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Paper Instructions:

Type 2 Diabetes rates in the United States have significantly increased over the past several decades.  One of the biggest risk factor is poor diet and lack of exercise.  Write an essay on Diabetes and Obesity in the United States.  Include the answers to the following questions in your essay:

1. Differentiate between the causes of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  Focus on production of insulin and binding of insulin to receptors on body cells.  Use the following you tube clip to help: 

Watch Video
Diabetes Epidemic - By 2020 50% Of America Will Have Diabetes Or Be Pre-Diabetic

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YouTube URL:

2. Describe the diabetes data (statistics) trends located on the CDC website.    Include age (adult and child), gender, location (state), and ethnicity.

3. Read the CDC Diabetes Report Card 2017 . Describe the obesity data (statistics) trends located in the link below.  Include age (adult and child), gender, location (state), and ethnicity.

4. Read "Prevalence of Obesity Among Adults and Youth: United States, 2011-2014." Using the data that you described in parts 2 and 3, describe the relationship between increased obesity and the increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes in both adults and children.

You may do additional research to answer any of the questions.


The assignment must fully answer all questions using data to support your ideas.
Cite your sources within the body of your paper.
The paper should be a minimum of two full pages long not counting your reference page.
Include references in APA format.
This assignment will be checked for plagiarism by SafeAssign. It must have less than a 20% match in order to be graded.
Submit assignment through Blackboard as a word document.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Examine the targeted advertisements that you see when you use social media or access websites and consider whom advertisers seem to think you are. Compare this "advertising identity" with your own view of yourself. Write at least a 750-word essay for a class website analyzing similarities and differences in your "advertising identity" and your "real identity," using examples from your social media activity and from your offline achievements and interests. 

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 Celebrity Advertising and Society


Today’s society is being fascinated by celebrities, including athletes, musicians, politicians, and business investors. Celebrities are being used to promote products from different organizations. This has become a popular advertising technique all over the world. In this paper, we are going to discuss the relationship between celebrities and society, the role celebrities play in the advertisement sector, the various origins of celebrity endorsement, and the advantages and disadvantages of using celebrities to sell products (Mittal, 2017). Besides, we will also evaluate whether using celebrities to endorse products is profitable, the products that are more likely to be promoted by celebrities successfully, the influence of social media on celebrity advertisement, and its influence in the market. At the end of the study, we will be able to use this information to cope up with the challenges facing celebrity advertisements in relation to society. We will also identify the products that are most suitable for celebrity advertisement.  

The origin of celebrity dates back to the 1950s when Mike Jordan was used to promoting Nike brands (Lad, 2020). Advertising influences society positively as it encourages economic growth through the production of products and services that are on-demand. The endorsement of celebrity advertisements plays an important role in the market as well as society as it affects the purchasing power and decision of a consumer. This means that celebrities influence customer’s behavior of purchasing products (Kumar & Patra, 2017). Besides, it also plays a role in promoting building a brand and brand equity. Here the celebrity helps in building the trust or belief of a given brand. Celebrity advertisement has led to the rapid growth of social media platforms as well as mass communication media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, magazines, radio, and television among others. It has helped in maintaining the social and mass media platforms, as they are less expensive for the public. On the other hand, celebrity advertisement is suitable for some product brands compared to others. Product brands such as mobile phones, televisions, cosmetics and fragrances, vehicles, and luxury goods have high sales as celebrities advertise them more frequently (Muda, Musa & Putit, 2017). Also, some consumers believe that a brand is efficient if a celebrity advertises it. Celebrities play an important role in endorsement products and this makes it a more lucrative method of advertisement.

The advantages of celebrity advertisement include the following: Influencing a consumer’s purchase power whereby a consumer buys a product because a certain celebrity is using it. The second advantage is that celebrities help in building brand awareness compared to any other type of advertisement. Another advantage is that celebrities help in attracting new customers, raising a brand that was failing in the market, and bringing a brand into position. There are also risks involved in celebrity brand endorsement. First, a celebrity may overshadow a brand. This happens when celebrities endorse more than one product in more than one company. Consumers tend to focus on the celebrity and not the product (Ahmad, etaal., 2019). The frequent appearance of the celebrity’s image devalues the advertised product. Second, the celebrity may become overexposed when he or she endorses a brand for many companies. This is because the consumers lose interest in the product and believe that the celebrity intends to add a buck. Lastly, change of image, which occurs when celebrities make mistakes that lead to the failure of a brand or product in the market.In conclusion, celebrity endorsement in advertising influences society positively. It leads to the growth of the economy as products and services reach consumers faster. Also, the influence of celebrity advertisements has increased recently. This is because there has been an increase in the number of social media platforms that have stimulated celebrity advertisement. It is a more profitable method of advertisement as compared to traditional methods. 



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 How companies and brands can benefit from advertisement campaigns?


              An advertising campaign is a strategy used by organizations to disseminate information about a product through paid media. What makes advertising campaign unique is that each company has a different theme and the theme differs because the company has unique knowledge about the industry, market, audience, goals, and objectives. This means that every company has a reflection of a special identity. Even though the advertising campaigns are similar, it is important to note that companies are experiencing an environmental change and this means that they must reevaluate their products, price, place, and promotion effectively to gain a competitive edge.   In other words, a company must come up with a unique theme and slogan describing a particular product and targeting a specific audience.  For example, the paper analyses two advertising campaigns; Always "#LikeAGirl" campaign and "Our Food, Your Questions" campaign.  Procter & gamble benefited from the campaign Always "#LikeAGirl" in that it achieved its goal of eliminating gender stereotypes and improving the girl's self-perceptions and behaviors. McDonald also benefited from the campaign since it gained brand transparency and improved customers' food perception. These two advertising campaigns show that companies develop different objectives of advertising and they must apply strategies to achieve the objectives. In other words, companies must come up with advertising strategies such as the message idea, and the choice of a media.  In general, advertisings campaign has created a world of difference in the McDonald and Procter & gamble companies as it has made a difference in people's lives, and has made their brands popular in the eyes of the consumer.


The objective of the campaign

  PARENTE & STRAUSBAUGH-HUTCHINSON (2014, p. 13) affirm that during an advertising campaign, companies should have the right attitude.  In other words, a company cannot develop the right product, price, place, and promotion if it lacks the right mind-set. The authors say that there are many things that a company can do to show the right mindset and among the things, a strategic orientation is very important. Note that many companies launch advertising campaigns but the advertising does not achieve the intended objective due to poor planning.  Therefore, companies must have a strategic orientation (PARENTE & STRAUSBAUGH-HUTCHINSON, 2014, p. 13).  For an advertising campaign to achieve the designed competitive edge, a company must have a strategy. The latter will provide guidelines concerning how the team will work and also concerning how the campaign should be implemented. Among the strategies that a company can think about, it should focus on objectives.  In other words, an advertising plan must have an objective which states what the campaign should accomplish (PARENTE & STRAUSBAUGH-HUTCHINSON, 2014, p. 13).   In most cases, long-term objectives are a corporation's strategic plan and it is communicated to members of the entire organization so that all can be aware of what the company wants to accomplish. However, advertising g objective is not long term but is set for shorter periods.  This is due to the market change and therefore advertising campiness should have a specific objective such as to introduce a product, a brand, to create awareness,   to create value, to increase sales, among other objectives that make a call to action.  It is important to note that   in setting advertising objective, a company must consider factors such as;

  Market segmentation

            Note that during an advertising campaign, a company must understand the market segmentation to examine the types of consumers, buyer behavior, and consider other social, economic, and environmental factors (PARENTE & STRAUSBAUGH-HUTCHINSON, 2014, p. 14).  The importance of understanding the market segment is to set advertising strategies and make creative advertising campaigns.

