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            Michelangelo characterize the changing artistic and cultural values between Baroque and renaissance periods. Baroque refers to a period with style of art that is known of using exaggerated action and easy to interpret detail when producing tension, drama, grandeur and exuberance in painting, sculpture, literature and architecture. Renaissance refers to a period when a new style of painting developed in Europe. Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor and an architect broadly known to be one of the greatest Italian Renaissance artists. This is because his work showed a blend of physical realism, psychological insight, and intensity never seen before (Gombrich, 308).  Michelangelo made an achievement in his work within a shortest period impossible to anyone. On painting the huge fresco on the chapel’s ceiling, preparing and sketching detailed scenes, Michelangelo had lie on the back and painted while looking up. The impression given by the illustration when one steps into chapel is up to date so different from the photographs one may have ever seen.


            Velasquez’s work is easier to interpret just as it is stated in the artistic style in the period of Baroque. For example in his early works of an old man selling water in the Seville streets (Gombrich, 406). The picture is genre invented by the Netherlanders to display their skill. The picture bears the characteristic of artistic work in the period of Baroque, which is considered to be easily interpreted. No one who stands before the picture will develop questions about the representation of the picture. The whole representation is joined together in a rich and mellow harmony such that the picture remains memorable to anyone who has ever taken a look at it.

Work cited

Gombrich, E H. description of figures on Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling. 1987.


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