the best of diets, the worst of diets (arguing against food pyramid diet)

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Paper Instructions:


1,750 word minimum                                      5+ credible sources (1 peer reviewed)

   you will defend or refute one of the diets we investigated during this unit. Your essay will have to be a rigorous analysis of the scientific support for and proofs against the diet you have chosen, and you must justify your position in light of both, especially through your counterargument. You will also have to analyze the validity of the studies you use to support your position and those that impeach your opposition. Consider flaws in reasoning, bias, exclusion of perspectives or data, poorly constructed experiments, etc. You must prove your thesis through well-reasoned, well-researched, well-organized argument.


1,750 words minimum
Last Name & Page Numbers in the upper-right corner of the Header
Heading in the upper-left corner of the 1st page that includes
Your Full Name


Professor Name


An clear, relevant, interesting title
Double-spaced (no extra space between paragraphs)
A correct MLA Works Cited page of all sources
Correct MLA Citations throughout the text of your essay for all material referenced
NO sentence-level errors
A coherent structure—the ideas in your essay should flow (OUTLINES SAVE LIVES!)
NO irrelevant points or wordiness
On-time submission on Canvas for both rough and final drafts
Post your rough draft to the Peer Review Discussion Board

Components: Essay components are separate assignments and are important, not only to accumulate points, but to make the essay writing process smoother.

Annotated Bibliography:

Create an Annotated Bibliography that includes the 5 best quotes to support your position and the 5 quotes that challenge your position the most. Provide a brief explanation of your strategy for incorporating these quotes into your essay or dealing with the problems they create (counterargument).

Each quote must have an MLA Work Cited entry for the article it comes from. 

Make sure the annotated bibliography includes the following for each of your three potential sources:

1) Citation in MLA Format

2) Summary of the Source's Argument

3) Explanation of why the Source is Reliable

4) An explanation of how you will use the source.
Final Draft:

Your final draft should be the result of careful, multiple revisions informed by feedback from me and from your peers.  Take care to ‘put your best foot forward’ not only in terms of accuracy and presentation, but also in terms of

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