Buyer behavior

 Mohan also states that in an advertising campaign, a company must understand the buying behavior of a particular group. This will help the company set up strategies and messages and decide whether that particular group need consumable products, durable goods, or industrial products.

 Product personality and perceptions

Mohan introduces an important statement that the special features of a product do not make a brand to become known or to become successful in the adverting filed. Rather, what makes a brand appealing to people is the perception of the product (PARENTE & STRAUSBAUGH-HUTCHINSON, 2014, p. 13). Note that company A and company B can have a brand with the same properties or characteristics and therefore it will be hard to convince the customers. Thus, a company must allow the customers to develop a meaningful picture of a product.

 Situational factors

 In making advertising objectives, Mohan says that a company must understand the market situation or factors that might affect the buyers' behavior (PARENTE & STRAUSBAUGH-HUTCHINSON, 2014, p. 13).  For example, factors such as social factors like gender-influenced factors that may affect potential customers.

Always "#LikeAGirl" and the objectives of the campaign

            The Procter & Gamble Company had realized that girls' self-confidence falls when they reach puberty. Therefore, the main objective of the advertising campaign was to redefine confidence, empower girls, and ensure that the brand has a powerful role in the life of women (Barley (n.d), p.1).  Focusing on the research made above about the advertising campaign, it is important to note that before the company initiated the campaign, it had conducted social research and understood that girls go through social issues that need to be addressed.  The company found that during puberty, a time when girls begin to receive periods, girls lose self-confidence.  Note that the company's target audiences were young girls and its duty or mission was to empower the girls and improve feminine hygiene. Note that even though many women used the product after the advertising campaign, the main objective of the company was to engage young women and change the negative perception toward girls (Barley (n.d), p.1). The Procter & Gamble had found that the society associated girls with weakness and vanity and for this reason,   the company created a video and spread a powerful message that a girl or "Like A Girl" means that girls also have a special position in the society. Before creating the objective, The Procter & Gamble used Research Now study to find research data and prepare for connecting and messaging.  It also used hashtag #- the hashtag means that girls are stereotypes in society and this is an issue that needs immediate action.  The company also used video launch and collaborated with key influencers and bloggers to share the video in the media coverage and spread the message. The company also engaged celebrities who would help in reaching the target audience by posting tweets to share the message women (Barley (n.d), p.1).  Initially, the campaign spread in North America but with time, it spread in 20 markets. Note that initially the campaign was seen as a small social experiment but within a short period the video became viral and the company achieved its goal of emotional connecting women with ‘Like a girl'  theme.   Note that The Procter & Gamble was interested in the psychological effects of women especially when they are negatively portrayed by society women (Barley (n.d), p.1).  Society, as well as the mass media, does not value femininity and it emphasizes standards of beauty, among other social-cultural things that diminished pubertal girls and women. Since the company has realized the struggles that girls go through, it focused on improving the girl's self-esteem by countering the negative effects.  Even though the advertising campaign Always "#LikeAGirl” gave the brand great popularity, the company achieved its objective of empowering women through engagement and participation in conversations concerning the gender roles, and changing the negative perception toward women.


 "Our Food. Your Questions." and the objectives of the campaign

 First, it is important to note that "Our Food. Your Questions" campaign was a "transparency campaign".  This means that the video was intended to communicate the quality of the food and eliminate the myths and misconceptions that were all over the social media (Jarboe Greg, 2015, p.1).  Therefore, transparency was the main objective of the campaign and the company wanted to protect the consumers from the myths and negative rumors. In the advertising campaign, McDonald targeted the users and allowed them to ask food questions and the company promised to answer the questions on social media. The company gave answers concerning food preparation, ingredients, among others. 

Advertising message

            KOTLER et al, (2015, p.476) strong say that advertising campaign must have successful communication.  In other words, the company should deliver an effective message or rather the message should be creative to achieve the entire objective of the campaign. Note that effective advertisement does not mean that the advert should focus on a great product.  There are other important elements other than the brand image that the company should consider.  In general, an advertising campaign should have a coherent message (KOTLER et al, 2015, p.476).  For example, detriments need verbal and visual aspects for them to engage the target audience.  Besides,   an advertising message should be clear in a way that it should directly communicate the problem and propose the solution or the actions to take.


 How message-design helped achieve the objectives

Always "#LikeAGirl" advertising campaign

 In Always "#LikeAGirl" advertising campaign, the company used an emotional message.  Note that the purpose of an emotional message is to create an emotional connection to young women.  The strong emotional appeal helped the company achieve the objective of empowering women in that the target audience realized how wonderful it is for them to be females. They became confident and strong and gained the confidence to talk about teenage girls.  The message was also emotional in that even the viewers could feel the pain after realizing how girls are stereotyped in society and how the stereotype has affected their self-esteem (Barley (n.d), p.1).  All in all, the girls gain knowledge about their issues including their emotional and physical well-being.  At the end of the video, it appears that girls do not feel insecure anymore but they can fight against gender discrimination as they have realized their roles in society. Through the emotional message, the video transformed the societal norms and eliminated the biased behaviors toward women.


"Our Food. Your Questions."

In "Our Food. Your Questions" advertising campaign, McDonald used an engaging message.  Note that the company knew that there are myths and conceptions about the food and for this reason, it gave its customers or the target market the answers, the solutions, or what they wanted.  McDonald acted the "Problem Solver' not only to solve the issue at hand but also to engage customers transparently (Jarboe Greg, 2015, p.1). The company clarifies the information by showing the customers the food preparation, ingredients, and all necessary steps used in making food. The engaging message created a brand appeal in that at the end of the advertising campaign, the target audience or rather the customer had realized the value and quality of McDonald's food (Jarboe Greg, 2015, p.1). The company also engaged the customers by giving its customers' insider information or communicating how the company has strived to offer the best. This insider information made the customer feel special and feel emotionally connected to the company.






 In modern-day management, companies realized the importance of advertising campaigns and moving the business to the next level.  It is important to note that a company can use a significant amount of resources to cater to advertising campaign expenditures. For this reason, companies need to evaluate or analyze important concepts such as brand image, message design, plans, and programs, as well as objectives.  The paper has shown that advertising campaign benefits the organizations in raising brand visibility, launching new products, raising brand awareness, provide customers with background knowledge about the product, educate the customers, create a positive perception about the brand, among other benefits.  However,   two advertising campaigns namely always "#LikeAGirl", and Our Food. Your Questions" have introduced two important concepts that in the advertising campaign, it is important to create a strategic objective, and second, it is important to create a message strategy. The objective means that the advisement must have a purpose and must strive to achieve that particular purpose.  Besides, an advertising campaign should have a message selection to engage the customers. Generally, the two companies achieved their objectives by using advertising campaign strategies of creative objective and message-design.










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 Should social media influencers be regulated like more traditional advertisers on TV and in newspapers?



            Social media has become of the most commonly used method of advertising when it comes to digital marketing especially in this 21st century. One of the key advantages of using social media as a way of marketing is that the platforms help to a higher extent in reaching millions of customers. Therefore, it is always possible to spread information about various products and services to different potential and esteemed clients worldwide. However, even with the many advantages of using these platforms for the purpose of marketing, there are a few drawbacks. These drawbacks include use of false or exaggerated information while marketing and this clogs the decision-making ability of the potential customers. A social media influencer is a user on a social platform who has established credibility in a specific industry, they have access to a large following on sites to include Instagram and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach (De Veirman et al., 2017). While social media platforms such as Instagram has created a livelihood for influencers through advertisement, regulating Instagram advertisement will enable consumers to make informed decisions.

