E-Marketing plan for a catering business

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Paper instructions:

Introduction/ Executive Summary
This section of the business plan synthesizes important information about the E-Marketing business including its mission statement, history, the start-up date and significant achievements, details about the facilities (office, special equipment), employees and goals.

Step 1: Situation analysis
This section of the E-Marketing plan provides a detailed analysis of the firm’s environmental and SWOT analyses. Review the existing marketing plan and any other information that can be obtained about the company and its brands. In addition, review the firm’s e- business objectives, strategies, and performance metrics.

Step 2: E- marketing strategic planning
This section of the E-Marketing plan focuses on determining the fit between the organization and its strategic planning changing market opportunities. Perform marketing opportunity analysis, demand and supply analyses, and segment analysis. Student must discuss the following Strategies as it relates to the e-business. Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation, Positioning.

Step 3: Objectives
This section of the E-Marketing plan identifies and highlights the general goals flowing from ebusiness strategy.

Step 4: E- Marketing Strategy
This section of the E-Marketing plan focuses on researching and identifying revenue streams suggested by e- business models. Design the basic offer, value, distribution, communication, and market/ partner relationship management strategies to create a competitive edge. Modify objectives to reflect the organization’s goals.

Step 5: Implementation Plan
This section of the E-Marketing plan focuses on designing e- marketing mix tactics based on the following factors:
Product/ service offering.
Pricing/ valuation.
Distribution/ supply chain.
Integrated communication mix
Design relationship management tactics.
Design information gathering tactics.
Design organizational structures for implementing the plan.

Step 6: Budget
This section of the E-Marketing plan focuses on research and forecast revenues (Financials) and evaluate costs to reach goals.

Step 7: Evaluation Plan
This section of the E-Marketing plan identifies appropriate performance metrics and exit strategies.

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