Sexy Little Numbers

Sexy Little Numbers

The book ‘Sexy Little Numbers’ by Paul Brown, basically talks about new marketing methods. In other words the book focuses more on the current ways of improving marketing practices through the use of modern marketing approaches such as the use of social media, and pop up ads hence reaching individuals. Similarly, the book focuses more on the contemporary technological methods of advertisements, thus enabling companies to be able to easily reach huge numbers of people, and to also increase their profits in that process (Maex & Brown, 2012). In addition, the book is also structured into questions, which help readers to easily understand how to apply certain marketing concepts in their businesses. Among the questions in the book include, ‘who should we talk to?’, ‘how do we find them?’, and ‘what should we talk to them about?’. These questions are basically used in each of the eight chapters in the book, hence providing a deeper understanding on the concepts provided by the author. In a bid to understand what the book entails, this paper will conduct an analysis of the book, hence coming up with summary.      

The book reveals how to turn your information, which are denoted as those sexy little numbers, into something which can impact your business positively profit wise. Your data can be translated into actionable plans which drive actual growth and revenues, and finally, how you can be able to do this on your known at little or no costs.       

The first chapter of the book, builds reliability which enables the reader a glimpse into the writing style used and the case study accounting. In this chapter, Paul uses a case study to explain how one can be able to achieve more through the study. He therefore discusses a customer who comes with a problem, the solution created for the problem, the enactment of the solution and the result of the case study (Maex & Brown, 2012). This is one of the best chapters in the book, as the author does not only discuss and provide different business approaches, but he uses real life examples. The use of the case study is a style which is majorly incorporated to enable the reader to clearly understand what the writer is talking about. Similarly, the author problems examples throughout the chapter, enabling the reader to understand how certain factors such as a person’s perception of a customer may affect the loyalty of the customers. Finally, the chapter also breaks down to the reader, on the ways through which a business can be able to earn more, without necessarily having to spend more money on advertisements, but how to maintain the customers, and the ways through which business people can be able to grow their business while spending little to no finances.

In the next chapters, the book focuses on the following key highlight.  

Predicting what the clients and likely clients will mean to the business in the future, through the use of approaches such as risk susceptibility and value spectrum. In this part, the book majorly talks about ways through a business person can be able to easily increase the number of customers, through understanding their impact in the future of the business (Maex & Brown, 2012). It is significant to understand how to treat and relate with the customers, since the mode of relationship which a person creates with the customers is responsible for creating a good future relationship with the customers, hence making them to become loyal. The authors therefore advocate for proper treatment and close relationship between employees helps in retaining the employees, hence being able of improving the number of sales from time to time.

On the other hand, through understanding the most valuable customers, who have the potential of buying more in the future, it will be easier to target them, and the methods of targeting are also significant. Once the target customers have been identified, it is necessary to consider their ages, that is, if they are young, then it would be better to use methods such as the social media ads, pop ups, and trending approaches (Maex & Brown, 2012). This will really help in attracting them to the business, thus making them to remain loyal. Similarly, if they are typically old, different methods such as the use of emails, can considered, where they can be easily reached individually at no cost, hence being able to attract them in future.     

Secondly, assign your marketing resources in the best possible way, and locate the outlays which will generate the highest possible returns. The best marketing resources as discussed earlier, are the once which are associated with the age of the customers. However, due to growing technological advancements in the world, it has become easier to use the social media, and pop up ads, as marketing resources (Maex & Brown, 2012). These two types of marketing resources are somehow related, in the sense that they can only be accessed by a customer when online. Everyone, include the old are now accessing the internet, even though they may not be attracted to the social media, through researching on the internet, pop up ads can appear, thus transferring the message to them, hence creating the awareness of the business. On the other hand, it is also significant to understand the cost of running such ads, and have an expenditure on how the ads would be ran in order to achieve the desired goals.  

Similarly, the authors also advocate for an understanding on the reasons as to why the customers are purchasing your products. What motivates them to buy your products, is it because of social media ads, or because of the prices. Understanding this would really help in allowing the business to grow, through focusing on the factors which improve or attract more customers to the business. For instance, if most customers are attracted to the business because of social media ads, then increasing and improving your social media ads would then increase the number of visits and customers into your business (Maex & Brown, 2012). On the other hand, if the prices are welcoming, then as a business person, one needs to focus more on pricing strategies, thus being able to increase the number of sales, which is directly proportional to profits.

Thirdly, locating where the customers are, either through the social media, or geographically, and device methods of reaching. If customers are online, which social media sites they like?, which apps do they like using?, what are they searching for? (Maex & Brown, 2012). Understanding this enables a business to easily target the customers, through using the areas where they may are likely to be found. For instance, for those customers who are attracted to the social media, let us say they are attracted to Facebook, it might be easier to reach them through Facebook ads. Similarly, those who like Instagram it is also easier to reach them through using ads on the Instagram. On the other hand, those who are attracted to certain applications may be easily targeted through setting ads on different apps, particularly the apps which they like, thus being able to easily attract them, hence being able to increase the sales.    

Finally, enhance your sales and marketing determinations through the use of the latest technology. In each and every page, the author has provided numerous real life examples which are necessary for impacting businesses (Maex & Brown, 2012). Additionally, the authors are majorly determined to provide business people with alternative ways of increasing the sale of their goods, through little to no advertisement investments. In so doing, the authors provide the use of modern technology as the best methods advertising their products, since they are cost effective, and they basically target individuals, hence increasing the chances of making the ads effective as compared to targeting most people through expensive ads which may not be able to generate any returns, thus making the business to perform poorly.

As stated, the only method which can easily impact and increase relative number of sales in a business is through the use of modern technology strategies (Maex & Brown, 2012). They are effective, cheap, and efficient, thus enabling the company to easily increase the returns made on the ads. Moreover, due to the high usage of the new technology and the social media, it is easier to reach very many people through the use of this types of ads, without encountering huge costs.


Maex, D., & Brown, P. B. (2012). Sexy little numbers: How to grow your business using the data you already have. New York: Crown Business.

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