            TV and social media are both different forms of media that sell audiences to corporations. Traditional advertisers on TV are regulated by regulatory boards to prevent “aggressive sales techniques, false or deceptive ad messages, as well as intentionally incomplete information” (Tunikova, 2018). Through the use of traditional medium of advertising, it is always easy to focus on certain group of potential customers and especially within a certain locality. More so, it is always possible to reach this group of customers through specific local languages. This makes it possible for the advertiser to have a connection with the customers and can always be a in position to have instant results and address on areas to improve where necessary. However, when it comes to social media, this from of marketing tends to take a different route to engage with potential customers. For example, Instagram, which was launched in October (2010) has been a key marketing social media platform. This platform has largely been used by influencers to reach millions of marketers in the whole world. Instagram is considered to be the most favorite platform for influencers because it offers an opportunity to access various different better creative tools and the fact that the platform is popular especially to the young generation and mostly the female gender (Casaló, Flavián & Ibáñez-Sánchez, 2018). Unfortunately, some of the influencers who use this platform engage in unprofessional methods of marketing such as making false advertisement and use of undisclosed sponsorships. This leads in causing disappointments to customers especially when they make purchases only to find that the products and services, they were buying does not meet their expectations as per the advertisement they saw or read on the platform.

            In this essay I delve into the world of Instagram influencing as it pertains to young women. The reason why young women are the major focus is because “Young women make up a majority of instagram user base, and tend to make more comparisons than men.”. The way in which false advertisement and undisclosed paid posts affect young ladies should be analysed because of its effects on mental health, physical health and the monetary loss.

 Brands have recently discovered the extensive impact and the viral growth potential of social media influencers. These individuals and mostly ladies have built a large network of followers and have been trusted as tastemakers by brands to promote products (Tokunaga, et al., 2010). Factors to include the impact of the number of followers on influencer likeability play a large part. Instagram works in a way that a higher number of followers is an indicator that a large crowd is interested in the account and often subscribe to its updates. Therefore, the influencer with a large number of following will be perceived as more likeable and more popular and product promoters and brands often go for them. Despite their popularity and likability influencers have caused more damage than good to their social media audience and following.

Influencer marketing has evolved to one of the hottest trends being used in the market to promote brands and products. A majority of marketers reported that utilizing influencers to push their marketing plans is an effective strategy. A larger percentage of marketers in the market are already coordinating with influencers and if not, they are considering it. Instagram influencers are a wave that is just passing and its nearing an all-time low season (Tokunaga, et al., 2010). As Instagram continues to allow more individuals and influencers achieve fame the more the platform has been oversaturated with influencers thus making it impossible for audiences to keep up with all the content being uploaded and especially sponsored content.  Instagram fate is fleeting and the same influencers that capture the attention of audience may not hold the same attention or attract attention tomorrow.  

            False advertisement and undisclosed sponsorships is one of the issues with influencer marketing. The hegemonic nature of culture societies means that companies play a huge role in creating this environment, as they are the ones creating the products or services, and source out Influencers as contractors, who are then obliged to follow instructions from the people who sponsor their content. The brands are driven by capitalism and the desire to make huge profits without any consideration for consumers. Strinatin (2010) stated that within the culture industry capitalism “works to exclude real or true needs” (P.358). By using influencer, it makes it easier for them to shape consciousness because of the personable approach with storytelling that makes the advertisement WOM. Word of Mouth- WOM “is how marketing scholars have mainly characterised social media.” (Appel, Grewal, Hadi, & Stephen, 2019, para. 12). The magnitude of the impact of misinformation is high, because of followers the have.

Social media influencers are endorsing inauthentic partnership and content. These influencers don’t even use the products and services they endorse on social media. Brands are at fault for not caring if an endorsement is coming from a place of true authenticity. Brands and marketers are at risk of loosing their credibility should the audience be able to interpret the inauthentic and misleading information delivered by influencers on behalf of the brand.  To enhance the credibility of brands and products, marketers should target influencers who have used and liked their products and services before drawing up an endorsement deal (De Veirman et al., 2017). At the very least marketers should ensure that they are in business with influencers that connect with their brand. The Marketing industry has lost sight of the fact that social media influencers are inherently inauthentic and in rare cases even if they are true fans and users of the brand, the content they are creating on Instagram is not earned its just another form of modern advertisement and content creation.  

            The physical health of young ladies isn’t the only concern about the safety of young ladies, there are mental health concerns as well. Instagram has come under scrutiny for the longest time in regards to the effects it has on mental health (Wagstaff, 2018). It is important to understand how influencer marketing contributes to these issues. Influencers create beauty standards that are unreachable to the average girl. They post about skincare products as advertisement, and associate it with the reason they have good skin, meanwhile a lot of them undergo beauty procedures at medical spas, which is not affordable to many millennial young ladies. There is a hierarchy being created from this social network and young ladies view these influencers as superior to them, and therefore want to be affiliated with products they promote in order to be deemed of a higher social status as well. Their desire to fit in is leading to poor psychological well-being (Wagstaff, 2018).

            Studies have shown that “At the highest level of strangers followed only, more frequent

Instagram use had direct associations with greater depressive symptoms.” (Lup, Trub, & Lisa

Rosenthal, 2015, p. 250). In addition to this, findings revealed that with the depressive symptoms, social comparison is a “mediatorr”.  (Lup et al., 2015, p. 251). As influencers do not know their audience personally, but only virtually these influencers would be considered strangers to the users following them. They are viewed as opinion leaders rather than friends. This means that posts, which involve influencers looking flawless would cause negative social comparisons, because they would have low self-esteem from not feeling like they are as beautiful. When they purchase these products, it would lead to a downward spiral and eventually transition into a full-blown mental illness such as depression. 

            Content on Instagram is readily available and it is being dispersed at a fast rate and it makes it easy for social comparison to occur because these young ladies wouldn’t have to search all over Instagram to find this content. (Wagstaff, 2018) It is in their face. Meaning the only adequate intervention would be government intervention by regulating false advertisement, and this would make influencers smarten up to and become honest about their procedures or reject beauty company partnerships if they are told to lie by saying it is what they use.     

            The influencer marketing industry is worth a billion dollars (). It is a business and influencers may argue that creating this regulation jeopardises their income, because individuals do not appreciate sponsored advertisement. Sometimes, influencers are hired by advertising agencies other times they are hired by the brands. There is pressure from advertising agencies to deliver and produce “strong return on investments to clients” (Chiders, Lemon & Hoy, 2018).       Influencers are not health care professionals and have never claimed to be. It can be argued that regulating influencers because of health-related posts is not justifiable, because influencers never claimed to be health care experts, but rather are enthusiasts who share their lifestyle (). These ‘influencers promote brands through their personal lives,” making them relatable to the average consumer (). However, they are in charge of the content they put out. It is very irresponsible to believe that because they aren’t health experts, they do not need to know nor care about health implications. Influencers are responsible for the content they put out. Studies, have already discovered the difficulties influencers create.


            Social media influencers have brought up a conflict issue that questions their morality.  To gain attention and a large following these influencers are stirring all kinds of controversial debates. Just like any other human beings they can make mistakes but it is high time brands and marketers reconsider the investment they make in them, since certain influencers could prove to be a dangerous investment (Tokunaga, et al., 2010). At times their credibility is questionable since most of them purchase followers to increase their fan base. Asa matter of fact Instagram influencers only show a side of them that they want the  their audience to see, these individuals want their following to see; how beautiful they look after a break up, how amazing and expensive their holidays were and show off clothes from top designer house that most of their audience cannot afford. Social media influencers have given rise to a generation that image obsessed, influencers are using their power to convince people to buy products they don’t even need.


