Importance of Philosophy in My Life


Importance of Philosophy in My Life


             Philosophy is defined as a pursuit of knowledge; it seeks to understand the nature of truth and reality. It examines the nature of universe, mind and the body, how they relate to all three and between the people. Philosophy arises out of wonder, curiosity and the desire to understand the universe. Philosophy involves analysing, criticism, interpretation, and speculation and the philosophic idea is an unavoidable part of human survival. Individuals always wonder from time to time by such importance philosophic questions such as the meaning of life or are there life after death.  Philosophy has helped me to be reasonable. It is important to learn how to be reasonable. For instance, every day we have to make choices to attain our objectives. Reasoning well enables us to think and make better choices that help us to attain our objectives, become a better person and live a good life.

            Philosophy has helped me to be moral. Decisions we make every day can have positive or negative effects on other people. Our decisions can help or destroy the people who live around us. We want a world where there are no criminals, where rich people help the poor, world where there is no corruption, and so on. Philosophers have written moral theories that help individuals to make good moral decisions. We can increase our ability to be moral by applying good reasoning to morality. Also, we can write our own philosophy and discuss moral arguments concerning morality, study moral philosophy and learn moral theories. Through learning moral education people are taught about psychological factors that encourage people to be moral. For example, I learned how to care and show sympathy for others and how to stop risky behaviours and lifestyles. Philosophy offers knowledge by helping an individual to understand logic issues, develop natural sciences and discover various world beliefs. In particular, we can know certain concepts are achievable even when we do not have an idea of how there are done (Furtak, Ellsworth & Reid, 2012).

            Philosophy has helped me to be more creative by learning how to think more creatively. Philosophers have impacted the world by offering new ways of viewing things and offering new answers. Philosophy is not a primary skills oriented study but it is the study of critical thinking that equips us and helps us to improve our thinking skills. Critical thinking is related to proper reasoning which is referred to logic.  Also, Philosophy has helped me to identify deception, for instance, many upcoming religions are not good and they use manipulative techniques to get followers similar to cults. With the knowledge one is able to differentiate between bad and good reasoning. Once we realize the difference between bad and good, we will be able to be aware of the deception, avoid it and help the people around us to learn about it. Creating awareness of fighting deception is one of the ways of changing the world we live in to be better. Individuals who use lies to gain followers, power and money often hurt  people.  Institutions in the society such as the law, government, marriage, religion, business or education are based on philosophic ideas.  Differences in philosophic have led to the overthrow of government and changes in law, and transformation of whole economic systems. This is because people involved in those institutions have different beliefs and ideas about what is good for the people. Philosophy has greatly influenced our lives like the language we speak was derived from philosophy through classifications. For instance, the grouping of noun and verb contain the philosophic idea that there is a major difference between things and actions.

            Idealism philosophy theory prioritize with ideas, social reforms and morals, the main goal being benefiting ourselves and the people around us, and having in mind that all people are good regardless of their ethnicity ( Koslowski,2005). The world would be a better place if people will embrace and spread philosophy and be valued in their lives, then our entire world will be improved and our behaviour, thus making the world a better place.    Philosophy offers people ways to improve critical thinking skills. These skills can be used in every area of our life, by learning how to make sense in our personal lives and thinking out between good and bad decisions that we make day to day out. When you this you be able to make good and better decisions, rather than decisions based on emotions such as pain, fear, and anger. Also, wisdom will equip people to know and to be aware of many evil and false things in our universe, such as lies, materialism, and sexism. Thus, improving the word, improving ourselves, and have better relationships with people.  Living a philosophical life is better because it offers enlightenment and also it helps people to become better people in future.








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