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Shakespeare’s Othello

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Paper instructions:

Include citation of at least four academic sources in addition to citations from the play itself (five total sources) in the text and on the Works Cited page.

The paper may feature a discussion or comparison of elements, characters, themes, or context. For example, you may compare the relationship of Othello and Desdemona to that of Romeo and Juliet if you have read that play in the past. You might consider the racial tension created in the play and how that may or may not be different in today’s society. The topics you can use with this play are limitless, but if you have questions about whether or not yours is appropriate, ask.

Sources: Your research paper must directly refer to at least four academic sources (in the paper's text, not just in the references page) in addition to the play. The required sources must not be Internet-only sources, where the information is not published in another format and is found ONLY on the Web. Articles you receive from library databases are not considered Internet-only. Consider using databases, books, and hard copy publications.

You may not use Wikipedia,, Cliff’s Notes, or Spark Notes or other non-academic sources.

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