            With respect to the above provided information, it is clear that social media is a more effective form of marketing in this digital era compared to traditional advertisers. This essay having focused on Instagram shows that this platform has many influencers and many users who form a very huge group of marketers and potential customers worldwide. Even though there are many genuine and honest marketers who use Instagram, there are those who have used this platform to provide misguided information about their products and services to their potential customers thus making them buy product they don’t even need (Tokunaga, et al., 2010). This behavior can be also defined as conning customers because such influencers end up giving false information to the customers and hence, they trick them in making purchases. The fact that it is easily possible and fast to put any kind of information on Instagram, it makes it nit always possible to euthanatize the correct information and hence potential customers might not make the best decisions. More so, use of Software such as Photoshop makes it possible for con influencers to convince their potential clients with fake products. There is a need to find effective ways of flagging off fake influencers in order to protect potential customers from being conned.















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 Advertising to the Elderly

            For over a decade, marketers have shown a significant obsession with age in targeting of advertisements. Some of the ranges that have been segmented by most ads are the age between 18 and 34, 35, and 50 and over 55 years (Beer, 2019). The questions that arise from this are; is motivation, buying patterns, and lifestyles similar for all individuals? Is it based on the number of years we live? Although it is a fact that the elderly are branded wise, they are also considered to be the most suspicious group of people. One characteristic of the older consumers is that they are overwhelmed by styles that are new to them. Besides, they are keener on value for money, quality, and they are always slow in making decisions on a product. This paper will discuss the examples of good and bad advertisements that target elderly consumers, and further provide the degree to which they are stereotyped, depict the concept of age and finally, it will provide ways in which it could be improved.

Good Example Adverts

            There are a lot of activities that individuals in cities and towns go through, but their difference both individually and in groups is not manifested in these areas; they behave well. Furthermore, people might have contrasting philosophies, social upbringing, civilizations, and different teachings. There is a need to acknowledge that individuals are unique, and no one can be the other. Besides, the kind of lives people experience, and their histories can never be the same and therefore, it needs to be understood well when advertising or offering promotion to older people(Dixon, n.d). One of the most crucial things is appreciating their lifetime journey. It brings a sense of belonging.

            Other suitable ads can be seen in various firms; for example, many businesses are beginning to find out that older people can become excellent store guides and bases of information on the running of firms. The elderly can differentiate various things, are enduring and better in managing and ensuring client satisfaction. Unlike previously thought, the older adults are more likely to work also in the night and most probably likely to perform some jobs than the new people in a store, or the workplace. Although they might not be fast continuously, they are more dependable than others.

Bad Example Adverts

            Unfortunately, the older adults have also been depicted as a group of retirees who are weak, sick, and out of trace. About 47% of the adverts have shown that the elderly are individuals who should be appreciated (Sass, 2014). This is a sad thing because, where is the other 53%. This indicates that stereotyping is not an easy thing. Furthermore, there are no benefits for them to be depicted as unhelpful individuals by most discovery ads. However, just 31% of people found worth the ads for monetary facilities and elder living and 29% for those dealing with the line of medicine (Sass, 2014). The advertisers are also falling short with recorded approximately 20% claiming that they like the existing senior adverts, which then reduces the commercial facilities and that for medicinal ads.

            Additionally, humor is a significant component when advertising to aged consumers. However, it is a sensitive matter that might become very problematic when misinterpretation of the information in the advert is taken. In that scenario, the ad becomes very unhelpful. It is also challenging to make use of humor that is considered to be unfair by different kinds of groups. Additionally, the use of cheeky disrespect can also make the consumer look like an idiot

Degree of Stereotyping Adverts

            There is little open negative Stereotyping. The tendencies labeled analysis due to alteration of the typecasting age and gender collections and the rise in the several optimistic parts within the elderly group. Besides, people are well aware of the possible consequences of communal science viewpoints and together advertising. In a survey that was carried out by GlynnDevins which focuses on marketing to the older adults, the majority of the surveyors gave low marks on the way the people in their age group are portrayed (Sass, 2014). This indicates that most ads do not consider the stereotypes that are present concerning old age. Thus it brings a picture that the older people, which is currently the largest growing market, do not fully identify themselves with.

            Besides, the majority of the adverts in the United States aim at the young population with only about 5% of all the ads struggling to aim at the old community. This does not mean that the country does not have older people (Beer, 2019). They are there, and they are involved in various normal activities such as working, they drink beer like the rest, drive cars. It is unlucky that the publicist could ignore the fact that the elderly population is still involved in recreational facilities and games and can be interested in buying new appliances and automobiles. Unfortunately, they focus more on issues concerning consumer services, health, food, and household products.

Concepts of Ads Improvement

            Advertising is a process of promoting a message about a product or service to expand its usage among consumers. It has a basis of generation of more profits or ethical consideration or party-political. One of the most crucial things that the advertisers need to consider is that generations have changed and what it was yesterday might not be the same today (Dixon, n.d.) Similarly, the people in their fifties and above are not who they were before. Therefore, prior knowledge does not usually predict customer conduct in the age of fifties and more. One area that where ageism is significantly prevalent is in the old copies in advertising. They are central features in old people magazines and ignored in the televisions and offenders. This violates the ethical responsibilities of this group of individuals, and it needs to be considered to facilitate equality and respect the rights of older people. Proper understanding of the target group and their position and their need will form the basis for ads.


            In conclusion, adverting in the old age can be a bit challenging due to the sensitivity and suspiciousness in changing to new products in the market. However, there is a need to appreciate the fact that older adults will always be present in society and good as opposed to bad example, ads should be prioritized, and the rest avoided. This is because of the stereotypes they have towards older people, which does not necessarily represent them. Besides, publicists should consider the changes that have occurred for the past decades and prioritize the reduction of the current level of stereotyping of the older adults, which will then promote better advertising practices.















Beer, J. (2019). Why marketing to seniors is so terrible. Retrieved 2 October 2019, from

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1209 Words  4 Pages


                        Advocacy of gender equality in Nike’s advertisements

The most effective advertisement is that one that makes you look at it twice and also makes you think about the world at large. Adverts that are created by Nike are a good example of those captivating adverts that touch on the lives of people, and change the mind-set of the society. The brand’s advertisements touch on real issues affecting the society for instance gender equality in sports and thus making the world a much better place for every person. Some of the most captivating advertisements created by Nike include the ‘If you let me play’ campaign that was produced in the year 1995 and the ‘What will they say about you’ campaign that was produced in the year 2017. The two advertisements, though made in different timelines address the same issue of gender equality and the importance of allowing women irrespective of their ethnic background to take part in sports because they are just as capable as the men.

‘If you let me play’

The ‘If you let me play’ that was created by Wieden + Kennedy Amster advertising agency that has worked with Nike for generations. The commercial confronted the social structure of gender in sports during the mid-90s that was gender biased (Grow & Wolburg, 10). Women in the 90s could not take part in many sporting activities mostly because they were considered to be feminine and sporting activities were considered to be for the men (Learn, 43). The commercial featured young girls from different ethnic backgrounds dressed in various sporting attires mostly athletic gears. All the girls speak out the reasons why they should be allowed to play sports enlightening the world about the problems that most young girls face in their respective ethnic backgrounds.

