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eCommerce Business Strategy Briefing

Background Information on the Company

Our concern in this paper is to draft a briefing on a business strategy for an online shop or company. The company of selection that suitably fits this discussion is the D Four (D4) online shop, which offers an online store located in Arnsberg, Germany. The company was founded in 2013, running to the present date, and deals with quality fashion products for women. D4 has been running smoothly and attaching great value to the customers working tirelessly to present new, self-designed collections for the shop every year. The company also works in partnership with other high-quality fashion shops, such as Y3 and Vivienne Westwood, to ensure maintained greatness in fashion collections.

Previous E-Commerce Engagement

Since the foundation of the company in 2013, the aim was to create an online shop. The company works under the principle that a client or a customer places their orders via the mails and then delivers the purchase to the buyers’ home (Religia et al., 2021). D4 offers an online platform with a list of products where potential customer can make their selections to the cart and check out the products, a process completed via email.


The business operation has various set goals and objectives that need to be met every year. These short-term and long-term goals keep the company going; the company focuses on improving sales. More importantly, there is a dream to make the company known globally by increasing its size, increasing market share. This will help the company grow and achieve sustainability. This would be achieved through presenting new and self-designed products to the shop every year.

Description of the Competition

In the contemporary world, e-marketing has been on the rise, with many organizations creating online platforms where they can transact and make sales. There is increased competition, on which the company attracts more consumers and creating brand awareness. Now that D4 deals with designing fashion for women, seeking to make women achieve attitude to life is a key aspect that makes the business flourishing. However, the company faces stiff competition from other giant fashion organizations (Ozuem et al., 2021). The competition is most felt from the other online stores, whose brand names have been known globally, such as,,, C & A, located in Germany. These companies deal with a wider variety of fashion products, both men and women, as opposed to D4, which only deals with women products.

Description of Target Group

From the description, D4 Company exclusively deals with women’s fashion. Also, it highlights that the business offers their customers a collection by Daniela Dittmann, with the hottest designer fashion for women. Some of the products that the company provides for their customers are Holborn Tote Bags, Classic Gloves, Long Puffy Vests, and Hoodies, all for women. This is definite that the company targets women for the consumption of their products. The products are for women who have come of age; they can be described as products for adults. However, being a woman only does not guarantee access to products from the D4 store since the store is online. Therefore, the customers need to have access to gadgets and the internet to purchase fashion products.



Planned Measures

The company has a plan to expand the customer segment and offer them shopping advantages. To start, the company seeks to offer the company a platform where they can pre-shop new collections even before their premiere. This is making it possible to shop even before the latest collections are launched in the store. Also, the company has needed to make sure that an individual can even shop while on business trips, and the company delivers the products. However, the company has always been pursuant. It wishes that the present customers to recommend the company to friends and then after doing this the customers’ would enjoy discounts for their subsequent purchases.  This company primarily emails for the purchases, payments are done online and offers various products from MCQ, C.P. Company, Vivienne Westwood, and Y3, among other partners. They, therefore, offer the customers to choose between prices and designers they prefer from the collections. The increased numbers of social media users, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are opportunities the company can maximize to increase brand awareness and customer pool (Micu et al., 2017). The company would thus benefit from increased sales.

Budget Framework

One of the most important that the organization needs to develop is an operating budget. This lists out all the revenues and expenses that help the business meets its goals.





Sales Products

$10, 000

$ 9,800


Revenue - Coaching

$3, 500



eCommerce Website

$6, 500



Domain Name (annually for 5 years)




Hosting (per month for 1 year)





$ 23, 100

$22, 700




Micu, A., Micu, A. E., Geru, M., & Lixandroiu, R. C. (2017). Analyzing user sentiment in social media: Implications for online marketing strategy. Psychology & Marketing34(12), 1094-1100.

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Religia, Y., Surachman, S., Rohman, F., & Indrawati, N. K. (2021). E-Commerce Adoption in SMEs: A Literature Review.

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The ease in online shopping

            The advancements in technology continue to make life easier for people especially in a society where the aim is to fulfill daily activities using the least effort and energy possible. Computers for example have made life simpler not only in providing access to information but also in the sale and purchase of products used by people on a daily basis. When it comes to shopping for products, customers no longer have to go from one shop to another to seek out a product or service as most, if not all, products and services can be found at the click of a button. The internet has simplified shopping as most stores have set up online accounts where they display and advertise their products to anyone who accesses the sites. When it comes to purchasing large screen LCD high definition televisions, there are a lot of websites that offer the product a good example being Amazon and Best Buy.

            In the case of Amazon, the website is convenient as it is easy to access and contains a wide range of information regarding the different types of televisions on offer. To access the website, potential customers only have to type in the product they are interested in buying on Google or whatever website they are using (Amazon, 2018). Amazon has invested a lot on advertising as it appears among the top five websites that appear on Google when someone searches for large screen high definition televisions. The positioning is ideal as it makes it is appealing to customers who are either in a rush or prefer to use the first options provided from their search.

            In addition to the ease of locating the website, Amazon further simplifies the search process as the website has a set of search options that allows customers to narrow down the options and find the exact product they are looking for. The web site allows customers to refine their search in reference to the price so as to only view products in their price range (Amazon, 2018). There is also the option of narrowing down on the desired product by setting the size of the television one requires, the resolution, whether it is a new television or used and even the brand. With such options, the customer is able to filter out unwanted products and end up with a list that best meets the type of television they are looking for.

            Another example is Best Buy which is also among the top options on Google when one searches for LCD televisions. The website is however different from Amazon in that it gives the customer the option to select the country they want to purchase the television from. Since it is an international company, Best Buy provides its customers with the opportunity of selecting their own country so as to find televisions that will be delivered faster and at a cheaper rate. The website is however similar to Amazon when it comes to helping customers narrow down the options presented when searching for LCD televisions (Best Buy, 2018). The website has filters for properties such as price, television brand, offers and even customer ratings. The information not only makes it easier to select the best television but also have a more customized list to choose from.

Both Amazon and Best Buy have websites that are designed to offer convenience and ease to the customer. Their positioning, quality of service and ease of accessing information make them convenient for customers that choose to shop online that going to shops physically. They are therefore convenient and helpful for customers looking to buy large screen LCD high definition televisions.





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Amazon is a form that has builds its business model on a platform that serves customers in the best and quickest possible way.  The real innovation for the company relates to reinvention of business model and improved ways of value creation, conducting business and then receiving payment for it (Loeb, 2017).

