Charlie Chaplin

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For your final project, I'd like you to write a paper in the following three sections. Each section will begin with the following phrases:

1. Charlie Chaplin is a comic genius because . . .

2. Charlie Chaplin is a dramatic genius because . . .

3. Charlie Chaplin is a political genius because . . .

In Section 1, you will use the movie City Lights to prove this statement.

In Section 2, you will use the movie Modern Times to prove this statement.

In Section 3, you will use the movie The Great Dictator to prove this statement.

The only sources you MUST use (AND CITE) are the films themselves and the textbook. You are welcome to use other sources, but they should not take over your own ideas and observations, but prove or back up your ideas. Each section should be at least half a page (double spaced) and should use a scene from the film to prove it. Also, in your fill in the blank of each section's sentence should have to do with his use of movement in some way.

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