The commercial cited that playing of sports for girls would help them be more confident for Asian girls and it would lower depression rates for white girls, it would lower pregnancy rates for black girls, it would reduce breast cancer statistics (Flynn, 1). Everyone that watched this advert remembers it because it touched on the plight of women at the time (Grow & Wolburg, 13). This commercial which was filmed in black and white featured sad young girls speaking in chant, urging the viewer to allow them take part in sporting activities. This commercial was successful in delivering its message because it was not a sell products advert but rather sell an idea advert. Nike which is always at the front line in understanding the needs of the society around them was able to recognize that there was an under-tapped market in female sport wear (Grow & Wolburg, 25). This commercial helped to create a change in the female sporting world by helping the society to acknowledge that women were under represented when it came to playing sports.

This commercial clearly pointed out that women taking part in sports is not all about the accomplishments on the field but rather the health effects that it has on their lives. The advert blamed the society for not giving women the chance to better their lives through sports (Flynn, 1). The words used in the advert ‘if you let me play’ are sad and they serve as a prompt that women of all ages could not play sports not because they did not want to , but because they were not given the chance to do it. The advert was not really a marketing strategy but rather a truth; it dared parents to allow their daughters to play sports (Grow & Wolburg, 5). It spoke to parents and the society at large to give the girls a chance to become strong and do away with the fragile concept that had been used for years to describe women. This served as a beginning of more women engaging in sports as many parents enrolled their girls in basketball, volleyball, hockey among others with that hope that this would provide the young girls with the framework of a much better life. This Nike advert was effective in influencing girls to engage in sporting activities, showing the role that sports can play in shaping the character of small girls into a strong self-possessed young woman.

‘What will they say about you’

 ‘What will they say about you’ is a more recent commercial that addresses the issue of gender equality concentrating on Arab women who bound by many traditional barriers are restricted from engaging in many sporting activities. The commercial was created by Wieden + Kennedy Amster for Middle East countries, Russia and Turkey (Mavromanolaki, 1). It is narrated by Fatima Al-Banawi who is a successful Arabic female artist, social researcher and actress, she just like the other women in the commercial have been able to break the norm to become who she is today (Mavromanolaki, 1). It features a group of Arab women taking part in sporting activities like skating, boxing and running, all which are considered to be masculine activities. Women in the Arabic society have a very hard time engaging in sporting activities because their main role is getting married and taking care of children (Abd-Latif, 366).

The commercial helps to show that Muslim women can be much more than just being wives and mothers, they can engage in other productive activities like sports because they are capable. The commercial starts off with a hijab wearing woman running through her village, where other villagers are staring at her in confusion as she runs through dirt without any fear (Butler, 1). A voice then follows speaking in Arabic saying ‘What will they say about you Maybe they will say that you exceeded all expectations, that you should not be here and that this is not a sport for you’. It then goes ahead to illustrate ‘Or maybe, they will say that you are strong, no one can stop you and you are their equal’ (Butler, 1). The advert then moves to women who are boxing and young girls who are showing off their athletic abilities, while another woman with her eyes closed sinks into a swimming pool in a meditative state (Butler, 1). This advert helped to address the fears that Arabic women go through in their daily lives as they struggle to stand out in the male dominated society.

 Everything that these women engage in most especially something that is out of the norm is criticized. The advert features five Arabic women who have beaten the odds to become successful in their sporting undertakings, the five share their experiences which are what makes this advert very successful in delivering its message (Mavromanolaki, 1). These are women who have been socially criticized by their friends and families because their choices conflict the norms of their society, but they have not given up. They have broken the boundaries to do what they like and the society has come to accept them. The advert was meant to speak to the Muslim women to break the norms and pursue their interests and they positively received and supported it. The commercial touches on the self-doubt of these women, digging deeper to become an enablement element rather than just a merchandise. The five women that are presented in the advert act as models to help motivate young Muslim girls to energetically engage in sports despites the obstacles that they come across.


Both the Nike adverts were created to help challenge traditional gender roles for the females. Though created in different eras, they help to show that gender equality is an issue that exists in the sporting society and it is something that needs to be addressed. The two adverts touch on the need for women to overcome the barriers of tradition that sees them as fragile as compared to men. It helps show women that they are just as capable as the men when it comes to sports and it is something that they should engage in without any fear. Nike adverts allow women to have higher self-regard and more tangible life plans and life objectives, without any fear.  Nike is a brand which like any other brand seeks to find new market segments so that it is able to create its economic benefits. However, through its adverts Nike not only creates the desire for women to purchase Nike sportswear, but also helps to create a legend that when these women purchase any Nike product, they purchase the shifting society and moral norms feeling as well.















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Other sections




  1. A the two Nike advertisement that will be analysed in the essay
  2. Establishment of the thesis that will guide the essay

Body paragraph

  1. Analysis of the first advert selected for the study
  • The structure of the advert and the people involved in its creation
  • The message the advert is trying to convey
  • The effectiveness of the advert in conveying the message
  1. Analysis of the second advert selected for the study
  • The structure of the advert and the people involved in its creation
  • The message the advert is trying to convey
  • The effectiveness of the advert in conveying the message


  1. A comparison of the two adverts and their effectiveness in delivering their message.

Works cited

  1. List of sources used both primary and secondary



Thesis and analysis

Gender equality is an issue that exists in the sporting society and it is something that needs to be addressed to help break the barrier that women are faced with in matters regarding taking part in sports.

The two advertisements, though made in different timelines address the same issue of gender equality and the importance of allowing women irrespective of their ethnic background to take part in sports because they are just as capable as the men. ‘If you let me play’ challenged the social construction of gender in sports during the mid-90s that was gender biased. Women at the time could not take part in many sporting activities mostly because they were considered to be feminine and sporting activities were considered to be for the men.  The advert blamed the society for denying women the opportunity to better themselves through sports.  It helped to create a change in the female sporting world by helping the society to acknowledge that women were under represented when it came to playing sports.

‘What will they say about you’ addressed the issue of inequality among the Arab women who bound by many traditional barriers are restricted from engaging in many sporting activities. The commercial addresses the fears that Arabic women go through in their daily lives as they struggle to stand out in the male dominated society. Everything that these women engage in most especially something that is out of the norm is criticized.

The two adverts touch on the need for women to overcome the barriers of tradition that sees them as fragile as compared to men. It helps show women that they are just as capable as the men when it comes to sports and it is something that they should engage in without any fear.


Rough draft

Some of the most captivating advertisements created by Nike include the ‘If you let me play’ campaign that was produced in the year 1995 and the ‘What will they say about you’ campaign that was produced in the year 2017. The two advertisements, though made in different timelines address the same issue of gender equality and the importance of allowing women irrespective of their ethnic background to take part in sports.

‘If you let me play’ challenges the social construction of gender in sports during the mid-90s that was gender biased. Women at the time could not take part in many sporting activities mostly because they were considered to be feminine and sporting activities were considered to be for the men. The commercial featured young girls from different ethnic backgrounds dressed in various sporting attires mostly athletic gears. All the girls speak out the reasons why they should be allowed to play sports enlightening the world about the problems that most young girls face in their respective ethnic backgrounds. This commercial was successful in delivering its message because it was not a sell products ad but rather sell an idea advert.  It spoke to parents and the society at large to give the girls a chance to become strong and do away with the fragile concept that had been used for years to describe women.

‘What will they say about you’ addresses the issue of gender equality concentrating on Arab women who bound by many traditional barriers are restricted from engaging in many sporting activities. Women in the Arabic society have a very hard time engaging in sporting activities because their main role is getting married and taking care of children. The commercial helps to show that Muslim women can be much more than just being wives and mothers, they can engage in other productive activities like sports because they are capable.