Amazon is a major player in the industry of e-commerce, where some differentiation can be found among the various competitors in the market.  The firm continues to grow considerably while upsetting the competition status of the market.  However, it’s not the largest retailer yet and it operates in market where there some barriers to entry with few firms dominating it (Loeb, 2017).  Hence, the firm is an oligopoly.

Amazon marketing strategy involves advertisement which has been carried out on its platform which allows shoppers to choose to purchase products on the basis of prices and customer reviews.  The advertisements also extend to mobile devices and this has allowed the firm to capture a large audience in the retail market (Loeb, 2017). The aim is to drive as many customers as possible to its website.

Amazons creativity and innovation has been supported by an increase amount funds used in research and development. The firm invests in a number of technological and content areas in order to continue improving customer experience through development of rapid technology (, 2017).

The improvement of services delivered to its customers done through investment on content and technology which makes it possible to enhance customers’ experience.  An innovation such as Alexa, a virtual assistant, provides an improved lifestyle experience for the customers.  Customers are able to conveniently buy their products online due to their trust for value and quality offered by Amazon (, 2017).


Loeb, W., (2017). Amazon Will Grow Quickly Through Innovation And Bold Planning

 Retrieved from:, 2017. Annual report

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Executive summary

In the current world almost everyone has access to internet and a smart phone. In Israel over one million people have access to a smart phone. People are becoming busier by the day and allocating time for shopping is becoming difficult each day. A delivery application can assist to delivering goods ordered by individuals in the comfort of their homes by the click of a button. (Paladino, 2013).

A delivery application is necessary in the current modern world. The delivery application will be known as the ‘site’ application. ‘Site’ application will enable citizens of Israel to shop twenty four hours a day because shopping Centres and other businesses close shop at 8 pm in Israel. This application will create a platform that make shopping possible beyond 8 pm and create quick access to services. (Munizzo, & Virruso, 2009).

From vegetables, water and chocolate, no one is willing to carry heavy bags of foodstuffs form the shopping center to their homes no matter the close proximity to their homes . Site delivery application will transport this items to the homes of their clients. The delivery application will have a section named breakfast. This section will give clients the opportunity to order bread, coffee and other drinks as their breakfast. (Dalton, 2016).

Most delivery applications companies use motorbikes to deliver perishable foodstuff but they do not focus on delivering simple small food stuffs such as chocolate etc. Site application will fill this gap by focusing on already made foods and snacks. It will also use cars to deliver food to the nearest client. ‘Site’ application will use a global positioning system (gps) that will be fitted into the cars. The geographical positioning system in the client’s phone will reveal their location and this will enable delivery. (Adikesavan, 2014).

Site delivery application will offer delivery services at a discounted price and will ensure high quality services. The food stuff will arrive on time and in good condition as they were ordered.

The objectives of this delivery application will be to tap and fill the market gap that is left after 8pm when most shops are shut down in Israel. Second objective will be to operate twenty four hours a day and provide customers with quality services at an affordable price. . (Munizzo, & Virruso, 2009).

 Introducing site application

‘Site’ is a delivery application that is focused on becoming the fastest and most reliable mobile delivery application. ‘Site’s main aim will be to make each and everyone’s life simple by offering a service that is convenient and time saving. Each and every day, individuals deliver various items such a milk, chocolate and vegetables .Yet, alongside everything people deliver, there is time which is needed to make delivery possible. People’s daily routines and ambitions vary from one place to another, ‘Site’ is an e-commerce technology that is 70% technology, 20% consists of retail and the remainder 10% is logistic. This unique combination is what will propel ‘Site; delivery application to excel above their competitors in the market. (Dalton, 2016).

‘Site’ will provide a systematic and technological stage popularly known as application that will carry out retail transactions to clients. A client may commence to utilize the application after downloading it and reading the terms that will be stipulated on it .This will then allow one to register and verify their home address and phone number. The address and the mobile number have to be accurate in all its features. After giving out this personal data, the client will be allowed to create an account with the delivery application. The details can later be edited to suit the preference of the customer. (Munizzo, & Virruso, 2009).

After registration and confirming details, the customer can log into the application and pick an item of their choosing. Cars hired by ‘site’ will be in various places within the Israel’s urban and residential areas. After the client checks out, he or she is matched and identified with a courier that will be sent to them. Data on the courier will be made available to the client. . (Adikesavan, 2014).

The information that contains the delivery details such as time landing and distance between the delivery vehicle and the client; will not always be accurate however,’ site’ will try as much as possible to avail the most reliable information. After making the order, a client may communicate with the driver through the application. For other unrelated issues that might arise during the delivery, clients are allowed to contact the management for confirmation and clarification. . (Adikesavan, 2014).

This delivery service will fasten transportation of items within Israel in less than ten minutes. It will also integrate logistics, retailing and phone technology. To achieve effective service, there must be certainty that each and every item that will be ordered by customers is available for transport in three depots that will be set up. The cars will contain the food items, ready for transportation. Therefore the items will not be directly picked from the depot. It will be easy for a client to get any item they need by placing an order. This the point at which the demand team will come in .This team will ensure variety is offered to clients. . (Adikesavan, 2014).

Market analysis

Universally, mobile delivery application market is divided into arrangement platform, final user and location. In terms of deploying platform, this market is divided into android and ioperating system. Other platform such as windows and blackberry are not as popular as android and iOS. The android platform is the most preferred platform because it a lot of people’s mobile phones have an android operating system. Therefore if an investor wants to tap potential customers, it is imperative that they develop the delivery application on an android platform. Android has other strong and other coherent features that will assist the business to pick up .For example the android system is flexible and adoptable; this operating system enable customers to utilize it even when they have  few resources hence cost effective.  (Adikesavan, 2014).

The shape of the current delivery application market today states that the industry is lucrative and foreseen to grow further. The per year growth rate of delivery applications is estimated to be 3.5%.The delivery application market is not different from the traditional delivery, it only has built on the traditional way by creating a single networked entrance. By logging into a delivery application one can get prices, items on sell and reviews from previous customers. Also, there is no additional pricing incurred by customers as the service providers are only entitled to portion of the order placed. (Paladino, 2013).

            The customers in the application delivery market have a contrast set of requirements from the traditional client who orders pizza. These customers want a personalized treatment. Personalizing a client’s experience can be done by using data they submitted .If a client is in a certain locality, one must ensure that they deliver in time due to the prior knowledge of their whereabouts. Storing relevant information about the client will also be a predictor of items likely to be ordered by a particular customer. A part from utilizing information to fasten delivery, one can always practice discipline to ensure that the maximum time a client can wait for delivery of an item does not exceed one minute. (Paladino, 2013).

