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Paper Instructions:

WRTG 293 students,
Your first writing assignment will be to rewrite a set of instructions. The scenario for this
assignment is described below.
You have just taken a position as a student worker for the Communications Arts Department at
Anderson College. You began your job last week.
Anderson College has an enrollment of 10,000 students. Among this student population, 20% of
the students are international students for whom English is not a native language, 10% of the
students are dual-enrollment high school students, 20% of the students are graduate students, and
the remaining 50% of the student population consists of a mixture of adult learners and
traditional students.
Anderson adopted LEO as its learning management system two years ago. Anderson uses LEO
for both its online classes and its hybrid classes.
Since moving to LEO, Dr. Richard Johnson, Dean of the Undergraduate School at Anderson, and
Dr. Lynn Peterson, Dean of the Graduate School at Anderson, have noticed that both students
taking classes at Anderson and instructors teaching at Anderson are often not aware of the
different settings one can choose to view discussions in LEO. This lack of awareness has caused
confusion and frustration as students and faculty members have attempted to navigate through
the discussions in their classes.
Dr. Johnson and Dr. Peterson tried to address this problem two months ago. At that time, they
asked the previous student worker to write instructions on how to change the settings for
discussions in LEO for the optimal viewing arrangement.
The previous student worker wrote some instructions. However, the worker wrote them very
unprofessionally and poorly. They cannot be distributed to students in their current form.
Moreover, shortly after the student worker finished the instructions, he left his position for
another job.
As a result, Anderson College now has a set of poorly designed instructions that it cannot send
out to students and faculty members. Meanwhile, students and faculty members are still
experiencing frustration with the system, and they need a document that guides them through
how to adjust their settings in LEO for viewing discussions.
Dr. Johnson, who is your immediate supervisor, has now asked you, the new student worker, to
rewrite the instructions that the previous student worker wrote. He has asked you to use the
same graphics the previous student worker used. He has also suggested that you use arrows to
point to sections of the graphics if such arrows can help in understanding specific steps in the
Keep in mind that potentially 10,000 students will be using the instructions, in addition to
various faculty members. The instructions should be clear, professional, and well designed.
Moreover, you will want to consider the different types of students at Anderson College,
including their backgrounds and their varying demographics.
Dr. Johnson has given you the following resources to help you in this project:
· Instructions: Tell Them How to Do It! by David McMurrey
· Instructions: How to Write Guides for Busy, Grouchy People
· Wikibooks’ Professional and Technical Writing/Instructions
Dean Johnson has informed you that your introduction should be very short—no more than one
paragraph of about 4-5 sentences.
Strategies to Consider for this Assignment:
Consider your audience. Your primary audience is the students and faculty members at Anderson
College. However, Dean Johnson will be reviewing your document as well. Most likely,
department heads will be viewing it also.
Therefore, the dean and the department heads can be considered secondary audiences.
Length of your instructions:
There is no minimum or maximum number of words for this document. You will want to follow
the advice given in the three resources that Dean Johnson provided for you as you design the
new set of instructions.
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