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 Coca Cola’s use of social media in its ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign    

One of the best ways to help ensure that a business is unique and that it gets the attention of its target markets is through content marketing. Social media platforms have made it possible for productions to be able to provide free valuable content to their target consumers. Almost every individual in the world is connected to more than one social media platform, which helps to show the strength that these platforms have on businesses reaching their target consumers (Del Buono, 2015). Social media enables productions to reach out to their consumers, respond to their queries and also update them on their new products.

            One of these social media platforms is Facebook; it is one of the most renowned media platforms. The platform has almost two billion users, where 80% of the people that use the internet have an active Facebook account that they log in multiple times in a day (Wiltjer, 2015). One advantageous fact about Facebook is that it is easy to use and this has ensured that it is not only used by the younger generations. It is estimated that 65% of people that are above the age of 65 own and are still active in their Facebook accounts (Wiltjer, 2015). Facebook is a media platform that people all over the world use on a daily basis and this makes it one of the best social media advertising platforms. Facebook is an effective media for advertising for all businesses because of its ability to reach the targeted audience. It allows for business to make specifications on its target audience in regards to age, behaviour, interests and the location (Wiltjer, 2015).

One of the businesses that have learnt and taken advantage of media platforms like Facebook for their PR campaigns is Coca Cola Company. As one of the most recognized brands in the world, it is able to attract its fans and its followers without much effort by having active social media accounts in all platforms. Coca Cola has over 63 million followers in its Facebook account, which makes it very easy for the company to reach their consumer targets when they advertise using this platform (May, 2019). One of the most effective campaigns that Coca Cola was able to pull through by using Facebook is the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in 2014. This has been rated to be one of the best performing marketing campaigns, which Coca Cola has ever pulled through in history. The campaign exchanged the famous iconic coke design on the coca cola cans with the most common names in various countries. Each of the new bottles had the #shareacoke wording on them, which was meant to inspire consumers to make online promotion of the brand (Moye, 2014). Consumers were encouraged to find the new branded coke bottles that had their names or the names that held distinctive significance for them.  After which they were encouraged to share them with their family as well as friends. This worked effectively as consumers started creating conversations online which helped to create media awareness on the brand and its products. The consumers shared their experiences as well as stories on social media using the hashtag #ShareaCoke (Moye, 2014).

An effective social media campaign is one that allows the consumers to effectively connect with brand and actually take part in increasing the positive effects of the campaign on the brand (Del Buono, 2015). Through this campaign, Coca Cola was able to connect and interact with their consumers on a personalized level. The target consumers in this case were the millennial, this is a group of people who value personalization and it has actually become a way of life for them (May, 2019). This group has a high regard on self-creativity, distinct storytelling and the way that they connect with their friends is also very important to them. The campaign gave them the ability to engage in all these things while at the same time promoting the brand. Whenever a consumer shared a Coca Cola bottle branded with a friend’s name, they honoured this friend and at the same time promoted the Coke brand unknowingly.

Social media should be used as a platform to allow brands to effectively communicate with their audience which helps to improve consumer relations (Del Buono, 2015). Coca Cola used their Facebook page to listen to their audience and responded to their requests on the names that they wanted to see on the new Coca Cola bottles. The campaign was a success as it increases the intake of the beverage for young adults by 7%; it also produced a total of more than nineteen million media impresses (May, 2019). The circulation on the company’s Facebook page increased by 87% with the likes on this page also augmented by almost 40% (May, 2019).

Though Coca Cola has been effective in utilizing social media platforms for effectiveness in their public relations, there are still some weaknesses in their strategy. Being a celebrity brand makes Coca Cola inactive on their social media pages. Most of the company’s social media pages, for instance, Facebook are left unattended for very long periods without any response to many consumer questions and also without frequent updates on the brand. Coca Cola needs to understand that consumers connect better with a brand that they are able to reach out to in case of any criticizes on the products and get a quick response.









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Impacts of Advertisement




Title: the impacts of advertisement

  • Introduction: advertisement is important because it leads to positive impacts the production of the organization. It however has negative impacts.

(a)Thesis statement: Advertisement greatly leads to improvement of the markets productivity; however it greatly leads to negative implications.

2)1st paragraph:

            (a) Advertisement is useful in attracting the customers to go for the remanufactured          items. The customers are in the position to get information of the presence of the         products through advertisement (Hong & Wang, 2015).

            (b) Through emphasis on the products’ quality and brand name, the customers’ intentions             are highly influenced. They end up being attracted to purchase the significant product             thus increasing the profits (Mirabi, Akbariyeh & Tahmasebifard, 2015)

3) 2rd paragraph:

            (a) Advertisement impacts to pain among the customers due to increased prices of the       products with an aim of collecting money to cater for advertisement. Since the         manufacturers cannot use their money, they end up imposing the burden to the consumers (Hong & Wang, 2015). 

            (b) The consumers end up getting poor quality products because the manufacturers           advertise wrongly concerning them (Nuseir, 2018).

            (c) The customers are given the wrong information concerning the products thus end up   making the wrong decisions. This affects them later due to the misleading information             concerning the products (Nuseir, 2018).  

4) Conclusion: From the above explanations, it is clear that regardless of positive impacts of             advertisement, the negative impacts are more in the markets.




            Advertisement is the process of exposing information to the public with an aim of promoting the services or announcing job vacancies. The main purpose of advertisement is to increase the productivity of a particular market by attracting people. This paper will reflect on both positive and negative impacts of advertisement. Advertisement greatly leads to improvement of the markets productivity; however it greatly leads to negative implications.

Positive Impacts

            Advertisement influences the customers to go for the products that have been remanufactured as well as increasing market demand of the remanufactured products. The customers are in the position to get information of the presence of the products through advertisement (Hong & Wang, 2015). This in turn leads to increased profits to the manufacturers as many customers are attracted to buy the products

            Advertisement on the quality, the brand name and creating awareness concerning the product by the manufacturer plays an important role in influencing the intention of the customer. Emphasis on brand name by the manufacturer increases customer’s awareness concerning the product thus attracting them (Mirabi, Akbariyeh & Tahmasebifard, 2015). Advertisement on the quality of the product is a key factor that makes customers to get the urge to buy the product. As a result, the organization gets high profits.

Negative Impacts

            Advertisement increases the cost of products because high amount of money is needed for advertisement by the organization. The selling price is increased in order to get the source of money needed for advertisement purposes (Hong & Wang, 2015). The fact that the manufacturers cannot take their money in order to pay for the advertisement purposes, they end up displacing he burden to the customers. The customers are the ones who end up bearing the pain of increased prices of items.

            Advertisement also confuses the buyers. Many manufacturers have been giving misleading information concerning their products (Nuseir, 2018).  The people doing the advertisement end up altering the information concerning the products through exaggeration. After buying the items, the customers later realizes that they have been lied to and they lose interest with the products. As a result many people end up making false decisions of buying the products due to having given the wrong information.

            Advertisement encourages sales of inferior products. This is because the sellers produce false information concerning the products. As a result, they end depositing the qualities which are poor to the customers (Nuseir, 2018). The producer convinces the customers that their products are the superior ones and this confuses the customers. At the end, the customers come to realize that they bought the products of inferior quality. This becomes a habit incase the producer manages to make good money from poor quality. It also becomes a challenge to other producers in the market.


            Advertisement of sales enables the customers to get knowledge concerning the products which have been re-manufactured and are already in the market. It also influences the intention of the customers through offering information concerning the quality of the product. However, through advertisement, consumers end up making the wrong choices in buying products because the manufactures often give misleading information concerning the products. There are also sales of poor quality products which greatly affects the consumers and also other manufacturers in the market structure. Lastly, there high consumption of funds meant for advertisement as the manufacturers are needed to invest high amounts of money. It is therefore important to know that regardless of improved of the markets productivity; advertisement greatly leads to negative implications.