 ‘Site’ delivery application will have an edge over the rest of the competition. This is because it will be flexible enough to attract both workplace clients and home clients. This will be enabled by its operating hours that will allow it to carry out delivery throughout the day and night.

Direct competitors in this industry include the fooducate application. It operates in both iOS and android systems which makes its platform wider than ‘Site’ which will use an android platform for operation. Although fooducate deals with locating restaurants and assist in choosing healthy food. On the other hand ‘Site’ has a variety of food items both healthy and fit .Therefore the niche that will be developed by ‘site’ applications will put it above the rest of the competition. (Adikesavan, 2014).

 The table below     compares the ‘Site’ and its competitors








Service offered


(competitor a)

200,000 and above

Ensures quality of product before delivering

Located in more than one country.

Only offers services to individuals who want to eat healthy foods.

Does not operate on a twenty four hour system

200,000  and above

Fair and can be and can generally be afforded by anyone interested

Gives information and location of healthy food

Market place

(competitor b)

$10 higher than other applications

Uses a unique technology that scans bar codes of items and access customers bank account to pay for whatever the barcode has scanned

Does not offer delivery services.

Expensive due to its high technology

Not flexible le to customers who have firsthand cash as it only serves retrieves money from bank accounts

It is not easy to use and one requires help to learn how to scan items using their phones

200,000 and above

Pricing is a bit high


using  for

house hold

goods and


The table above shows how competitors only targeted workplace and individuals of a middle income capacity. It has left out the youth. It has also left out cheap food stuffs and focused on vegetables and other healthy living food stuffs hence creating a gap for ‘Site’ company to exploit. (Paladino, 2013).

Summary of swot analysis

Swot analysis will help in analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that ‘Site might face as it enters into the delivery application market. Evaluation using swot will reveal the manner in which the company will proceed with. Strengths of any delivery application company rely heavily on the manner in which a service is handled. Whether it is delivering pizza or water, it is supposed to done in a way that shows care and concern to the welfare of the customer that one is serving. For example ‘site’ can use decorated papers to rap its deliveries or use other types of decorations. The manner in which the pricing will be done can also be a strength .Offering price friendly services will attract more customers and bring in more profits .Promotions can also be used to strengthen the delivery application business by offering free food items in aimed  at promoting the delivery application  (Paladino, 2013).

Weaknesses gives one an idea of what is supposed to be worked on and improved. For instance employees may develop a weakness since one depends on them for delivery. Another may arise when a company does not provide enough information to equip the public with enough ways of operating the application. Identifying and outlining the weakness gives a better chance of coming up with measures that will be drawn to reduce them (Paladino, 2013).


In the ever changing world of technology, it is vital for an individual who is interested in delivery application to always explore new ways and new opportunities that will create a new market and provide space for expansion. Taking advantage of opportunities and evaluating ways that can turn this potential opportunities into positive growths is a good way of increasing market share in delivery application industry (Paladino, 2013).

Threats can arise due to direct and indirect competition that can shift ones target market to the competitors. One must be up to date with changes in the delivery application business and know how to counter emerging businesses by offering better services and keeping up to date with what customers need. Always knowing and Keeping up with changes will reduce and anticipate potential threats in the near future (Paladino, 2013).

 Business strategy

The first step before starting the entire process is to ensure that all parties are involved, if there is any. This will help in making decisions and sound judgments .It will also give guiding principles and values that the whole project will rely on. Ensuring all people are on board will give an estimation of the skill set and the labor force required to implement the business. Two heads are better than one and when all parties are on board they can come up with tactics that they may apply to ensure the success of the project. (Dalton, 2016).

Parties involved will help to identify development opportunities in a logical and efficient way. For an example a delivery application management team will most likely favor an optic evaluation perspective of the approach to phase out average ideas and come up with a valuable application product. A visual set up will also be time effective because it is easier to understand. Visuals also help ideas to flow due to the connectivity and relations they create (Dalton, 2016).

Secondly stating the vision and goals of a delivery application is important as it assist to maintain focus. The first goal is to provide an application that will have high performance and will operate faster and efficient. The application should be agile and ensure that it reduces wastage of resources .It should present a picture that promotes agility and reduces wastage of resources while a client is operating it. Security, administration and privacy should be assured to the clients as they make their transactions in the application. The application should also be automated. This will limit errors that may arise as the client operates it. Flexibility and scalability should be non-negotiable features. The application and the package that accompanies it should be flexible enough to accompany other interests such as enabling updating Facebook status .scalability will ensure that minor problems that may arise identified and corrected (Dalton, 2016).

After putting all the cards on table and identifying a group that will assist to set the plan into action, the first thing is to focus on building the application. With an executing team of five software engineers, and working a maximum of fifteen to twelve hours a day, a delivery application hosted on the android application system can be achieved within a one month period. Each feature of the application can be developed in phases. Feature which will take up most of the time can be developed within the first fourteen days of working period. The rest fourteen days will be can used to come up with easy features such as color of the application, marketing a plan and delivery status (Dalton, 2016).

Human resource planning and financing

Human resource will determine the success of the entire business plan. Human resource will be selected according to talent and experience an individual has on the field. These individuals are the ones who will meet the expectations of the business strategy. With Team of five software engineers, it is a small, manageable team. Effective communication will help to direct and manage the personnel hired to complete the job. Also problems can be effectively communicated and rectified in the course of developing the application. The human resource will deal with most of the technical and practical work and will be paid according to the terms of the contract signed. They will also streamline strategies of the business plan and improve any error that they might face or encounter during the work. Computerized equipment that they may need will be provided together with the working space and environment .Food and other necessities should be provided to facilitate the personnel to work well without feeling pressurized. With a team of five software development engineers, who work for a period of one month for twelve to fifteen hours. It is easier to come up with money that will be used to pay for their labor. (Dalton, 2016).


For a business plan to be transferred from paper work to successful operational business, the strategic planning and the goals should be aligned together and unnecessary details should be excluded to remain with only important points of focus. Branding and purpose of service should be tailored through the application. Clients should get the values of the delivery application company by simply operating the application.














