The rationalist philosophical background René Descartes

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1-The rationalist philosophical background.The theoretical framework of rationalism has to be drawn using René Descartes o. (Themes 5-6)
2-•    During the analysis of the above theories, the presentation should stress how these theories represent the foundation of the Western scientific thought. (Themes 1-2)
3-•    The analysis of the above theories should be supported by suitable academic sources (at least four academic sources)
The presentation should be collaborative and display evidence
4-•    Critically apply social science theories in real-world situations
•    Evaluate a range of academic theories and methodological approaches and explain how they inform and influence different perspectives
Critique the methodology and theoretical frameworks of a piece of academic research within their specialist area
5-o    The presentation should explain the significance of historical events, critically analyse and/or compare theories and philosophies

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