Nuseir, M. T. (2018). Impact of misleading/false advertisement to consumer behaviour.    International             Journal of Economics and Business Research, 16(4), 453-465.

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2016 Trump vs. Clinton election commercials

Commercial advertising is a central feature of the American culture and they have been widely accepted in politics. Commercial advertisements have become widely accepted as fair and legitimate marketing for election candidates and the society depend on these commercials to make decisions on which candidate to vote for. The commercials for the 2016 elections can be described as being intense in that both Trump and Clinton are candidates with a strong following.  Political advertising as illustrated by the 2016 elections do not have any rules when it comes to matters of the content that is shown. The commercials are based on showing the comparison between Trump and Clinton and this is based on them criticizing the other as their competitor. The commercials were based on showing the negative sides of each of the candidates which really paints a negative image on the both candidates.

The commercials illustrate unfairness especially on the side of Trump who uses abusing language on Clinton especially when he defines her and other women as ‘sluts, fat, and ugly’. This is an abusive language that is not corresponded on the side of Clinton whose main focus in her commercials is based on matters of equality. Apart from the issue of Trump using abusive language, I feel that both candidates effectively used the concept of commercials to help with their campaigns in trying to show the negative side of the ideas that are brought forward by the other candidate. It is intriguing to see the effort that these two candidates made in trying to get the right victims to be presented in their commercials. Using real victims to narrate their experiences greatly helped the society to look at concepts presented by the candidates in a more serious manner.

I was particularly touched by Clinton’s commercials in the way that she paints Trump as an arrogant individual whose speeches are always based on insults to women, immigrants and people with disability among others. By using commercials with the theme of plight for the minority, Clinton is able to show that Trump is encouraging inequality within the American society that has over the years been created by diversity. If I was voting, my vote would have been for Clinton because her commercials are convincing and touching. Through her commercials, one can see the concern that she has for children, people with disability, immigrants and the women because this are the people that have most issues in the American society. Her main message as presented in the commercials is equality.

Donald Trump won the 2016 elections by a margin of 306 to 232 electoral votes which according to me were not fair because his commercials were not really convincing. Trump’s commercial were based on dividing the Americans by encouraging them to be racists especially where he insists on the need to get rid of all immigrants in the state. He triggers discrimination by theming his commercials on prejudice. He concentrates on showing the negativity in having immigrants in America which pleases just one side thus limiting his interest to one side which is the Native Americans.

Commercials have great impact on the society especially in the world today where technology is greatly advanced. Political candidates should ensure that the content that they use in their commercials is convincing to the society and not just merely based on insults. Political commercials should be based on the plans that the candidate hopes and plans to do to change the society.


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Vice President of Marketing



 Marketing & Branding Specialist


Review of Samsung S8 Commercial





      This memo aims to provide insight into the Samsung advertisement regarding its S8 series phones. The advertisement was sent for review, and the feedback for the review and recommendations are provided in this memo.


Ad Description

      The advertisement is a short 1 minute 20 seconds clip, that begins with an athlete preparing for training. Then the camera zooms out to show the phone, with music in the background picking up pace along with the shape of the phone changing due to the events taking place inside the phone videos. Towards the end, the phone screen size increases and the “UNBOX” your phone appears on the phone screen. Finally, showing the phone as a complete new S8 Model with a unique screen size is the main aspect of the new design by Samsung.


Ad creativity                   

                 The advertisement is associated with creativity in that it focuses on presenting ‘all-screen design’ as well as the infinity display. With this creativity, the advert presents some features such as camera performance and virtual reality. The creativity builds brand awareness by creating impression and psychological influence. In the advert, the key message is to promote the new product and this is done using the simplest ideas which are memorable to comprehend. The advert fulfills the purpose and audiences get a clear message. The advert   also presents the development strategy by showing new features and technological innovation.

Cumulative effects


This advert has cumulative effects in that audiences become familiar with the image. The product has a clear identity presented through repeated exposure. The strategy convinces the audiences on the new product with advanced technology.

Ad effectiveness

            The advert is eye catching and achieves the desired effects. The effectiveness of the advert is achieved through ‘call to action. ‘Unbox your phone’ has a figurative meaning where audiences are urged to think differently, buy the phone and share the experience. This advert reminds the audiences on the corporate vision “Inspire the World, Create the Future”.  The audiences are allowed to see the expansive display through different scenes to discover the unique advantage by   understanding how technology and innovation brings difference.  


Ad Critique

      The advertisement gradually picks pace, and the background music is catchy to listen to. The advertisement slowly reveals the phone, and the screen of the phone is the emphasis of the entire advertisement. As the end of the advertisement nears, the full screen is revealed and the two models of S8 and S8+ are displayed. However, there is a lack of information on the phone; more features should be incorporated in order to make the phone more appealing, as design alone is not an aspect that Samsung should bank on through this advertisement.



      The advertisement is good, but there is a need to add more features to be mentioned at the end of the advertisement. Features of the camera quality, and processor updates need to be mentioned, as screen size and dynamics alone are a single aspect of the new phone which is not enough to market.  It is also important to include all appealing features to the audiences for them to value the product and increase the purchasing power. Overall the layout of the advertisement is good, but the additions at the end will help market the product better.



Link to Video:



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Audi R8 Commercial

Nowadays, commercials are everywhere in our daily life. When we watch TV, we can always find some common ways that producers use in commercials in order to persuade customers to purchase their products. The commercial I choose to talk about for this assignment is a Rudi R8 “Let’s change the game” commercial. After describing what happens in this commercial, I would also provide my thoughts about how this commercial use mythology to express its theme (Jared, n.p). The Audi R8 commercial expresses that we need to change our mind about gender stereotypes.

​            The car commercial by Audi covers the issue of gender stereotypes in the world today. The advertising presents a toy store with two stands – pink one and blue one. When the store is closed, the toys come to life. At the beginning, one of the Barbie dolls seems to have a heavy carriage that she cannot move it. The heavy carriage which the girl tries to push is symbolic, in the sense that it shows that you do not need to be muscular to drive an Audi R8. The car moves at a very high speed, and requires little to know energy to push it while driving. This symbolism therefore seeks to do away with gender stereotypes, through showing how the car can be driven by anyone, regardless of their gender or otherwise masculinity, “commercial for women therefore acts to reinforce masculinity under patriarchy and, most, offer men help in coping with a life plagued by women of raised… (Steve, 192)” Unlike the carrier which was hard to push, the car could be easily driven by the girl, at a very high speed.

The ad has also embraced all genders, whereby both male and female characters have taken part in the ad. For instance, while the girl was driving, along the way, she met a muscular guy who was eating by the roadside. The muscular guy was happy to see her, and he immediately greeted her as she hooted. This consequently shows how men appreciate what women do, even though the world categorizes them as feminine. The girl in the ad is in total control, whereby she is the main character, a factor which makes other people to particularly men to appreciate her. A soldier, who is on the parachute follows the girl as she races with the small car, and ends up falling because he never paid attention to where he was heading, while the girl drives the car at a neck breaking speed. In as much as the soldier must have been strong, he may have known how to win a war, in this case he was vulnerable, as he ended up falling from the parachute because the girl who was in control, drove very fast, making him to lose control of the parachute, “this commercial portrays the woman’s man (Steve, 191).”      

