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Communication Major Paper

Q1 Communication theory is a major philosophy applicable to several fields since it is applied to the development of knowledge as well as understanding. The theory study is aimed at generating skills and knowledge on how individuals communicate. Interaction adaption theory is another essential philosophy since; it is through the communication process that people are linked together with a goal of achieving a common purpose by transferring information. I choose the theory as the best applicable to my future career since, a business image is not only based on the quality of its product and the services but also on the communication skills offered. However, in my future career dream as a journalist in one of the American media, am certain that the theory will be helpful. Attribution theory is another important theory in my career because it is the first consideration in collecting information on how individuals elaborate various events.  With this theory people are able to see cause of certain happening as well as the effect relationship even where there is none. One the most common essential of the three theories is that they generate ability to overcome physical restraint like face- to-face interaction. In other words they advocate that mass communication’s aim is to educate the great mass by giving genuine information (Griffin, Emory, Andrew & Glenn 115).

Q2 Cultivation theory is one the major theory discussed with a good relationship with individual’s personal life. The theory is a media effect where individuals are influenced by the social media especially where the view on media is reputedly. The theory contributes independently to the way individuals perceive social reality. Constructivism theory is another philosophy with an effect to personal life since it is associated with approaches as well as learning. The theory appears where people compare their personal life with others thus; realizes that it is dangerous since the results prevent individuals from putting more effort for their best. The third theory is the interpersonal deception theory where an individual is associated with similar actions like taste, aspiration as well as interest. The theory is essential in personal life since it aid in sharing a healthy relationship. The three theories stand among the rest because they exist in the personal stage by ensuring that individuals are able to understand their behaviours and nature to others. The theories help people understand that there is a huge gap between them and others especially in a situation one receives less than he gives. However, it is important to always expect other individuals to do things first (Griffin, Emory, Andrew & Glenn 203).


            Q3 Objective theories are essential in communication since they provide a substantiated elaboration of some aspects in nature. The three important scientific theories involves; proxemics theory, social exchange theory as well as social penetration theory. The three are most reliable since they are comprehensive from the scientific knowledge. The theories are common in one aspect that they provide an explanation of various aspects of nature bade on the base of facts which have been confirmed through individual observation as well as is from the objective theories that one is able to understand factual explanation of the universe as well as the progress (Griffin, Emory, Andrew & Glenn 77).

Cultural theory is one of the best of interpretive theories since it provides a strong explanation of the theory. The philosophy is based on the understanding of reality and cultural differences. It is the only theory that gives a clear understanding of how people engage in their daily practices and communication. Semiotics theory is the other strong interpretive theory thereby; is majors on interpreting sings of communication. The interpretive theory giving the meaning of communication because only through sings that information is well understood on the other hand, practical theory is another essential theory of interpretive which concentrates more on the attention. The three theories are the strongest since they are practical especially while determining whether their standard (Griffin, Emory, Andrew & Glenn 86).

Q4 According to Mead personal mind is generated through the social mind thus generating the psychology. However, he suggests that the personal functioning occurs as a form of social process prior to the structural process. The action theory in communication is one which is best applicable in Mead’s application because it approaches a privilege of perspectives of individuals subjected to social interaction. Gratification theory is another philosophy which is best related to Mead perspective since it is majored on how individuals use media for gratification. It is a theory which gives meaning to what Herbert meant suggesting that conversation between people consists of a phase of social context. Communication theory is another essential theory in relation to the philosopher since generally the idea is all about communication. The theory study is aimed at generating skills and knowledge on how individuals communicate. It is through the communication process that people are linked together with a goal of achieving a common purpose by transferring information. I choose the theory as the best applicable to my future career since, a business image is not only based on the quality of its product and the services but also on the communication skills offered (Griffin, Emory, Andrew & Glenn 215).

Work cited

Griffin, Emory A, Andrew Ledbetter, and Glenn G. Sparks. A First Look at Communication Theory. , 2015. Print


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            Communication Skills Used In Criminal Justice

            In the field of criminal justice, both written and oral communication skills are highly necessary.   Improved skills of communication are required in order to relate in a manner that is positive to the victims, offenders as well as all the other individuals who are involved in the profession of criminal justice (Hendricks, & Hendricks, 2014).  Professionals in the criminal justice industry work at a very close range with partners, customers,  criminal justice members and other people in their everyday pertains (Hendricks, & Hendricks, 2014).  Therefore in order for the operations to be successful, it is highly necessary for the individuals to be holders of solid grounds in writing and interpersonal skills like empathy, listening, effective talking, flexibility and the ability to resolve the conflict.

            In addition, a great section of any professional position in the field of criminal justice highly necessitates reports completion (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2014).  In other words, reports might require being written in order to be utilized in court, for reference or records purpose of in search of approval of documents such as grant funding, clients collaboration as well as warrants.  This, therefore, requires the professionals in the field of criminal justice to be holders of strong writing and oral skills of communication in order to present effective analysis, findings, conclusions as well as a suitable recommendation on issues.  Effective skills of communication in the field of criminal justice are paramount as they are necessary for every operation. The capability of understanding the criminal justice laws, communicate the laws as well as enforce them depends on an individual’s communication ability (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2014).  High comprehension skills are thus necessary for the field as they help an individual to interpret reports, regulations, statistical data as well as law interpretation.

            Oral communication skills are essential in the field of criminal justice (Hendricks, & Hendricks, 2014).  By the basic nature of criminal justice individuals in the profession are needed to have desirable speaking skills.  This is mainly because working in this field necessitates the capability of posting questions that are pertinent, perform interrogation, discussions, interviews as well as consult with colleagues.  This entire situation requires proficiency. In addition, when faced in a confrontation communication skills may lead in obedience instead of corporeal compulsion.  Verbal communication that is necessary requires the incorporation of listening, analyzing, reflecting and issue handling.  Listening helps in developing a better n analysis of what have been said and the response that one is necessitated to give.  These skills are essential as they ensure that an individual does respond in a manner that portrays being judgmental (Hendricks, & Hendricks, 2014).  Since criminal justice involves information sharing an essential part of the interpersonal skills needed is the ability to listen. Intent listening is required because effective information sharing may not be achieved without listening.  This just not only involves focusing on what the others are saying but providing full attention to every detail that they give.

            Interpersonal and written communication skills may be essential in my criminal justice role. This is because with the ability to write effectively challenges of reports writing and interpretation will be eliminated. The ability to write is additionally important because it helps in developing the interpretation and comprehension skills (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2014).  This will help in ensuring that I solve issues effectively through developing suitable solutions.  Interpersonal skills are very crucial in communication as they help in ensuring that the intended message is conveyed and interpreted accurately. These skills will ensure that I develop reports that are highly written and organized so that they can communicate clearly the views that are being conveyed.






Hendricks, J. E., & Hendricks, C. S. (2014). Crisis intervention in criminal justice/social service.

            Stojkovic, S., Kalinich, D. B., & Klofas, J. (2014). Criminal justice organizations: Administration and management.

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