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Literary Device Chart: Choose 15 of the literary devices to locate in Night by Elie Wiesel. Create a chart and number each device. Use each device only once. Have to use the book Night Elie Wiesel to locate 15 of the literary device and also number the page where you got it from. The chart has three columns.
Device                  Passage                              How it works
1.Smile                "He was like a ray                The comparison...means...
                              of sunshine" (22).

Literary Devices: 
1. Allegory
2. Alliteration
3. Allusion
4. Ambiguity
5. Antecedote
6. Aphorism
8. Assonance
9. Characterization
10. Comic Comparison
11. Flashblack 
12. Foreshadowing 
13. Hyperbole
14. Imagery
15. Irony
16. Metaphor - direct
17. Metaphor - exten 
18. Metaphor Implied
19. Mood
20. Motif
21. Onomatopoeia
22. Paradox
23. Parallel Structure
24. Personification 
25. Repetition
26. Rhetorical Question
27. Simile
28. Symbolism
29. Theme
30. Tone
31. Understatement

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