Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy Book by David D. Burns

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Paper Instructions:

Your mission: To learn cognitive psychology and at least some of the practical exercises of cognitive psychotherapy FOR YOUR PERSONAL LIFE  

What you must do: You are to lay out the chief arguments or explanations of four chapters in the Dr. Burns’ feeling good book.  

The first two chapters are introductory. I recommend that you do at least some reading in both because they lay out the essentials of cognitive psychology.  

Everyone one must do Chapter 3, “Understanding your Moods: You Feel the Way You Think.”  

[Here’s how to do Chapter 3: Cite and explain as fully as you can each of the 10 Cognitive Distortions.] 

Here’s how to do the other three chapters: You are to pick out what YOU think are the chief arguments and explanations in each chapter.  

Besides, chapter 3, I highly recommend chapter 5, 8 and 10. But if you’ve got love problems, chapter 12 is good; or if you’re a Ms/Mr Perfectionist over-achiever, chapter 14 is good.  

2 FULL PAGES PER-CHAPTER, in totally theres FOUR CHAPTERS, 12 Times Roman. Do not waste space. No bullets and huge indents. Each new paragraph should indent no more than 3 spaces. There should be no spaces between lines

214 Words  1 Pages

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