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What was banking like in the early days of the U.S.? Why was the Federal Reserve bank established? Provide a short history of the Federal reserved bank, from its establishment to now. What is the job of the Federal Reserve bank ? What, specifically, does the Federal Reserve bank do?

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Macroeconomics and microeconomics are the main branches of economics. Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that has its main focus on the large-scale operations of a market. It entails studying both long- and short-term business cycles and their impact on the economy by analyzing factors like the unemployment rate, inflation, and various price levels.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
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                                                        Discussion Post

One of the few books about economics to hit the New York Times bestseller’s list was
Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner.  The book was so popular they even made a movie about it.  The specialty of the authors, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, is applying economics to unconventional, controversial, or sometimes even downright bizarre topics.  Some praise them for bringing economics to a wider audience, while others criticize them for not tackling serious issues or for delving into overly controversial areas.

So, what’s all the fuss about?  Take a look for yourself by viewing some of their videos from YouTube, including clips from their movie, or take a look at some articles on their blog.  The links are below:

Choose one of the videos or blog articles that you find most interesting, and share the link with your classmates.  Discuss some of the following issues based on what you have viewed or read:

What did you find interesting about the video or article that you found?
Did you find anything from any of the videos or articles that might help you understand some concepts from the class, or is their stuff "too odd" or "too far out there" to be useful for this class?
Overall, what is your impression of Levitt and Dubner?  Silly?  Interesting? Other?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Find a news article published within the last month that discusses the trade deficit of the U.S., summarize key points. Discuss the level of the current trade deficit and make a recommendation for addressing the current deficit.  Discuss the role that the value of the dollar plays in trade deficits.

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Discuss the following two questions separately: 1. Entering foreign markets, by definition, means not investing in a firm’s home country. For example, Nissan closed factories in Japan and added a new factory in the United States. GM shut down factories at home but kept them open in Europe. What are the ethical dilemmas here? 2. Why is an understanding of the nature of diverse cultures important to effectively managing in global systems? (please define diversity and globalization as part of your answer.

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

-answer all 3 questions in mini-essay formats
-there are a number of sub-questions within each general question to guide you in writing the mini questions, you have to answer each of them.
- refer to readings I will provide
- the required length for each answer is 2-2.5 pages double spaced 12 pt font.
- use only sources from the articles provided.

Question 1- Economist from different theoretical backgrounds all argue that capitalism has been an incredibly revolutionary system ( hint, remember Bowles Friedman and backers debate)
A. using chapters 1 and 3 describe where it led to growth and how uneven it has been 
B. discuss why it has been so uneven and often unequal between countries and regions
C. describe ways in which capitalism is prone to crises, in particular, give 3 examples of how the 2008 economic crisis and or the current pandemic have exposed the contradictory dynamics within capitalism that led to several crises around production, labor relations, and the role of the government.
feel free to use this outside sources for sub-question C, but provide references­‐will-­‐u-­‐s-­‐labor-­‐protections-­‐look-­‐like-­‐ after-­‐coronavirus

Question 2- we have learnt that the process and extraction of surplus have taken different forms historically 
A. define class and surplus and explain the relationship between them give at least 2 examples of this relationship from 2 different economic systems
B. the production and distribution of goods and services in u.s has not always been organized along capitalist lines, nor is all of it even today. give examples from the major non-capitalist systems of production and distribution both today and 2 centuries ago. describe briefly how they worked. 
C. if it were not necessary for the dominant class to devote resources to controlling the producer class, how would society be different? what occupations would no longer exist, or be greatly reduced in numbers

Question 3- chapter 7 in the textbook presents different social structures of accumulation and discusses the class structures in u.s at different moments of history. the chapter also prevents various statistics to illustrate the evolution of the wellbeing and standard of living of Americans over time. using this chapter and other materials you find useful to discuss
A. how economic and social mobility has evolved over time with respect to income and wealth distribution in u.s
B. how the meaning and composition of the "middle class" have changed over time in the u.s
C. and how the organization of the American economy has changed over time. 