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Research Methods

PayPal E-marketing plan


The emergence and the growth of e-marketing are accounted to be among the most significant as well as influential concepts in business marketing. The advancement has offered most businesses with the changes through which businesses can extend their services. Payments have thus been eased as it can be made directly, through online credit cards or even PayPal. PayPal Corporation is a united states based company whose headquarter is situated in San Jose (Dann, & Dann, 2011). PayPal has grown to be the leading provider of online services for payment (Dann, & Dann, 2011). The corporation is additionally involved in funds holdings and additionally responsible for the security of the consumers. PayPal thus provides a differentiated online located platform where sellers accept online transactions and payments with businesses as well as consumers. Efficiency and the development of marketing approaches and services are the product of a well-developed website. PayPal has acquired the success through creating a unique site that provides a number of solutions, guidance as well as extensive services to its consumers (O'Connor, Galvin & Evans, 2004). The report will seek to establish some of the aspects that have contributed to PayPal’s E-marketing existing growth. The aim of the report is to investigate the level at which e-commerce is being utilized by businesses and how efficiency has been achieved through the use of such services. The objective is to understand the general e-marketing plan effects on businesses and what can be done in attaining efficiency.

Literature Review

There is a need for marketers to understand generally that certain products hold differentiated target groups and each firm should take a step on acquiring a significant segment (Teece, 2010). The targets differences are particularly driven by the attitudes of the consumers, social affiliations, consumer’s needs, geographical positions, and demographics. Thus segmentation permits firms to make deliveries of a given product to the targeted audience in regard to their particular preferences or needs. In this context, there is a need to establish specific consumers for the goods for effective promotion to occur (Steenkamp & Ter Hofstede, 2002). The segmentation process is highly significant because if the segmentation is not effective this, therefore, implies that inefficacy and additional costs will be generated. Segmentation can be accomplished on the grounds of description, benefits, and performance.  This involves understanding consumer’s demography preferences, needs and so on. The descriptive factors can be accessed easily since this involves establishing preferences as well as the needs of consumers.

The most effective segmentation strategy is the use of descriptive attributes which involves consumer’s preferences and needs. Consumers are in the high necessity for innovativeness, quality services, and convenience when it comes to the acquiring of online services. This, therefore, implies that the service providers should always be willing to center their products based on these needs as well as innovative preferences (McDonald, 2012). E-payment services have achieved rapid growth in the recent years based on their concentration on providing unique experiences for their consumers, flexibility as well as convenience. The services offer a bridge amid the physical as well as the digital commerce by creating products that are applicable to most of the consumers. This is normally achieved by being on the innovation Centre all the times which permits mobile as well as in-store payments services. The e-marketing sector is today changing at a high stage and this raises the need for the marketers to be competitive through understanding the consumer’s needs (Wedel & Kamakura 2012).


The research will utilize a descriptive design which will incorporate a qualitative method in gathering primary data. This will be accomplished through the use of questionnaires and interviews based on the ability of the strategies in maximizing data. The research will utilize a sample population of 15 people who are current PayPal users. The population was selected based on their increased use of on-line payment and transactions services. The target population is not limited to any particular age based on the fact that businesses are currently being run by both young as well as older persons. In addition, online credit use as well as purchases have advanced and are being utilized by most businesses due to consumer’s preferences and demands changes. The target population will be acquired from retail operators because they are generally the most users of the services.

The research will utilize structured interviews as well as questionnaires which will utilize both open as well as closed-ended queries for fifteen queries. The questionnaires will randomly be distributed to the consumers in form of either hard or soft copy based on the flexibility of the respondents which will help in reaching even those that are located distantly from the researcher. This will particularly be conducted in order to acquire relevant as well as crucial information (Vogt, Gardner & Haeffele, 2012). Interviews will be achieved on individual basis mostly through the phone at the chosen period by the respondents after returning the filled questionnaires.

Discussion of Findings

Based on the primary research it is apparent that PayPal has established itself in the e-marketing and commerce market as an innovative and consumer-centered firm. The increased growth of the use of the company’s services is based on its convenience, flexibility, improved consumer services as well as the ability to embrace changing needs. The services offered by the corporation additionally enhances safety as well as privacy for all its consumers as its objective is to become a secure and a more confidential funds holder. The corporation is more objected on creating flexibility and the high ability for businesses to be effective (McDonald, 2012). Through this consumers have acquired a high dependency on what it offers.

Based on the study’s literature review most of the marketers are mainly objected at extending the target base rather than attempting to sort and categorizes the needs of each set to find the one that fits the business well. Segmentation is an essential strategy that every business ought to practice because the strategy does not just save time but it is also a cost-efficient one that will not result in the rise of charges that are not expected (Wedel & Kamakura 2012). The efficiency of the business operations increases consumer’s level of satisfaction thus helping in achieving the highest results. Segmentation does not only include the selection of the suitable target but additionally incorporates the identification of their preferences as well as needs in general and develop a plan through which they should be accomplished. The objective of examining the attributes of these markets is to gain a relevant and convincing understanding of the specific segment market in comparison to all the others. This helps in the establishment of the consumer's behaviors. Marketing is always effective given that it holds an effective plan and a well-segmented market (Teece, 2010). This implies that the strategies for accomplishing the necessities for the consumers should be well defined in ensuring that it achieves success. Not all the products are suitable for all the targets and there is a need to sort the market.

Opportunities that are present in the market should be identified so that businesses can understand the potential in meeting the needs and any issue that can be solved. Most businesses have benefited from the development of the technology but most of the services providing firms are still not acquiring maximum benefits based on their inabilities to understand the needs of the consumers. Cost differentiation is not the primary mean through which success can be acquitted because for quality and innovative services consumers are normally willing to pay even highest premiums (Steenkamp & Ter Hofstede, 2002). In this success can easily be acquired through focusing on the preferences as well as the general needs of the consumers rather than basing a business on cost. In that most business normally segment the markets on the grounds of benefit with the assumption that the consumers are aware of what is they are bound to attain. On the other hand, some businesses are more objected on maximizing their earnings in general rather than focusing on the general needs of the consumers.

Conclusions and Limitations

In summing up, it is apparent that effective marketing requires the business to establish its consumer’s segment first. PayPal has effectively established a number of solutions to its consumers through unique servicing as well as differentiation which strives in meeting the preferences as well as the needs of their well-segmented consumers. Adapting to a lower segment is essential as it helps in creating focus and identifies the needs and the suitable strategies for customizing products so that the needs of the consumers can be met.  Innovativeness and embracing market changes can help an organization in achieving success particularly in the e-commerce market that is characterized by rapid and consistent changes. Some of the limitations faced by the research are time respondent’s availability and the unwillingness to provide relevantly as well as accurate information. Most of the respondents feared that through providing the information they would be exposing their business strategies to the competitors. In addition, time was an additional threat since most of them were continuously business and only had limited time to participate in the research and this necessitated the researcher to contacting them often.

















