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Introducing a web affiliated marketing strategy


Introducing a web affiliated marketing strategy

            The world has changed and is now run by the internet. This means that people rely on the internet to access information as well as carry out transactions. Creating a website would ensure that any potential tourists can view the services that tour operators in this region offer. Thus it is advisable to start a company website. Creating such websites would ensure that the tour operators clearly show what they are offering. This will also ensure that they show what is so special about visiting Mount Huangshan and the activities that will be offered if one visited. This will give the tourists a preview of what to expect should they decide to visit (Faché, 2000).

            This can be accomplished by clearly outlining the activities provided by the tour operators once their customers have arrived at Mount Huangshan, in the website. It is therefore imperative that the site describe in detail what the customers will experience. Once the detailed description has been made, it is advisable to take pictures and if possible a video of the destination (Font & Cochrane, 2005). When added to the site, this will ensure that the customers are able to see where they want to go and why it is imperative that they pick the destination over others.

            As an added advantage, one may add a blog to the site. Blogs assist by allowing not only the tour operators but also the tourists to share their experiences. These ensure that any potential customers can get firsthand experience stories from other tourist and staff. Another angle would be through social media, such as facebook and twitter, which would provide further accessibility by the public at a global scale.

Supply chain management

            Supply chain management is imperative if one is to run a successful tour operation. This is due to the fact that most tourists prefer to get their tourist destinations in packages. A tourism supply chain involves a network of tourism organizations engaged in different activities ranging from the supply side to the distribution and marketing of the final tourism product; it involves a wide range of participants in both the private and public sectors. Thus a complete package would include things such as flight, transportation and accommodation arrangements among other activities that would normally be hard to access individually. The offering of such packages to customers interested in visiting Mount Huangshan would be very advantageous to the tour operators (Sigala, 2008).

            It is essential that the tour operators maintain a good relationship with the other suppliers in the chain. This can be done by keeping tabs on the providers to ensure that they produce quality services. The tour operators can also ensure that they get feedback from these other service providers on the customer reaction and sharing the same with them. This will ensure that new ideas are incorporated as well as mistakes rectified. By doing this the tour operators will ensure that not only do the customers get good deals should they decide to pick Mount Huangshan as a tourism destination, but also that they get the best experience from the tour. All this facilitated by the tour operators rather than individual tourism service providers. Tourism supply chains facilitated by tour operators ensure that the tourist can experience the tour without having to struggle with tour arrangements.

Creating a simplified yet versatile reservation system

            Whilst it is important to make sure that the tour operators have a smooth running system, that will facilitate a fun experience for the customer, it all boils down to keeping it simple. Previously, trivial matters such as reservations used to be made in person. This has however changed with the introduction of information technology. Now, most if not all tourism related reservations are made either via mobile phones or through the internet.

            Tour operators can ensure that their customers are able to call and make reservations. Furthermore, with the internet, these reservations can be made online. This will be achieved by setting up phone numbers that are available all day and night which can be accessed by the booking customers (2012). Providing information on how to book online is also important for this way, the customer is aware of the fact that they can book online. This provision should also be available with affiliate tourist provider to ensure that not only does this information and service reach the customers through individual websites but also by other service providers.

            Due to the versatile nature of tourism, it is advisable provide this service in a multi-lingual way. This will ensure that the customers can access this service in a language they best understand. A well run reservation system is not only beneficial to the customers but to affiliate service providers. Thus, a hotel reservation for a customer can be booked by email for example. In a bid to provide the very best and most competitive tour operation business, it is essential that the business be wide and easily accessible. Thus, it would not hurt to establish more contact centers or more offices for the customers.  

Corporation for better performance

            For any corporation to survive, it has to be able to corporate and work with other key players in its field. This also applies to tour operators and the tourism industry. The first entity that is essential to corporate with is the government or local authorities. This is due to the fact that Mount Huangshan, like most tourist destinations belongs to the government. While both play very important roles in tourism, most local authorities do not have the resources to look for tour operators, most local authorities work with associations. Therefore, the formation an association by the tour operators at Mount Huangshan, will ensure that the local authorizes can be able to work with them. This will ensure that the tour operators are aware of items such as relevant legislation as well as receiving assistance from the local authorities if they need it.

            The formation of an association between the different operators will ensure that they are able to share ideas as well as common problems amongst themselves regarding the business they are in. this corporation is also good for the business for in doing so, they can be versatile by providing many and different tourism packages (2012). This will be achieved by providing packages that can be provided by each other. Therefore, if a customer requests for a package that cannot be provided by a particular provider, they can be referred to another operator in the same region. This will ensure that the customers are still able to come to Mount Huangshan regardless of the tour package they desire.

Introduction of best practice product management and development

            Tourism is a fickle business that need long term sustainability. The fact that Mount Huangshan exists does not mean that tourists will flock to see it. Therefore, it is essential for tour operators in the region to come up with creative ways of ensuring that a tour of the mountain is an experience that the customer would never forget. An example would be the incorporation of locals into the tour experience. Since people who live around the mountain know more about the mountain, incorporating them into the tour as local tour guide helps season the tour. This is because the locals not only know the best spots on the mountain but are also well informed on local myths about the mountain (Budeanu, 2005).

The tour can also involve projects that will sustain the mountain. Such an example would be developing of a tree planting project. This would involve not only the tour operators, but also the locals and the tourists. Therefore, if the tourists are involved in this project they leave with a unique and long lasting memory (Khairat & Maher, 2012). The locals also have a way to earn income from tourism in the region and they don’t end up feeling neglected. This move will be implemented by informing customers about the customers prior to the visit through both literature and the web. During the visit, they will be able to visit these projects and after the visit we will request them to be members of the projects.

            While projects like this are meant to be set up and implemented by local authorities, tour operators can do better. Such projects encourage grass root interaction between all key players. This will also be advantageous in strengthening the bonds between the staff, the locals and the local authorities.      










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