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Thick Face, Black Heart

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must reference Thick Face, Black Heart and at least one outside source.
In your introduction, I want you to define what Thick Face, Black Heart is so that you know it well before you explore the concept in detail later in your paper. Next, you will pick a few of the main chapter concepts (killer instinct, dharma, endurance, etc.) to explain how you will achieve your goal (pick a goal that you would like to achieve: educator, engineer, business person, social worker, city planner, coach. . .). Anticipate the difficulties you will encounter and specifically how you will use TFBH to overcome challenges in your life as you work toward your goal. 

You will need to use three of the terms (these will be your three developmental middle sections) presented in the book to support your thesis: dharma, negative thinking, endurance, money, deception without deceit, work, playing the fool, thriving among cunning and ruthless, killer instinct. In addition, your body paragraphs will use support such as personal and expert testimonies, facts, examples, statistics, and so forth. 

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