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E- Commerce Initiatives


E- Commerce initiatives can be termed as definite channels that different companies integrate in order to extend business operations over the internet. Markets in the contemporary world characterizes expansive changes including new methods of providing products hence companies turn to ecommerce in order to acquire and in turn sustain competitive advantages. Internet is currently acting as a “basic” element of social life in various backgrounds thus companies use internet to deliver value into markets. For instance, internet is a convenient channel of delivering an organization’s value including products in the market. Nevertheless, an ecommerce initiative can be put into practice in an organization to enhance sales other than delivering value since it as well facilitates payment collection. Generally, an “ecommerce initiative” refers to any practice that is meant to get business operations online or to generate superiority by increasing online superiority (Ainley & Scott, 2017).

E-Commerce is commonly embraced by various organizations across the world due to the fact that it takes in channels of different forms which in most presentations accomplish its purposes in the market. Additionally, ecommerce initiatives facilitate establishment of two forms of marketing including business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) which highly enhance business operations through product development and sales increment accordingly (UNCTAD, 2016). The most affluent initiative that an organization can embrace to engage in ecommerce business is generation of a website. A website includes capabilities of enacting marketing and sales needs in organization. Some other initiatives include online advertisements and application of services of social media. Social media may be applied to either reach potential customers in different environments or to reestablish an institution’s website in order to enrich business operations existing online. 

Ecommerce is considered as the best initiative of endorsing global trade encompassing trading of products from one country to another since it eases product development in the consuming country (“The International Trade Administration”, 2016). Product development is an essential element of enhancing product functionality in markets thus ecommerce mostly emphasizes on online platforms to deliver product value to global markets.  It is usually affordable to reach new customers through online advertisements in comparison to ordinary methods due to its accessibility. Many people in the contemporary world have access to internet with many using various social sites such as Facebook hence it is usually easy to communicate organizational value across the world.

Online expansion is experiencing rapid growth due to its ability to provide alternative means of purchasing products and convenient means of making payments (World Bank, 2016). Nevertheless, it is logical to state that online expansion is receiving positive receptions due to effective communication and its nature of accessibility.  Arguably, online business is less ambiguous when compared to conventional businesses considering the fact that it characterizes affluent elements of versatility. For that reason, online business requires fewer resources which lower operational costs unlike added expenses in traditional businesses. On the other hand, effective communication and easy accessibility can be critiqued as the basic reasons as to why e-businesses are usually focused in the market. Communication as well as accessibility boosts marketing ethicality in ecommerce due to minimized resource uncertainty and so, triggering significant market growth. This initiative defines market sustainability since its resources limits unethical competitions by regulating market threats. Additionally, rapid growth is as well attached to the element of communication. E- Commerce picture perfect communication thus generates reliability and in turn boosting market growth. It is logical to hypothesize that most organizations embrace ecommerce platforms in order to endorse accommodating communication in the market.  Communication and accessibility are crucial elements of the initiative since it provides immediate feedback which can be used to reestablish operations in an organization in order to enhance market growth.
















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Shopping Cart


An e-commerce Shopping cart is made up of definite software that facilitates online communication between potential consumers and stores’ platforms. The electronic shopping cart acts as a supply chain since it is usually meant to convenience the ordering process in a store.  Power of efficiency provided by ecommerce shopping carts is reflected by its capability to link a store’s Website to its general infrastructure. Arguably, ecommerce shopping acts are basically integrated to convenience organizational operations and in turn place a simplified supply channel which accomplishes consumer desires.

The number of people using ecommerce shopping carts has escalated over years considering the fact that many shoppers have turned to online shopping as a mechanism of easing purchasing processes (Stevens, 2016). In particular, consumers value shopping carts because the system is more efficient. Shopping carts provides an interface which link consumers to a company’s website from which one can purchase products effectively by evaluating and comparing the best products among a variety placed on a company’s platform. This illustrates that it reduces time wastage for consumers by limiting movements as experienced when shopping in stores. Consumers usually benefit from its general flexibility which eliminates ambiguity associated with purchasing unlike ordinary purchases that commonly encompass queues (Phillip, 2017). This is facilitated by the fact that the system terminates tedious processes by easing various processes such as payment processes and other accrued transactions. Shopping carts characterizes a reliable platform of data management. Thus customers are able to value their capability by reviewing such data which is usually essential since it enables consumers determine the most affordable product.

Importantly, electronic shopping cart is used as a Showcase which provides customers with instant access to products provided by a company. It facilitates merchandize selection and at the same time enables consumers to review their options before actual purchases are made. Nevertheless, the software enables accomplishment of consumer needs since it allows consumers to make desirable modifications or rather additions which suit their desires before the purchase.

The desire to improve operational performance in stores can be based as the major reason to why many have transformed to shopping carts. Arguably, many stores reference shopping carts as the cheapest method of boosting operational performances since it simplifies generation of ordering lists which highly curbs contradictions in operations. Additionally, considerable numbers of stores use the software to automate marketing strategies since many are in pursuit for a sustainable competitive advantage. Companies as well use shopping carts to share their services online so as to broaden market coverage given that the system is capable to capture leads to potential markets.

Shopping carts are valuable enough to success statistical and analytical process.  In most instances, companies use this software to organize information related to operational transactions. For this reason, stores’ use the system as a mechanism of curbing irregularities and also to limit social biasness because companies in the current world disregard biasness in their operations. For instance, stores embrace the system in order to manage inventories hence minimizing cases of irregularities such as thefts (Wattles, 2016). Additionally, companies use statistical information provided by the system in order to avoid contradictions when making deliveries.

Nevertheless, Shopping carts provide adequate information which if will applied success the process of measuring a company’s progress in the market. For instance, the system provides wide range of information such as customer data which significantly easier the process of computing business performance over a given period of time.  Therefore, it is logical to state the basic purpose of integrating an shopping cart software is to lessen traffic particularly in the supply channel in order to maximize overall sales.
















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What is e-commerce? How does it differ from e-business? Where does it intersect with e-business?

E-commerce is online business transactions which involves exchange of values between   merchants, customers and business partners. Business uses the Internet to conduct business transactions and to generate revenue. Some organizations such as small business use e-commerce to fulfill their business needs.  Business activities in e-commerce involve sales, marketing, customer service and more (Diwan & Sharma, 2000). Applications needed in conducting e-commerce involve email, web services, EDI and more. E-commerce is associated with great benefits such as availability of goods and services, easy accessibility and more. E-business is a business transaction which involves e-commerce activities and other functions based on application service provider, e-service, intranets, human resources, inventory management and more (Diwan  & Sharma, 2000). Thus, e-commerce differs from e-business in that in e-business, there are no commercial transactions or individual boundaries.