- make sure you back up your answers to the 2 parts of questions 3 with good evidence and solid logical arguments also make sure you take factors like class position/relationship, gender, and race in your answers. 

some videos below you can use in your answers

the textbook if your able to find it is
Understanding Capitalism: Competition, Command and Change 4th Edition by Samuel Bowles, Richard Edwards and Frank Roosevelt (2017), New York: Oxford University Press.

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Paper Instructions:

Identifying Stock Control / Inventory Management Systems in your workplace Consider different types of Stock Control / inventory Management Systems in your workplace. Ideally focus just on your own work area and the jobs you are most familiar with. Identify the different types of stock/inventory in your workplace and the different mechanisms used to manage them. Comment on each For any of the Stock Control System identified in Activity 3.1 and 3.2, write a short critique (max one page) on the practices in your work place used to manage stocks and deal with Inventory management issues. You may wish to discuss how the stock was traditionally managed, any recent changes to this. You may also wish to discuss particular challenges you face and some of your observations about the likely reasons for these difficulties You may wish to talk about the data collection processes; data accuracy and the relevance and choice of data collected. You may wish to talk about the impact of this system on behaviours within the organisation; this could include positive impacts and negative side-effects. You may of course you should also discuss anything else emerging from your active engagement with the literature on this topic…. (please try to link your experiences to theories/ ideas from the literature wherever you can).

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Discussion 1 Some economists think that the central banks should try to prick bubbles in the stock market before they get out of hand and cause later damage when they burst. How can monetary policy be used to prick a bubble? Explain using the Gordon Growth Model. 1 Page Discussion 2 If you read in the Wall Street Journal that the “smart money” on Wall Street expects stock prices to fall, should you or should you not follow their lead and sell all of your stocks? Would it make a difference in how you respond if it was a long or a short run “smart money” fall due to negative expectations? 1 Page MBA level discussions Reference Mishkin, F.S. (2019). The economics of money, banking, and financial markets (5th ed.). Retrieved from

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:


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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

How have economic systems contributed to human flourishing or suffering around the world over the past 100 years?

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

Student loan debt and how it effects macroeconomics and the economy

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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

  1. Assessment 
    Students are required to read carefully the case “Ambassador – Riches to Rags …... Is Competition the Culprit?” That is posted on the LMS.

    Assessment Requirement:
    Students are required to use the graph (where required) to: 
    1.    Appraise the reasons for success and failure of Ambassador Car in the Indian Automobile history and the role of market structure.
    2.    Identify and differentiate the features of perfect and imperfect competitive markets with special focus on:
    -    Monopoly,
    -    Oligopoly,
    -    Monopolistic Competition, and
    -    Perfect Competition
    3.    Outline the factors responsible for Ambassador’s monopoly position in the market
    4.    Discuss the role of economic liberalization in creating competitive market
    5.    Assess the influence of competition, on price – output determination and on freedom of consumer’s choice

    Word Count – 2000 Words.
    Submission Date: July 27th, 2020.
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Questions and Topics We Can Help You To Answer:
Paper Instructions:

The country chosen: France

Identify current economic and social policy in your country, including social welfare programs (ex: Social Security, medical care programs, worker’s compensation, etc.).  Find areas of the economy or social welfare that your country needs to improve and what do you believe is the problem.  Identify policies learned in class that may help the current situation in your country, explain how these policies can help the current situation.  Make strong arguments.

The following are minimum requirements for the written portion:
1.    The Country Study must be Typed double space. (APA Format preferred, MLA optional).  
2.    Every Project must have a References page as requested in APA
3.    Write it ALL in your OWN words, DO NOT COPY / PASTE anything, your grade will be severely penalized if you do so.  When copy/pasting data, graphs or other, make sure to cite correctly, follow APA format.
4.    Usual recommendation is 1-2 sources per page you write.
5.    The use of Wikipedia and/or any other internet blog, question-answer website as a source in not acceptable.

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