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The taming of the Shrew


            “Inside Story III" (Richard Davies Jerry work), novel "The taming of the Shrew", "The Great Gatsby", movie "10 Thing I Hate About you share common themes. The themes include society and class, love, happiness, wealth, and forgiveness.  The theme that I chose to work on is love as a perception changer because it is clearly illustrated in all the readings. The theme is relevant to the world today because it is still relevant in the world today.

            In the movie "10 Thing I hate about you’’ presents the struggles of love in relationships

“Inside Story III" (Richard Davies Jerry work), love results to motivation and competence

In the novel "The taming of the Shrew", Love is found and the struggles of marriage are portrayed."The Great Gatsby", Gatsby foolishly falls in love with Daisy

             In the movie 10 things I hate about you, Kat is pursued by Patrick for money (Abdel-Fattah, 2006). He later discovers that e loves her and thus tries to change his perception in order to keep her. Love can, therefore, be used for an economic transaction and it can also transform the perception of an individual towards life. Love can be used in both positive and negative was based on the individual agenda.

            Love is a transformation.  Ethical values are developed through love because love helps individuals in developing better views in regard to self and others. From the love, I get from my family I know so much about love.  The world is the worst place to be without love as happiness can never be achieved. The love of family and friends grows every day and the thing that exists between us makes life worthwhile.  Lack of love can result in destruction because of self-denial that it generates.

            It is clear that love is a crucial thing in transforming the lives of individuals as it is characterized by destructions and violence. The situation that occurs around love is well demonstrated in the novel the great Gatsby.  The feelings of Wilson are the only sample of genuine love in the novel the great Gatsby. Those that fall in love are considered as full because they are characterized with the weaknesses of care.  The situation around love is analyzed in that Daisy and Sam are loyal to each other because of the kind of affection that exists between them but their relationship is thus not based on love (Ibbotson, 2015).  Nick and Jordan are happy because the company of each other makes them feel good.  Gatsby falls in love with daisy and these results in violence and destructions because loving daisy is like a dream that can never come.  In the novel love is the only influence of denial and self-deception. Love is portrayed as a thing that exists between the perception of being positive and a negative perception. This is because people fail in realizing the worth of the others because they are driven by their social and material wants. True love is therefore characterized with social hindrances as it exists in unclear circumstances and in every relationship one individual must suffer more than the other (Ibbotson, 2015).

            From the song ‘’I love the way you lie’’ by Eminem and Rihanna it is clear that love is not hindered by   certain issues. The perception of one person is transformed thus making hem love the faults of the other despite having a different view before. Bases on the song individuals can be linked by the desire of cheating but once they are together they learn to love each other deeply without considering the faults.

            In the Taming Shrew, love and marriage are portrayed as transactions related to business which is purposed to generate profit to those that are involved (Aspinall, 2009).  Petruchio and Kate are able to discover that they love each other but it is not love that brought them together. Despite the fact that the play places its fixation on   bringing young couples together its theme of love is grounded on the fact that marriage state is best at bleak.  Similar to the great Gatsby the taming screw presents a hard look at the challenges that are involved in marital relationships and the power of love is possessed in those issues. Love is portrayed as a life changer because individuals are linked together by the different mission and they end up falling in love thus changing their negative perception.

             The story line of the play promotes the 16th-century typical thoughts towards building proper relationships as well as marriage between men and women. However, the play additionally provides criticism thus calling into questioning several marital pervasive attitudes. The play, therefore, presents the challenges that men and women must overcome in accessing power positions in their relationships (Aspinall, 2009).  The play, therefore, asserts the theme that most men treat marriage as an economic or a finance generating activity which is a business transaction while women can be traded as financial commodities. Based on the play the attitude of men towards love and relationships differs from women’s perspective. The play, therefore, portrays the state of marriage as a negative thing as the situation and the environment around love is unhealthy and is this characterized with struggles.  The play is from the 16th-century era is relevant in the 21st century because materialism still dominates relationships and traditional hindrances are still present in the current relationships (Aspinall, 2009).

            In conclusion, Love is effective is changing perceptions. All the pieces are crucial in depicting love as a changer of the present and the future. This is based on the fact that the goals of an individual can simply be changed by love. Love helps in developing of critical thoughts that are based on god ethics. Love transforms the involved characters by changing their views and conduct. Love is therefore an aspect that is crucial in opening the vision of individuals in developing stronger and more visions. Finding love helps in identifying things that one was initially missing that can only be achieved with happiness that is generated from love.



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