E-commerce intersects with e-business in management, coordination and collaboration.  This is because; e-commerce deals with buying and selling of goods in computer networks and e-business boosts the organization connectivity or e-commerce services to align with suppliers and business partners.  In other words, e-commerce needs e-business strategies in order to   improve efficiency and productivity (Diwan & Sharma, 2000). Since e-business has effective business processes, e-commerce intersects with e-business to have successful online business transaction.


What are some of the specific ways that a company can obtain a competitive advantage?

Some of the specific ways of obtaining a competitive advantage include;

Cost leadership-Porter asserts that a company can gain a competitive advantage through providing goods and services at a lower cost. To achieve this strategy, firms should maintain the economics of scale by ensuring close cooperation of business functions (Zoephel, 2011).  Also they should produce quality goods and services in order to increase the market share. Porter states that when this strategy is achieved, the company will improve productivity,  boost the bargaining power through lower prices, and utilize effective technology and access effective distribution channels (Zoephel, 2011).

  • Differentiation focus-A company can gain competitive advantage by being unique in the competitive market. There are common things which are valued by the buyers and it the role of the business to search the attributes and put itself in a unique position by providing the things which are valued most. Uniqueness is a key strategy and this achieved by producing unique goods and services which are more attractive than others in the competitive market (Zoephel, 2011). To achieve this strategy, the company should produce high-quality products; bring innovation and unique offerings in terms of sales and marketing.
  • Differentiation focus-Porter introduces this strategy and asserts that company can achieve a competitive advantage by targeting specific markets, identifying the criteria in that specific market and meeting those criteria. In this situation, the company uses a premium price and convinces the customers on the value-added features on specific products (Zoephel, 2011). To achieve this strategy, companies need to produce superior and quality products, unique branding, effective distribution channels and consistent promotion.


Compare and contrast the various scaling methods. Explain why scalability is a key business issue for web sites.

Vertical scaling is the process of adding physical capacity such as CPU to increase the capacity and performance in a system.  Unlike horizontal scaling, vertical scaling is limited since the capacity required should be big as the server.  Unlike horizontal method which requires multiple servers, vertical scaling uses less power and low cooling costs. Horizontal scaling is the process of adding multiple softwares to increase the capacity   in a logical unit. This involves adding   computers in a workload where they share the tasks. Unlike vertical scaling, this method requires high licensing cost and utility cost and various networking equipments (Igelnik & Zurada, 2013). Even though they differ in their process, they play a similar role in meeting the services needed.  They lead to exponential growth   by increasing workload and total output.  

Scability is a key business issue because it is a key element in determining websites growth.  When there is an exponential growth, scability plays a major role in ensuring that the system capacity is able to handle the workload and meet the demand (Igelnik & Zurada, 2013).  The database must be scalable so that it can support the many transactions. Business development means that management and control   should be implemented in order to organize the various aspects of the business.  If there is poor management, then the growth will decreases as it will not meet the demand.  In this case, scability becomes a key element needed in controlling the websites and managing the expanding workload (Igelnik & Zurada, 2013).  Thus, the scability should have the ability to either scale up or down in order move the business forward.


Discuss why new and improved security measures are not enough to stop online crime. What is the missing ingredient?

The new online crimes security measures are not enough to prevent crimes. First, it is important to understand that there is a high level of online crime which is caused by the development in e-commerce and e-business. Criminal activities are at a high rate and cybercriminals get into anonymous attack through malware, spam and more (Ericson, 2003).  Thus, this is an issue which requires careful planning to secure online business from malicious attackers and natural disaster.  Focusing on the new and improved security measures,  it is worth saying that these are usual methods and they are not enough in fighting crime. Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies are working hard to fight crime, their efforts are named as Hearculean task simply because cybercriminals change their tactics regularly and use other opportunities which common measures cannot address Ericson, 2003).  

Thus, the missing ingredient is Cross-Domain Solutions. This is a cyber security solution and organization will make sure that security protocols are met during the exchange of information.  In diverse levels of security classification, organizations are able to use a unified system which is effective in verifying information transfer and access (Ericson, 2003). Thus, there is specific security classification which users must meet in order to share and access information. This solution is effective in that there are secure domains which are hard to access and so the information remains confidential.  It maintains an impenetrable network and at the same time users can easily access information (Ericson, 2003).


Why would the amount of experience someone has using the Internet likely increase future Internet usage?

There is a like hood that the future Internet usage will increase due to the amount of experience. This is because, many people especially young people spend more time on the Internet and this is an indication that they become more familiar with internet and they are motivated to search new services and features (Mortimer & Larson, 2002). In 21century, people have ignored the traditional media like radio and now they spend much of their time on Internet.   Since will are in a digital world, online time will increase since future internet will support homework activities, playing games and online businesses. With the knowledge and experience young people have on internet, they will spend more time than today, because they will be interested in searching new things to gain more knowledge. They will connect themselves with social functions and   be interested in searching current events (Mortimer & Larson, 2002).














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E-commerce and e-business

Ecommerce refers to digitally enabled transactions through individuals and organizations.  This involves any transactions done over networks that are meditated through computer where there is transfer of ownership or the rights to use services and goods. It includes those transactions carried out on internet and extranet, email and fax.  Ecommerce differs from e-business in that e-business is quite broad and includes e-commerce businesses based transactions and even the ones ran traditionally but deal also with online activities. E-business can involve running part of internal processes online such as finance, inventory and risk management and human resource management. The intersection between e-commerce and e-business happens where both utilize digital or electronic networks where activities are conducted (Meier & Stormer, 2009).

A market place refers to a virtual exchange environment or market place in which physical boundaries constraints have been eliminated. This electronic market is removed from a geographical or temporal environment by extending beyond traditional boundaries. It involves transactions that are carried out through online media or internet with no physical products but information about these products (Toellner, 2014).

Disintermediation refers to the process whereby end consumers or users are able to directly access services, products or information where a middle man or mediator would otherwise have been required. Through the internet, firms are able to eliminate middlemen by dealing directly with consumers, a factor that reduces cost of products or services considerably. Due to disinter-mediation, wholesalers and distributors who demand payment by increasing costs and not adding any value disappear. Disintermediation allows manufacturers to build a direct relationship with its products’ consumers and hence facilitating friction-free commerce where middlemen are not able to interfere with the chain (Meier & Stormer, 2009).