            The ad has also changed the gender stereotype which categorizes women as receivers, in this case, being people who are only given things. The girl walked into the store, and she bought the car by herself, thus explaining that it is not only men who can afford to walk into a store and purchase a high-end car, but women can also do so. Judging from the reactions of the boy whose mother bought the car for him, he wanted to take both the girl and the car, thinking that they were being sold together. This shows how the young boy appreciates women, and believes that women are also equal to men, and they can be able to drive high end cars too.

            When Barbie gets to the blue storage car, all cars, including bulldozers are excited to see her, and they all hope to be driven by her (Jared, n.p). However the cars look sophisticated and hard to drive, they are excited to be driven by her. However, she opts for the best car amongst all of them, which is the Audi R8. Audi created the ad to boost the sale of its new model car Audi R8, and it was necessary to use a beautiful lady, in order to only make ladies to be attracted to the car, but to also attract men, who would be attracted to the car because of how beautiful the girl is. In so doing, Audi entices men, through attracting their attention to the girl, thus making them to see the beauty of an Audi R8, a factor which translates to more male and female buyers, “…it is the woman’s body that is portrayed as the source of the man’s attraction, and it is only through maintaining that attraction that she can successfully negotiate the relationship… (Steve, 191)”  

            Thirdly, the name of the ad itself, ‘Lets Change the Game’ makes the ad unique, in the sense that the main aim of the ad is to change the public’s perception regarding gender stereotypes (Jared, n.p). The lady used in the ad, is there as a game changer, who is used in order to boost the morale of women in the society, thus showing them that they can also drive a high end car such as Audi R8. Furthermore, the main purpose of using Barbie is to make ladies to be attracted to such a car, and to also acquire it on their own, without having to depend on any man for financial support. Similarly, at the end of the ad, the word’s ‘playing, just like a game, shouldn’t be a matter of gender’ are displayed on the screen (Jared, n.p). The words clearly explain how gender cannot be used in such a situation, since the car can be bought and driven by anyone, regardless of their gender. Hence the ad is doing away with gender stereotypes and patriarchy, through allowing a lady to be the main character of such an ad.                                         

Consequently, commercials are a part of a social reality and they appear in our daily life all around. In order to make the commercials more effective, producers always use different methods to strike a chord. Mythology which uses in commercials inspires audiences’ interests and appetites to purchase the product (Steve, 183). When a commercial becomes easy to create an emotional response in audiences’ mind, it may become easier to persuade customers to purchase their products. A good commercial with appropriate mythology can show the features of products clearly and help audiences to make the correct choice. Clear commercials can reflect and even affect the society. Nonetheless, good commercial need to embrace gender equality, thus allowing both men and women to participate in the ad as characters, hence attracting men and women to the product.

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Job advertisement

Job opportunities

Electronic engineer

Organization x needs an electronic engineers who will perform the following duties;


  • Control systems
  • Audio signal processing
  • Supervise technician
  • Prepare budgets and set strategic plans for projects
  • Evaluate the development processes
  • Computer engineering
  • Ensure adherence to safety regulations
  • Providing mentoring
  • Set long-term goals and business strategies
  • repair and maintenance
  • Designs electronic systems
  • technical overview on processes and procedures  of projects



  • College-level education
  • Competent in physical and mathematical sciences 
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Minimum two years experience
  • Technically sound in engineering field
  • Leadership responsibility




 Electronic Engineering Management Resume

Education: Bachelor of Electronics Engineering


Major Coursework and core competencies: Management Proficiency, Technical Management, Leadership, Signals and systems, Digital Signal Processing , communication, electromechanical systems, electron product design, computers skills, developing budgets,  power and control.

Computer skills: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word, AutoCAD, Matlab, Operating Systems   application and programming


Work experience: 

  • Advanced my career in various organizations related with electronics equipment, manufacturing firms and industrial plants.
  • Designed devices in industrial plants
  • Improved systems
  • Conceptualization and maintenance of projects
  • Conducted cost analysis
  • Worked as a project manager
  • Developed telecommunication systems
  • Trained production team and assigned task
  • Managed the organization to ensure all organization members adhere and maintain safety procedure and quality standards.
  • managed underground work such as instrument installation
  • Supervised electricians working in tray installation
  • Solved electrical equipment problems and offered technical assistance





Social work experience and Community service


  • Gained practical skills through working in the community
  • Enhanced community development, enhanced wellbeing, implemented social change and provided collective responsibility through macro-work
  • Improved the community   by ensuring quality installation of security systems, lighting and more
  • Solved community problems through increasing the rate of employment and helping people utilize the available resources.
  • Served the community by ensuring the installation of network
  • Improved the community and environment by establishing effective power systems such as solar cells, smart grid and more.
  • Implemented lifesaving biomedical instruments
  • Implemented renewable sources of energy


Leadership experience

  • Organization skills-managed the organizations and ensured effective projects and time management
  • Communication- experienced an effective communication with organization members.
  • Commitment- tested projects to identify problems and implemented solutions.
  • Big-picture vision- directed the employees toward the right direction through having a global view on products and its interaction with user and technology.
  • Passionate- showed a positive attitude and implemented critical details on projects.
  • Innovative and Critical thinking- identified problems and implemented solutions through employing various approaches and new ideas
  • Initiative-improved the organization by foreseeing opportunities, implementing resources and training
  • Active learning-advanced the skills in the community and gained more knowledge and skills from the real world.
  • Interpersonal communication- maintained a positive interaction, made decision together and valued team work.

Work ethic

  • Exhibit honesty and integrity
  • Provide fair and quality service to all people
  • Focus on maintaining the public health and welfare
  • Adhere to principle of professional behavior





Areas of expertise


  • Training
  • Establishing policies and procedures
  • Designing and scheduling projects
  • Providing recommendation and tragic plans for projects
  • Ensuring effective and a successful completion of actions plans
  • Ensuring customer-service standards
  • Foreseeing engineering requirement and preparing financial budgets
  • Collaborating with other organizations in educational opportunities
  • Testing programs, maintain a positive work environment, adhering to current codes and requirements and accomplishing the organization goals and mission


Cover letter

Ref: Electrical Engineering Management

Dear Sir/Madam

 I would like to take this opportunity and respond to your advertisement which asks for a specialised person who will work in the electronic engineering management. I am specialized as an Electronic Engineer and I have gained a two years experience through working in various organizations. After reading the advert, I am joyful to find that your requirement aligns with my knowledge, skills and experience. 

 My resume above clearly shows that I have a high level of experience where I have gained  a good understanding  on  areas which have to do with techniques, ethics, management and leadership, computer knowledge,  design and production. The work experience has helped in becoming a motivated and a competent person.

              The knowledge, skill and experience have helped me   achieve leadership qualities which will assist in creating a positive workplace with other employees.  I have communication skills and this will assist in collaborating and sharing ideas with workers.  Through accountability and responsibility, I will achieve the organization goals and be accountable for my performance.  I have strong work ethics and this will help in setting achievable goals. In my experience, I have always worked with a passion and a positive attitude and these have helped in accepting mistakes and moving on to achieve the goals.

    In my work experience, I have worked in different areas and the work has improved my knowledge, skills and more importantly I have interacted with the real world in solving problems and thinking critically. Having worked in different areas such as Digital Signal Processing, electron product design, Technical Management, electromechanical systems, communication and more, I am in a position of delivering quality services, identifying and solving problems and using the available technology to maximize productivity and profitability.

Please consider my capabilities, experience and qualification in electronic engineering management.  I am ready to cope with the challenging situation and to accept change in the engineering filed since change is inevitable.  I am ready to embrace the opportunities in the competitive world and I will use my skills and knowledge to ensure that the organization maintain its competitive edge.  The strengths attached in the resume will have a positive impact in your organization.

 Yours sincerely











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