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Business ethics

Ethical responsibility

Yes, I believe Business enterprises have an ethical obligation to raise awareness on social subjects and help find solutions to societal challenges. This is because they make profit from the wellbeing of the immediate community they serve. Therefore, they should safeguard members of the community from evil vices. In other words, any business can make a loss without safeguarding the wellness of their consumers and community in general.

 Business ethic entails business responsibilities not just within the workstation but also within eco-friendly surroundings, traditional and social frameworks of a community. Hence, it is ethical to solve problems for a community and to make it even better; a business can generate profit while it generates solutions for a business (Michael Porter, 2014). In addition, a business has to be accountable for consumer protection against dangerous things. Thus, I believe that a business has an ethical obligation to create awareness on social subject matters and solve problems facing the community via their own business models.

From IHRM perspective. Clients

Raising awareness on social issues and formulating solutions to challenges forms bond with clients. Bonds foster trust and increase an organization’ market niche and shares hence helps compete better against other rival firms offering the same services (Michael Porter, 2014). The main objective of any Human resource department is upgrading the performance of business entities. Therefore, by raising awareness on critical issues, a firm can indirectly get attention, which they can convert, into profits.

Organizational structure of any community has four basics: values, a belief system, standards, and certain communicative symbols that better assist members of the community understand selfhood. In other words, decisions always align to an organization’s structure hence entrenching (Ansoff, 2019). The bottom line is, the business model of any organization can help solve or come up with sustainable solutions due to the design, and measures put in place to reinforce strategies. When a business enterprise meets the needs of a community, the client is more likely to develop a liking for the services or business offered.

Strategic management as an extra topic

The first thing a business entity needs to do is consider the important aspects of the project and differentiate them based on resource allocation and impact on the natural environment (Ansoff, 2019). Then, developing alternative ways of implementing the solutions in an environmental friendly manner. It is vital noting that challenges are temporal but their influence on the community are long lasting hence the need to prioritize nature over business. Therefore, after realizing societal problems are not everyday business operations, a business should adhere to all business model functionalities while dealing with the challenge namely: using environmental friendly mechanisms and at the same time providing services to the people. The best way to balance the outcomes through strategic management is minimizing risks and eliminating challenges or any surprises that might come up as a result of the improper implementation of foreseen solution. Hence managing a project through strategic management must consider the cost analysis, the quality of the project and time required since time dictates the resources utilized. In the end, it is humane to inform communities on all manner of evils that might facing them in the future. The right action and motivation will lead to ethical decision-making. This implies that misconduct of any officer needs to face the full force of the law. Therefore, in order to make a moral decision, the right motivation coupled with good intention must take center stage in any decision one make.


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