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Consequences of becoming an online society

            The internet has revolutionized the world through the increased advancement of the technology. Currently, the network society is as a result of the digital revolution in collaboration with core socio-cultural changes. The internet therefore makes up the technological infrastructure of the world wide network society. Various social networks have been set up with an aim of uniting the people through the internet. There are both negative as well as positive impacts that are contributed by the social networks that form the online society. Though social networking is a tool that is used across the world by the majority in promoting and supporting communication, it s doing more harm than it is doing good and hence the consequences outweighs the benefits f this online society. This paper, therefore, will present and discuss some of the various consequences that are attributed to the online society.

            Globally much of the time is spent in the internet as most of the people prefer to use the internet as a platform for all kinds of activities whether it terms of business, individual or social activities. Thus the physical life is diminishing as the virtual life is increasingly becoming the social life. Traditional interactions in the society are reducing as most of the people are communicating using the social media platforms. This has resulted to isolation of the people within the society as there is no physical touch as the people interacts face to face as in the traditional society. The online society therefore has reduced the friendship level within the society and thus the traditional personal interaction is fading away. This has led to the slow loss of the human interaction as most of the people find it easy to converse through the internet. This will therefore lead into the degrading of our language skills and the skills of public speaking. Thus in cases of social gatherings normal debates, public confrontation and speaking will be a hard task to carry out as people will not be able to learn each other’s body language (Debatin et al 84). This is not right in our society, this is because of the fact that humans are social beings and hence they should regularly engage in personal interactions with other members of the society especially the physical society and not the online society s as to be able to realize the significance of socializing as well as leading balanced lives. Emotionally we are getting detached from the reality as we are focusing more on the less meaningful relationships. Thus the emotional touch that people usually offer people of closer relationship especially when the friends are in need is lacking in the online society (Iachello & Hong 100). Thus most of the online society members barely know their circle of friends and thus they end up building up a false sense of friendship connection and they are only limited by sending mails or even commenting on the social network platforms. Trust in this case is hard to be built in this setting and thus most of the people end up suffering from loneliness as they have no trust on these false relationships. Thus casual relationships formed in the online society are not helpful at all especially in times when people have to stand with each other.

The society we are living is not safe at all following the increased use of the social networking. Privacy issue has raised concern among the online society as these social networking platforms inspires people to be more publicized than to be private. Thus users are fond of using their personal lives while posting and even while signing in and creating accounts in these social networks platforms. These personal details thus remains indefinitely available and thus making the online society vulnerable to insecurity issues. Terrorism attacks are also organized using these online societies and these terrorists may gather information about the whereabouts and the family details about a person of interest. Also the kidnappers and frauds use these social media platforms so as to gather information about people and they use it against them for manipulation and theft (Jagatic et al 5).

            It is important to note that although most of the people across the world are users of the social network and that they belong to the online society; this online social network should only be used as a tool. In this case, communication on long distances will be enhanced greatly though it should not entirely form the basis of our communication as well as interaction in the society. Though the world is changing us, we should all thrive to preserve our physical interaction as it is important in human lives than the virtual life through internet connection. Thus it is important to realize that the positive benefits that we all get from these online societies are not much as compared to the negative impacts of this internet. Thus, if we constantly overuse these social networks then we will continually impact our communication skills, self expression qualities, bullying, destroy or weaken friendships and in entirety we will have negatively affected the whole humanity. 











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Online shopping is typically a form of electronic commerce that allows clients to purchase goods and services directly from the seller over the internet using a web browser. Usually consume find products of interests through visiting retailers’ website of the directly or through searching amongst alternative vendors using shopping search engine, that displays similar product’s availability as well as pricing at different e-retailers (Nelson et al, 2009).

Despite the above considerations, online shopping has its setbacks. These include security concerns, lack of full disclosure and privacy. For instance, given the capacity of inspecting merchandize before purchase, clients remains are at a higher a higher risk of fraud unlike face to face transactions. Conversely, whenever ordering goods online, the item may not end up working properly i.e. it may have some defects or not being the same as the item pictured in the online photo (Nelson et al, 2009). Equally, merchandize also risk fraudulent purchase in case clients are using fraudulent reputation or stolen credit cards for online purchase. Despite that, although merchants continues to face less risks often, one must trust ensure that they have addressed the online fraudulent.

Nonetheless, due to the numerous advantages as well as benefits of online shopping, still more and more customers prefer online shopping over the conventional shopping these days. First, online shopping can be done at anytime of the day. With regard to better prices, online shopping offers cheap deals as well as better prices because products are to be delivered directly from the manufacture or the seller without the need of having middlemen. Since majority of online shopping offers rebates and coupons, there are fewer expenses to be incurred. There reason for this is because mostly consumers do incur many expenses than the expected amount on staffs like eating out, travelling, and impulse shopping and so on (Khosrow, 2004). In respect to that, it should be noted that online sites makes comparison as well as research of products and prices possible. This in return offers the capacity of sharing information or reviews with other shoppers who has the firsthand experience with the retailer or that product.

Considering the situation of students, another expensive trick that online shopping posse to them is the inexpensive purchases which end up costing a lot more. Overall, what they believe is that most of the time they get caught up in the notion that technology can do everything for them while saving energy, money, and time (Khosrow, 2004). This in return makes them to utilize various approaches which are aimed at conducting their online shopping behavior.

In connection to the above, one of the negative or positive attributes that is associated with online shopping is the satisfaction level that needs to be explored. The reason for this is because customer satisfaction is perceived as being the good feeling which results from comparing related service, experience, or product of a particular business with the hope that such a product offers experience beyond expectation (Fjermestad & Romano, 2006). This makes them to continue using online shopping sites with the intention that it is profitable, compatible, as well as incurring less shopping risks. Consequently, the fact is that online shopping sites is characterized with time flexibility for the students in accessing information, site searching facilitation as well as place flexibility in accessing information. Since this induces students’ satisfaction, it indicates the significance of online retailers in offering complete and efficient information or the easiness of seeking products or services.





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AMAZON One E-Store to Rule Them All

What are the latest initiatives coming out of Amazon?

 Amazon website has been a noticeable years after years since it is able to manage every aspect of running a commerce organization. The issue behind its success is that it inimitably combines a comprehensive tool-set for fast design as well as handling. The current initiative the Amazon Company is aiming at is a market place thereby; the CEO introduced the idea of marketplace to the shareholders while he was discussing on the company’s culture as well as the willingness to embrace obstacles. The company is well recognized word wide especially for its e-commerce corporate thereby; it has visible exponential growth (Schermerhorn 88).

