Music Jazz by New Orleans

Music Jazz by New Orleans

            New Orleans jazz is sometimes known as hot jazz. This style of music jazz was produced in New Orleans in the beginning of the 20th century by New Orleans bands. The famously known songs include “Basin Street Blues” which is known as far as the non-jazz fans (Jacobsen, 2011). It started in riverboat jazz but later progressed to hot jazz style developed by Lovis Armstrong among others. The jazz was a transition of a 2 beat to 4 beat and in its earliest form, swing was introduced (Jacobsen, 2011). The hot jazz used string bass and guitar for faster paced music, and emphasized solos in swinging style. Hot jazz was the current original music that introduced Lindy Hop dance.

             The name given to the style performed by the musicians and this style is among the earliest styles in jazz music. This style was a combination of French Quadrilles, ragtime, beguine and blues. The band consisted of trumpet, trombone and clarinet plus a rhythm section of guitar or banjo, piano or drums, string bass or tuba (Jacobsen, 2011). In 1917, Dixieland underwent a first million selling and this made it to become widely used. And ever since, this music has been played continuously. Lovis Armstrong was the most influential in the band. Dixieland sound is normally created when as one instrument plays a recognizable paraphrase and the other instruments improvise the melody. This creates a strong polyphonic sound than in the well-ordered big band (Jacobsen, 2011).

            Therefore, the hot jazz has come with quite a number of new things in the music jazz that is still loved in the current music jazz system and its music has not totally disappeared since the start.


Jacobsen, T. W. (2011). Traditional New Orleans jazz: Conversations with the men who make the music. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press


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