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In Philadelphia, all public acts of excretion are prohibited

English literature

Argument 1
            In Philadelphia, all public acts of excretion are prohibited. Hence, (spitting is prohibited). For the same reasons, (Barfing should be prohibited and given the same charges as all other acts of excretion).  Public barfing causes much stronger effects on the public than spittingBarfing can cause some health issues to individuals due to the generated smell and their disgusting nature which may then affects the activities of individuals in Philadelphia (Mentis, 46). Hence (barfing should be prohibited like all other public excretion acts as they all affect the environment negative).
Argument 2
            (It is well known that the Earth is spherical). During the lunar eclipse a full moon occurs on the orbit of the earth and the moon moves slowly to the shadow of the earth. All the time that the shadow is seen on the moon its edge is round.  The only known solid that projects around shape is the sphere’s shadow (Dubay, 54). The earth is the only solid of geometry that possesses a circular share according to astronauts. This therefore proves that (the earth is spherical because it holds infinite edges as each picture of it proves that it is spherical).
            Argument 3
           (No one who endangers his health is rational). It follows that, (Students who smoke cigarettes are irrational), because cigarettes endanger their health and they know it. Moreover, (kids who smoke cigs are bad). (Being sane entails the fact that an individual is fully concerned about their well being).  Any type of drug makes an individual irrational because they are driven by the influence of the drug which at times threatens their well being. Therefore (those individuals who smoke cigarettes are irrational because nicotine which affects the blood flow as it travels via the blood stream and moves to the brain). (This therefore affects the brain activity as it affects several parts of the brain to break down) (Battle,87).
            Argument 4
            (The moon influences the water in our bodies). Isn't the water in our bodies’ water on the Earth? And isn't it true that the gravity of the moon influences all the water on the Earth? (Moons gravity therefore influences water bodies) because fluids are associated with easy of flow and (they are therefore more affected than solids).  Those elements that have lower density are most likely to be affected by the gravity of the moon (Dubay, 32). (Therefore water bodies are more affected by the gravity of the moon because it has less density and they have high speed in movement).
            Argument 5
            Standard aptitude tests are culturally biased. That means that (the standard aptitude tests are unconstitutional) since cultural bias is discrimination and discrimination is prohibited by the Constitution. (Standard tests are discriminative) because they fail to work based on equality as they favor some individuals thus excluding others. (The tests are biased because they are aimed at ranking and sorting students as most of the students score below the minimum mark). (The tests discriminate students based on their color, discriminate against those that are from low income backgrounds and those that English is not their native language) (Barrett,112).


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