Bezos understood that marketing is important essence in every organization thus; it enables all the businesses activities are placed over certain believe. The CEO decision on market place majored on business’s effectiveness because he knew what was involved in promoting whatever the business offers in terms of product and services.   Marketing initiative the Amazon aims at is basically is anything which is clearly defined as a marketing power. Jeff Bezos confidence in the marketing initiative makes him belief that it can be a theme since it sets its commercials using specific conditions.  The important benefit of marketing place is improving as well as enhancing the brand attentiveness. Ideally marketing initiatives quantity opts to be measured by lucidity extension (Schermerhorn 88).

Amazon Company has made an effort in generating new programs where they are able to invite customers who are able to meet a high bar of shipping speed. It has also managed to develop a leading sequencer that helps the sellers improve thereby; it hurled an aggregate fund of over medium business. The CEO elaborated to the shareholders that marketing initiatives is one way of innovativeness in certain methods. The ingenuity is easy since it is digitalized plus focuses on one system of publicizing. Amazon major focus is on developing initiative demands that the initiative is applicable solely. Marketing initiative is a huge stint used in various large scale business thereby; Amazon understand that it will be easy in placing plans in place if need be (Lim & Taylor 86).


How do they stack up in relation to actual or potential competition?

In reference to the case study, Amazon Company is a multinational consumer with the huge internet site. Despite it being the best seller of great deal of various consumer goods, it also faces challenges with other up-coming business such as the apple company. Amazon has got several opponents in electronics and general merchandise also involves; the family dollar, radio shack as well as Delia. The company engages in the market structure where it faces challenges over several other organizations. Considering the actual competitors Amazon faces their direct competitors such as apple which places it under pressure (Ghorbani 69).

The most viable rival of Amazon on online is apple and with the new implementation by Amazon the game is changing. In the past business success majored on utilization of aptitudes especially in branding, manufacturing as well as distribution with the aim of delivering superlative products. The case study suggests that Amazon’s competition emphasis on carrying over relationship probably with the clients together with partners in delivering the best results. Amazon faces actual competition with apple since there are the two ruling organizations in the world of technology as well as commerce. However, they not only do their business individually but do it together. The difference with the two companies is that they at time might not have an official agreement. The case study advocates that the two parties performs healthy business just like worriers who love and respects one another. Despite how many challenges Amazon faces with its competitors it still remains as one of the main technological company of the online media landscape. The company has launched the kindle fire of which is a huge challenge to the rivals thereby; it is one of the company’s expectations. Amazon seems to be stimulating its potential competitors such as Google because despite the DOCs storage by Google Amazon has a Cloud Drive thus making the competition healthy. Every successful organization must be involved with a potential competition. For example, Google which is a broad company faces potential competition form Amazon which is a ‘One E-Store to Rule Them All’ (Schermerhorn 88).

Many business establishments are capable of contending Amazon being a large scale business, since they are able to measure website effectiveness through various analytical tools such as the Firefox, Fast Web Media plus Admeta which are highly aimed at aiding the business in easily understanding their competitors through the provision of insight into various website apps. The URL is effectively reliable in providing details of the overview of the business site thus; it is easy to look at various features of other sites. Mobile app is the best application in measuring web effectiveness since it is easily capable of analyzing traffic forms in store and other external sources (Ghorbani 69).




Is Bezos making the right decisions as he guides the firm through the ever evolving challenges of today’s cyber markets? Or, is he starting to lose touch as the company grows and his other personal interests take more time and attention?

Bezos easily understands b of how important is cyber marketing as well as how it has become a crucial segment of e-commerce. The case study suggests that Bezos concern on the social media was the global internet as well as web related areas thereby; his decision was right because with cyber marketing the organization will easily attract its latent consumers especially by advertising its new products like the kindle fire through the website.  Adoption of cyber marketing is advantageous since it appears as the fastest site therefore; it empowers the party in minimizing its cost plus aids it in reaching its substantial customers (Lim & Taylor 86).

Bezos idea on the cyber market considered the fact that Amazon’s divisions are based on its actual procurement comportment. The segmentations majors on the consumers thus; allowing the company to convert visitors into long-term, great –assessment clients. The case study on One E-Store to Rule Them All’, it is unbelievable on how the world’s social media had taken part in business organizations thereby, Amazon CEO understood of how important  cyber marketing is crucial in the marketing strategy. Amazon being a large scale organization involves internet presentation since it is an essential process which brings into line on how the clients make decisions on purchasing. The decision made by Jeff Bezos will ensure that there is a strong relationship between the business consumers plus projections through the low-price personalized communication (Schermerhorn 88).

With the cyber marketing one is able to open for the organization at any time with no worry on store opening hours as well as overtime payment. Social medial is cheap and easily accessible thereby Amazon will sell it kindle fire product with ease. The internet is able to convince business of convenient consumers since they can easily browse the staff online at any place and place and order. Bezos considers various factors dragging the company down. For example, cost because marketing the product online is cheaper and effective than on physical sales (Lim & Taylor 82).




Cyber marketing is always a good idea for every organization the management to personalize offers to the consumers this is by building the profile of the purchasing history and preferences. The internet opens a platform for more consumers since it is accessed by a wide range of individuals globally.   Amazon’s CEO ensures that Customer service is the provision of services to the consumers after a purchase or before.  The major concern on the customer service is for the business to assigns to customer services relative to the components such as pricing and innovation. It is the client service which determines how customer behaviors are contrasted to business purchasing altitude, but the ultimate focus for the organization on consumer goods and services. According to the case study, Bezos encourages the shareholders on motivation as one thing which drives customers on decision making and behavior. It is the expression which presses an individual enough thus, leading them to the want to satisfy them, thus impacting the market positively (Schermerhorn 92).

One of the noble advantages of the Amazon in reference to the case study is that, using social media is that it facilitates the process of communication by enhancing information discovery and delivery. The links between the sender of the information and the recipient of the message have become very easy, divergent and faster than the traditional means. Due to their real-time and interactive nature, the social media offers unparalleled opportunities for the customers to communicate with companies. Also, some of the companies can use the Internet to manage their customers and source information regarding customer feedback and possibly the number of times their most trusted customers visit their stalls (Goldfayn 145)

In addition, communication runs down even to the government agencies. For instance, we can have the health ministry of a certain government posting information relating to some health caverns using the Facebook or the Twitter handle. The information communicated might include the need for evacuation from some areas (Goldfayn 145).

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