The argument of whether God exists or not



This paper is focused on weighing the argument of whether God exists or not. There are people who believe in his existence while others do not. Most of those who don’ t believes in his existence have come up with several theories and opinions which try to establish their stand. This paper, therefore, outlines all these theories and opinions and tries to weigh them with the facts that prove the existence of God. Several philosophers and researchers have been quoted in the paper in order to just bring out their feel and view of the whole argument. The occurrences that occur in an orderly manner in the universe have also been explained as one of the reasons to prove God, s existence. Therefore, there exists several premises and taking of positions from the premises with given reasons.

1st premise

God exists is the first premises.

2nd premise

 God does not exist.

These two premises are built on facts and theories, premises one is more plausible than the second one. There are more logical facts and theories that support it.

My argument

I am persuaded by the fact that there exists a God who is loving, all-powerful and right. The subsequent reasons are the ones that make me hold onto this stand. The universe we live in operates by uniform laws than no one has clue where they came from. Life seems uncertain but it is possible to count day by day and other factors such as gravity are constant and never change, the duration of rotation of the earth never changes. Even the greatest scientists have been amazed by how the world maintains its uniformity, God is the cause of the universe and is responsible for the uniformity that is in it (Adamson, n.d). This serves as proof that God exists.

Science says that the earth rotates around its axis to bring about day and night. It also says that the earth rotates on its own orbit while going around the sun. There are questions to be asked in order to find out the origin of this orbit, the axis as well as the sun and earth itself. Scientists have tried to come up with some theories, but they always lack some evidence in their explanations. A good example is the Nebula cloud theory which tries to explain the origin of the earth. It states that there was a whirling cloud which left behind masses that cooled to form the earth (Anderson, n.p). The question here is; what is the origin of this cloud.

When water is placed in a bucket and left in a room that is having normal conditions, it is expected that after sometime this water will cool and maintain a temperature that is the same as that of the environment This in itself brings out the natural nature that the earth has as a globe. There is; therefore, some sense of orderly occurrence of events whose nature cannot just be explained by science alone (Adamson, n.p). What is the origin of this consistency? If not God.

Jesus Christ is also another evidence of God' s existence. He is the only person so far who compared with God. People used to gaze at him when he taught about the word of God (Adamson, n.p). There exist prophets and teachers for the people who don’t believe in God’ s existence, but none of them has ever compared himself or herself to God. A vital example is Buddha and Muhammad. Jesus was able to heal people and perform miracles unlike them. From my above evidence, it' s clearly seen that God exists.

Looking at water, it has certain properties which include: It is colorless unless polluted, it is odorless and it has no taste. Its taste can sometimes be described as a neutral taste. It is a surprising fact that no human being, animal or plant can survive without its presence. It is said that the human body, the animal body, and the plant body is made up of two thirds by the water component. Therefore, these unique qualities of water are best suited for life. This water enables us to live in a world where we experience fluctuations in temperature as it has a different melting and boiling point. It is also known that water is a universal solvent. This is a property that makes any chemical to dissolve in it. This means that these chemicals can be able to be transported in our bodies into the smallest vessels. This enables the chemicals to be absorbed in our bodies for the main reason of it being neutral chemically. Water has given surface tension and this property enables it to move upwards in the plant while going against gravity (Anderson, n.p). Therefore, the plants are able to use this water, however tall they are. Another very interesting property is its ability to freeze from the top going downwards. This enables the fish to live underneath it during the winter period and so they don't die. The larger percentage of the earth is made up of water. Most of this water is salty. There exists a purification system which makes this water to be purified and be available for consumption. Evaporation happens and the water vapor gets condensed which then falls on the earth surface as rainfall for consumption by the plants and animals (Anderson, n.p). This phenomenon is explained scientifically, but its origin can only be traced back to the existence of God. Therefore, the life on the planet is sustained by these processes which clearly act as evidence of God’s existence.

I believe in the existence of God with the reason that he is constantly seeking to find us and make us learn more about him and his word. He wants us to live a righteous life. This is the reason as to why his gospel is being preached and spread all over. This is also one of the reasons as to why those who don’t believe in his existence go around posing challenges on his existence with the need for the provision of evidence that is sufficient. When they go about trying to find this evidence;they end up getting to know more about God which is one of the objectives of God. The evidence of his existence surrounds us all. After knowing about God; Lewis who was a philosopher went on to write a book titled "Surprised by Joy" as a result of knowing God.

The individuals, on the other hand, argue that God does not exist and have even come up with evidence and explanations regarding the same. They try to explain the originality of this consistency and orderly occurrence of events. Richard Feyman said, "Why nature is mathematical is a mystery. The fact that there are rules at all is a kind of mystery (Anderson, n.p).

Some people argue that there exists evil. Because of this reason, they say God can never be all powerful, loving and good at the same time as he is always described. Therefore, if evil did not exist, then it would have been okay to conclude that God exists. Otherwise, as long as evil exists, the two cannot compete to be on the same page. There exists murderers, shoplifting, rape, and burglary just to mention only but a few (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, n.d). This is one of the reasons as to why atheists believe that God doesn’t exist. Another reason is Injustice. It is said that destinies are never given on the basis of qualification and merit. It is said that they are given on the basis of knowing a person and also on an arbitrary basis (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, n.d). The principle behind this is adding to him or her who has and taking away from he or she who does not have. Therefore, God cannot be just as people claim to because this could not be happening. The third reason is the existence of pain. It is said that as long as God allows the occurrence of diseases, pain and natural disasters, then he cannot be all knowing and caring. From the human sense this is not possible. Therefore, atheists believe that if God existed, then there would be no cases of disasters that cause harm and pain to people.


This argument can be summarized from three main points as illustrated below:

1) Whatever comes into existence must have a cause.

2) The universe started to exist.

3) Therefore, it can be said that the universe has a cause.

The cause stated above is God. He is the one who brought the universe into existence. Therefore, from my own point of view, there is the existence of God. From the above explanations, it is clearly evident that the reasons that prove the existence of God are very strong and undisputable, unlike these reasons that try to prove that God does not exist. Furthermore, the facts brought forward aimed at proving God' s existence are so many as compared to those that have been brought forward to counter them. Dr. Atkins came up with a book that is titled The Creation'. It is noted clearly that from this book, he struggles so much to explain how coming into being of the universe by the cause of nothing. It becomes an interesting story as we ride along with him but in the end, things start becoming difficult for him. He contradicts himself in the end and gets trapped. He, therefore goes back to a time that is beyond the creation moment. He argues that there was no time and space. He argues that during this time when there was no time, there existed a whirling wind that by trial and error brought about the existence of the universe. It is very honest and reasonable to say that this is and will never be a scientific hypothesis. You cannot assume that there was a time when there was no time. It makes no sense. Therefore, based on my argument above. I decide to side with the existence of an all-powerful. loving and all-knowing God.





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