to argue that men do not have a voice in abortion decisions and thus the pregnant mother should make the abortion decision.  The mother bears the unbearable changes during pregnancy and for this reason, she should decide whether to become parents or not.  The author's standpoint is that if both the father and the mother of the fetus are not ready to become parents, the mother should have the right to abort.


Taneja, A., Nagaraja, S. B., Padubidri, J. R., Madadin, M., & Menezes, R. G. (2018). Abortion of Fetus with Down’s Syndrome: India Joins the Worldwide Controversy Surrounding Abortion Laws. Science & Engineering Ethics, 24(2), 769–771.

In this article, the author discusses the issue of abortion focusing on abortion laws in India.  Women have the right to terminate a pregnancy under particular circumstances.  For example, in India, abortion is only allowed until 20 weeks under certain circumstances.  Considering the factors such as Down's syndrome and other serious threats to the fetus and the mother, the author concludes that women's decisions to abort should not be biased.

Gibson, S. (2004). The Problem of Abortion: Essentially Contested Concepts and Moral Autonomy. Bioethics, 18(3), 221–233.

 In this article, the author intends to shed light on the issue of abortion and asserts that abortion is a debatable issue, and people focus on fetal moral status when raising arguments.   The author focuses on women's right and argues that individuals have moral autonomy and thus, women have the right to choose abortion.

Jones, K. (2007). Ethics of abortion: the arguments for and against. (Cover story). Nursing Standard, 21(37), 45–48.


The author reviews the topic on abortion and asserts that in order to understand the ethics of abortion, the health care professionals should use various perspectives including the health care perspective, community perspective, and individual perspective; that is the women carrying the pregnancy. By considering these perspectives, it will be easier to inform into an acceptable conclusion.



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