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TITLE: sweet revenge. This given title has relationship with literally work as it gives an explanation concerning what is happening in the book. The title has humor because revenging is not something pleasant but Celia refers to it as sweet.

TITLE AND PURPOSE: This book has been written by Karen Finneyfrock and touches on the urge for revenge.

SETTING: The story happens in Hershy town, Pennsylvannia. It explains about the struggles that the character had been going through during her high school life.

THE CHARACTERS THAT ARE MOSTLY REMEMBERED AND MOTIVATIONS: The thoughts plus the actions of Celia Door had been motivated by her willingness to do revenge against a girl by the name Sandy Firestone who had done something terrible to her in the previous year. There is also a character by the name Drake who is her best friend and they had been sharing the deepest secrets of their live. She is the purpose why Celia sees a threat against her need to look for justice

PLOT SUMMARY: At the climax of Celia’s story, she decides to take action. At the time she is about to act, Drake meets her, a girl who she had been trusting too much with her deepest and darkest secrets. Her need to look for justice had been acting like a threat against her relationship with her friend Drake. This is where she finds herself being forced to make a decision concerning what is more sweet between friendship and revenge.

THEMES: There are two themes in the story. One of them is that trouble forces one to revenge. The other theme is that friendship prevents people to do bad actions. The things that had been done to her beg her to revenge. The moment she makes the decision, her friend shows up. This friend trusts her too much that Celia views her presence as a threat against her decision to do justice.

HUMOR: There is humor in the story “sweet revenge” as in real sense it is not a good thing. Celia is seen having made the decision of revenging and the moment she sees her friend, there is the feeling that there had been a threat towards her actions. If it would be a right thing then she would not have feared to go ahead. She would also have shared with Drake.

MEANINGFUL QUOTES: “the trouble that nearly ruined my life, the trouble that turned me dark” (Finneyfrock, n. p). These words have been used by Celia showing that the actions done interfered with her normal life in a great way. “The trouble that begs me to revenge” (Finneyfrock, n. p) These words are important as they are implying that the thing done by Sandy Firestone had been so bitter that she is being begged to revenge.

RHETORIC ANALYSIS: The writer of this story is Kristin Anderson.  She uses a given strategy to show the need for revenge. There is the use of humor to show the relationship between the thing that had been done by Sandy and the need to revenge.

CHANGE OF ONE DETAIL: It is impossible to change a story that have been written by someone but one detail that I can change here is that Celia should do revenge not thinking about Drake because Sandy had done the unpleasant before she knew her close friend

















Work cited

Finneyfrock, Karen. The sweet revenge of Celia Door. Speak, 2014.

571 Words  2 Pages

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