Identifying Truth or Fiction

Identifying Truth or Fiction

 First, people are attracted to pseudoscience-type claims because such claims are connected with authoritarian personality or in other words the pseudoscience claims are socially constructed and people have adopted beliefs which they believe that they are reliable.  Note that people are interested with resemblance thinking and like making conclusion from testimonials and anecdotal evidence. When interpreting things and making claims,  people  do not go beyond the belief circle  and the beliefs  aids them in understanding  things clearly  rather than  trying to interpret the real science (May, 2016). Other point is that pseudoscience-type claims are logical in that rather than struggling to understand the physical world, people rely on ideologies and cultural goals. On the same note, in making claims people are not interested with expansion of knowledge but rather they focus on justifying the belief through adhering to the norms of scientific research.  In pseudoscience, people do not want to be connected with mainstream research, data and theory but rather they show interest in assumptions from everyday experience (Robbie, 2012).  

 Example of pseudoscience-type claim include; Trofin Lysenko’s genetic theory.  He did an experimental research on environmentally acquired inheritance where he stated that for living bodies to develop, the qualitative features require different environmental conditions.  He came up with the idea of growing crops in different seasons and that   every plant requires a certain amount of heat.  His discovery led to practical implication on winter-wheat seedlings and effects on agricultural productivity.  This claim did not meet scientific methodology standards he did not adhere to the concepts of heredity and inheritance, his ideas did not demonstrate the mechanism of inheritance and his ideas were not related to genetics (May, 2016).

 Other example is on ‘Scientific Creationist’ which states that creation is not only supported by scriptural authority but there are evidences from scientific research.  The theory offers a literal interpretation which tends to show that the story of creation in biblical view   is derived from the evolution theory and both supported by natural selection.  However, this pseudoscience-type claim does not meet scientific methodology standard   by failing to conduct scientific research to on laws of nature and does not show the connection between metaphysics and religion (Robbie, 2012).

 This week discussion has changed  my way of thinking in that  first, I understand  that  Pseudoscience  use  self-serving assertion in  emulating legitimate fields  while science  connects itself with the natural domain,  adheres to the underlying principles  and uses a systematized knowledge in  evaluation answers to  research questions.  To become a critical thinker and to make effective claims, facts should come from reliable sources, there should be supportive evinced and personal beliefs should not make conclusion (Robbie, 2012).  Given that pseudoscience creates a hypothesis and subjective validation, there should be valid evidence from reliable sources.








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