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interpretation of short story about depression

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Length: 5-‐‐6 pages (Times New Roman 12, double spaced)Citations: MLASources: There are no outside sources required for this essay. If you do consult any outside sources, however, be sure to cite them correctly. Your essay should have a strong central claim that is clearly presented in your introductory paragraph. It should be a debatable point that you prove in the body of your paper, using evidence from the text(s). Remember that your goal in a literary analysis is not to summarize the text or to explain what is obvious, but rather to provide a new insight or a new perspective on the significance of the literary work. In order to achieve this, you will need to interpret each quotation in your essay thoroughly, dissecting the style and meaning of every word.
1. Close Reading
Select one of the texts that we have read and write your interpretation of the literary work.2. Feminist ReadingInterpret one or both of the stories we read using the Feminist lens.3. Open TopicA topic of your choosing involving either one or both stories. I must approve your topic before your submission.

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